Ideal Pet Passage for Screens

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  • Pet door for screen doors
  • Lightweight door is easy for pets to use
  • Optimal for cats and calm, small dogs
  • Two-way locking system for more control over your pet’s access
  • Easy installation does not require drilling

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Ideal Pet Passage for Screens
Ideal Mesh Screen Pet Door Front

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  • Pet door for screen doors
  • Lightweight door is easy for pets to use
  • Optimal for cats and calm, small dogs
  • Two-way locking system for more control over your pet’s access
  • Easy installation does not require drilling
SizeFlap DimensionOutside Frame DimensionStock No
Small7 1⁄4" – 10 3⁄4" w x 14" h9" – 13 3⁄8" w x 16 5⁄8" h05RI01

Are your cats constantly clawing your screen door to be let out? The Ideal Pet Passage for Screens is a cost effective pet screen door designed to eliminate this problem. It installs straight into your existing screen door with a simple snap-on design. Featuring a sloping hinge, the door opens and closes in the direction of a normal door, making it easy for pets to learn to use and push open. Similarly, it avoids scraping against their backs, promoting comfortable use. The door also has a two-way lock, meaning you can keep it completely locked or completely unlocked, depending on your needs. This cat door for screen doors is recommended for kitties and calm, small dogs.


Not only will your pet enjoy their newfound independence, but you will too! You’ll no longer have to be your pet’s doorman, and the ability to keep the main screen door closed will prevent unwanted bugs from entering. This pet screen door is a simple solution for pet owners who want to get the most use out of their current screen door.

Customer Reviews

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  • Simple door review by Freddy K
    5 3 Simple door

    It's a simple design door for a low price. Make sure that you install it level so the door will close properly. Hinged on side so if your cat has a sensitive back it should not touch it. Has simple lock if you want to keep you cat in.

    (Posted on 12/28/2017)

  • easy install review by garrett
    5 4 easy install

    I rent so this was a good solution and easy to snap on. If you aren't good with tools this is a good one.

    (Posted on 12/22/2017)

  • Works great! review by Juliet
    5 5 Works great!

    I had this installed in my window screen leading out to a catio and my cats love it! They use it multiple times a day and it is still holding up after 4 months! Highly recommend

    (Posted on 12/8/2017)

  • saved my screen doors review by Anne
    5 5 saved my screen doors

    No longer does my cat have to shred the screen door every time she wants to go out - love the door! Super easy snap-on installation and I thought the side opening flap would be an issue for my cat to learn how to go through, but after a bit of training it was no problem at all. Would recommend 5/5.

    (Posted on 12/5/2017)

  • Wonderful product. review by Roro
    5 5 Wonderful product.

    Great product. I was able to put it in by myself and I am a woman in her late sixties!. Didn't take cats anytime at all to use it.

    (Posted on 10/29/2017)

  • Great Product review by Deborah
    5 5 Great Product

    Easy to install and works well !

    (Posted on 8/14/2017)

  • Cats Loved It review by Eric
    5 5 Cats Loved It

    Our two formerly feral outdoor cats loved to come inside for dinner and loving, so the screen door was a real treat for them. Unfortunately, both cats disappeared within a week of installing the door, never to be seen again. I don't think the door is responsible, but I can't help thinking they took offense at the idea we were trying to domesticate them.

    Meanwhile, our one-year old Lamancha goat loves to squeeze through the door, too, which we aren't so crazy about.

    (Posted on 7/24/2017)

  • Easy Install review by Tim
    5 5 Easy Install

    Super easy install and works great.

    Thank you.

    (Posted on 2/10/2017)

  • brilliant review by jaggie
    5 5 brilliant

    a really intelligent design. lightweight ... such that the larger screen door (i.e., the one *we* use :) is uncompromised. our cat hadn't used a flap before, but he was quickly able to overcome his uncertainty about using his head as a pushing tool :) and now comes and goes as he likes.

    (Posted on 10/12/2015)

  • Best sliding screen door - pet door ever. review by DoxieMom
    5 5 Best sliding screen door - pet door ever.

    I originally purchased a small flap door from a pet store which failed miserably with my four miniature dachshunds.(10lbs to 15lbs) they would hop through it, and hit the back every time, to such extent they didn't want to use it. Not with the Ideal Pet Passage for Screens. This door is perfect - it is sufficiently tall to accommodate the little jumps from my dachshund. Additionally, it opens like a real door so it is easier for them to push it opened. My dachshunds love this door. So if you have a small dog, this is the door for you.

    (Posted on 10/2/2015)

  • Great product review by Doc
    5 5 Great product

    We installed one years ago, but sold the house and immediately purchased another one for the new home. Our cats go in and out during the day from the house to the screened porch whenever they like. We love that we can control when we allow the cats out on the porch simply by closing the glass door to keep them in the house at night.

    (Posted on 7/8/2015)

  • Great Door review by Catwoman
    5 5 Great Door

    Took a few days for the cats to figure it out but now they go in and out like champs. The door has become a conversation piece when company comes over because it is so cute and so different. I had the patio screen door re-screened with pet screen and had them install the door. The heavier duty screen supports the door very well.

    (Posted on 7/2/2015)

  • Excellent review by Finn
    5 4 Excellent

    One contractor couldn't understand directions, the next one said it was easy. It took Finn a couple tries but now loves it. Whenever he comes in, he comes running to me happily showing me how clever he is.

    (Posted on 6/16/2015)

  • Great cat flap! review by Kalle
    5 5 Great cat flap!

    I can't say much about how easy it was to set up, because we had our handyman do it. But he did it pretty quickly, by laying the screen door on the floor, plus doing some cutting and fitting. He had a bit of trouble once or twice, but overall it was a fast job. And our three cats took to it in no time! They used to have a cat flap that was attached on the top , but they like this one a lot better. At least they're not destroying it, and they don't sit in front of it waiting for us to slide the door open. We've had it for three months now, and it's still going strong! The price was right too. And as far as I remember, it shipped pretty quickly, although the packaging was a bit flimsy.

    (Posted on 7/19/2014)

  • Does it's job well ...great for the price. review by Kat
    5 5 Does it's job well ...great for the price.

    Wasn't sure at first if my cats would use it but they both do now and they love it. Nice to open the door and have the screen open and not get the bugs. Now if they can invent one that goes on that easily to a glass door....I'll buy it!

    (Posted on 7/17/2014)

  • My Three Cat's love it. review by rsumrhome
    5 5 My Three Cat's love it.

    I Love this pet door for my screen door, so simple to put in and nice to use. The cat's got the hang of it real quick.

    (Posted on 6/16/2014)

  • love it review by cruzin95619
    5 5 love it

    I love this door. It was easy to install and holds up well. I had to prop the door open for a while so my cats knew that's where they could go in and out. Now they push it open with their paw and out they go. I'm planning on buying another one for a friend.

    (Posted on 5/26/2014)

  • Good product review by Brian
    5 5 Good product

    Easy to install,works very well. Just took the cats awhile to get used to it. It has saved my new screen door.

    (Posted on 11/13/2013)

  • Excellent!! review by Sue
    5 5 Excellent!!

    I admit I was skeptical about whether or not my cats would use this door, but they love it. (My female cat thinks she's pretty special now that she has her own entrance!) It can also be locked in case you want the storm door open but don't want your pets to get outside. The door doesn't appear to weaken the surrounding screen and it looks very good. Next spring, I plan to order another one for the screen door on our gazebo. I would recommend this product to cat owners who let their cats outside.

    ed note - Use caution when locking any pet door installed in screen. It's possible the pet will scratch the screen in attempting to make use of the pet door.

    (Posted on 11/8/2013)

  • Worked Great review by Lulu the Jack Russell
    5 5 Worked Great

    Works great for our Jack Russell going in and out!

    (Posted on 10/8/2013)

  • Pet Passage for Screens review by Betty
    5 5 Pet Passage for Screens

    Twitch, the cat, had shredded my screen door and created his own pet door for himself and ScoobyDoo, the 15 lb dog. We bought this screen passage door to install when replacing the new screen.

    It was no work at all for me, George did it, but said that it went together well. It works great, looks good, and seems very sturdy. The dog thinks he is pretty smart and loves to use it. The cat gets it, but if you know cats it will take him a while to decide that it is a cool thing, even thought it wasn't his idea. He knows how to use it, and has done so.

    (Posted on 7/31/2013)

  • Easy install, easy for the cat to use review by Ladawn
    5 5 Easy install, easy for the cat to use

    Easy to install. It took our cat a few practice tries before he mastered the side-open style door flap (rather than top-hinge style flap that he was used to), but once he got the hang of it (after 4 or 5 attempts and some coaxing on our part) it was easy for him. We recommend it.

    (Posted on 5/22/2013)

  • Ideal Pet Passage for Screens review by Lyn
    5 5 Ideal Pet Passage for Screens

    Simple, clever solution! My cats can now come and go through the window and not let any flies in! Love it!

    (Posted on 3/5/2013)

  • Door installs easily and swings shut automatically review by GadgetGal
    5 5 Door installs easily and swings shut automatically

    After looking at many other pet doors for screens, I am happy I chose this excellent design:

    1. It installed easily in a corner of my screen door, although the instructions are rather vague. I left about 2" of screen between door frame and pet door; and used a hard piece of wood underneath pet door when I hammered both top and bottom sides together with screen sandwiched in between.

    2. Its angled shape weights it so the door closes itself after your pet goes through, aided by a magnet. Its size is great for my large main coon cat. The silver color goes well with the screen, less obtrusive than black or white.

    3. I like that it has a pull-bar locking mechanism on the inside, so you can keep cats in or out as needed without closing the sliding glass door.

    (Posted on 8/2/2012)

Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Ideal Pet Products
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats
Screen Support Clamps to Screen
Flap Type Single Flap
Color Grey
Frame Material Plastic
Flap Material Plastic Framed Screen
Flap Design Single, Rigid
Ability to Lock Flap Basic (2-way Lock)
Can Be Installed In Screens
Warranty Period 1 year
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Step 1: Take the screen out of the window or door to begin installation. Place it on a flat surface, with the exterior side facing down.

Step 2: Remove the Lock-Out and Latch Bar. These will be used at a later time.

Step 3: Put the outside frame section underneath your screen door.

Step 4: Using your pet’s measurements from paw to shoulder, position the outside frames on the screen to be at least an inch above their shoulder height. Make sure that the bottom of the frames are parallel to the bottom of the screen to ensure a proper close. Double check that the frames are level, or else the door will not swing properly.

Step 5: Place the inside frames on top of the screen to align them with the exterior frames. Using a hammer or mallet, tap the frame around until the snap locks are together.

Step 6: Cut out the screen (2 ½” x ⅞”) around hinged areas only.

Step 7: With a sharp knife, cut the screen so that the inner flap swings freely.

Step 8: Install the Lock-Out latch bar by inserting into the channel on the inner frame.

Manufacturer’s Note: Be certain there is no gap between frame and screen. Both sides need to be firmly pressed together.


Click below to expand:

Yes, it just snaps onto the screen and then you cut around the flap.

Yes, the door has a built-in locking mechanism.

It is a plastic material.

Fit wise it is possible, however the door is not as sturdy as other models so we would say the ideal pet passage screen door would be best for cats and less active dogs.

You don't need to replace the screen, since it uses your existing one. However if you remove the pet door you would need to replace it, as you would have an open hole in the screen.

It only comes in the grey, but you can paint it.

This really is only meant for screen material so it would not work on solid panels.

Unfortunately the door only comes in one size.

Yes, but on thicker screen material it may be necessary to use additional methods to secure it so that it doesn't fall off.

Yes, it will keep bugs out since the middle of the flap is actually your screen material.

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Ideal Pet Products Limited Lifetime Warranty

We believe that our pet doors are the most durable on the market. That's why we were the first to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty in workmanship and materials. All defective parts will be replaced free of charge. Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser only, with proof of sales receipt. Excludes flap or breakage of the glass panel.

A replacement part will be sent when we receive proof of purchase and a check in the amount of $10.00 to cover shipping and handling, payable to:

24735 Ave. Rockefeller
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This warranty is void if damage to material is due to improper installation or intentional abuse.

As with any home improvement project, if you do not have the tools or skills to properly install your pet door, we suggest using a professional handyman or licensed contractor.