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The Carlson name has long been trusted by kennels, breeders and humane societies across the nation because of the company’s experience and expertise in aluminum doors and their love for pets, which is built into every door.

  • Their doors are engineered with both the pet and owner in mind. The doors are easy to install and include training tools for pets. Their doors are made to protect pets from injury and frustration.
  • Every Carlson door comes with an easy to use lock, and their stainless steel security panel can be attached in seconds to keep your home safe while you are away.
  • Carlson doors use the same construction as the world’s leading commercial cooler and freezer doors.
  • Carlson doors are built with the safety of the pet in mind. There are fewer exterior parts that can “snag” on hair and potentially hurt your pet. No rivets, screws, bolts or non-bonded seams on the flap to rub the dogs back and cause discomfort or injury.
  • The doors have a pre-hung, Lexan® insulated flap or an anodized aluminum insulated flap in an anodized aluminum frame for enhanced durability. Lexan® is the same material used in bulletproof windows. They do not use plexiglass, which over time will crack and break.
  • Installation is easy and simple with their doors. Each door comes with detailed instructions, a pre-measured template for cutting and all hardware necessary for installation. They even include the correct drill bit so you don’t have to waste time looking for the right tools.

You’ll find Carlson doors everywhere, including the U.S. military, police departments, ATF and the border patrol.

Carlson ProPets Warranty

Carlson stands behind its products and offers a superior, 3-year warranty. All Carlson Pro Pets Pet Doors are covered by a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.