Locks for Sliding Glass Doors


  • Locks for sliding doors and windows
  • C-Clamp requires no tools and is perfect for windows
  • Foot lock requires drilling and is more secure for tall height sliding doors

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Locks for Sliding Glass Doors
Security locks are available for Sliding Glass Doors and Panel Inserts

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  • Locks for sliding doors and windows
  • C-Clamp requires no tools and is perfect for windows
  • Foot lock requires drilling and is more secure for tall height sliding doors

C-Clamp Door

Clamp This c-clamp lock requires no tools to install and yet is very effective in locking a sliding glass door or window against a panel pet door for security. They are often used for window security apart from their use with pet doors. All you need to do is place it on the flange of the track and tighten the screw to secure the lock in place!

Foot Actuated Dead Bolt Lock

This lock is very convenient for locking a sliding glass door against a patio pet panel. The lock may be mounted in a variety of ways and includes a foot operated lever for inserting the dead bolt so the user doesn't need to bend over. These door locks are used to increase security apart from their use with patio pet doors. This particular locking mechanism for your sliding glass door does require that you screw in the lock to your sliding glass door or frame.

Customer Reviews

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  • Great solution for panel doors review by Tyler
    5 5 Great solution for panel doors

    I got this because I was tired of using a wooden dowel in my track to lock my panel pet door. Having the foot activated bolt is great! It keeps the door secure and means I don't have to stoop down to get the dowel, which is a great feature for a guy my age...

    (Posted on 2/21/2018)

  • Perfect for renters review by Michael S
    5 5 Perfect for renters

    The c-clamp is a perfect solution for renters since it's a no-tools installation (the foot actuated dead bolt is not renter-friendly btw). Love knowing I have a more security around my panel/sliding glass door now.

    (Posted on 1/5/2018)

  • Great for outside slider review by Edward
    5 4 Great for outside slider

    My sliding glass door slides on the outside of the fixed Panel. The Foot Actuated Dead Bolt was the perfect solution to provide security to my patio panel. I carefully drilled and installed the lock on the fixed panel and carefully drilled a hole in the sliding door. I am able to lock the sliding door.

    (Posted on 12/28/2017)

  • Words great on windows too review by Stephanie
    5 5 Words great on windows too

    I got this for my window to secure it with a cat door in place. I tried to open the window from the outside and it was pretty secure.

    (Posted on 12/7/2017)

  • Keeps your home secure. review by Pam
    5 5 Keeps your home secure.

    Love how it keeps the door from being forced open. I feel much safer knowing my patio door has that extra lock.

    (Posted on 4/6/2017)

  • poor description and design review by aquisto
    5 1 poor description and design

    (ed. note: Published Jan 17, 2014)

    I purchased this dead bolt when I bought a pet door insert for my sliding glass door. Once I received this, I realized I had to drill a hole without shattering the glass. I was too nervous to do this for fear of tragic consequences.

    In addition, I realize that this can provide security, but this does nothing to help seal the original door against the pet door to make it tight enough to keep the cold/hot air and bugs out. I ended up throwing it away rather than trying to return it and purchased a charley bar instead that seals tight and is a better safety measure and was super easy to install.

    (Posted on 10/1/2015)

  • OK But Not For Every Door. review by golfprofromcali
    5 3 OK But Not For Every Door.

    (ed. note: Published Oct 8, 2013)

    I have used this type of lock before, but the problem is that it has to be facing the right way and for my door is awkward to use.

    (Posted on 10/1/2015)

  • Nice Product review by Mamta
    5 5 Nice Product

    (ed. note: Published Feb 25, 2014)

    This is nice product, I really recommend this.

    (Posted on 10/1/2015)

Panels over 80” Tall: Deadbolt Lock

For sliding glass doors on the inside track: The deadbolt lock can usually be set up on the back side of the moving slider using the providing mounting screws. (Figure C)

For sliding glass doors on the inside track: The lock can be installed on the front edge of the non-moving side of the sliding glass door.

How to Install: Use a 3/16th drill bit to drill holes on the steel deadbolt locks opposite frame. To avoid drilling into the glass, make sure that the hole is at least ¾” away from the inside edge of the sliding glass door frame. If you drill into the glass, it will shatter. (Detail 1)

Dead bolt lock is drilled into the frame and works on any slider unit


Panels Under 80” Tall: Clamp Lock

Installing the sliding door clamp: Close the sliding glass door onto the pet door panel. Once it is closed all the way, place the clamp lock onto the track on the edge opposite to the pet door panel. Use your hand to tighten the screw to secure your sliding glass door.

Note: If your sliding glass door is on the inside track, install the clamp lock on the raised track on your sliding glass door. (Detail 2)

clamp locks can be manually applied with no tools for security at the top or bottom

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The doggie door lock is installed behind the sliding door and when in place they make it so that you are unable to pull the sliding door away from the pet door panel.

Yes the foot actuated deadbolt lock does require drilling into your framing. If you did not want to drill we suggest the slideco patio door clamp lock option or a Charley Bar.

No if it is easier you could install them at the top.

Yes, these can be used on windows as well.

Yes, they are universal.

The foot actuated lock would be more secure.

The clamp lock will not work since that has to go over the track. The foot lock would work for you in this situation.

You would need to choose something like the foot actuated lock. You would screw that into the front of the stationary panel and drill a small hole in the frame of the sliding door for the pin to go into.

The clamp lock is silver and the foot lock is a little darker grey.

No, we also have the Charley Bars.

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