Meet our team

Kelsey Youmans

Kelsey - Customer Satisfaction Jedi
Dream trip: Italy
Favorite superhero: Batman
Scared of: Mayo and Ranch
Movie: Harry Potter (all of them)
Biggest weakness: Shiny Things
Nickname: Kelso
Makes me laugh: monty python and the holy grail
Favorite game: Softball

Maverick - Status Update Engineer
Favorite food: Cat poop
Scared of: Tape measures 
Master of: Being awkward
Passion: Smaller dogs 
Biggest weakness: Closed doors
Nickname: The Maver, Goofy
Super power: Can cover other dogs with slober instantly
Best skill: Status updates

Rachel Long
Rachel - Visual Design and Marketing
Dream trip: Ireland
Favorite activity: Playing with my animals
Midnight snack: Ice cream and pancakes
Favorite cookie: Snickerdoodle
Wish I could: Own a barn
Can't live without: Animals
If I could only eat one thing: Jubes 
Next adventure: Horse camping

LokiLoki - Assistant to the Status Update Engineer
Scared of: Bad guys
Wish I could: Make everyone feel loved
Master of: Puppy eyes
Passion: Running and jumping
Can't live without: Rachel
Pet peeve: Small animals
Super power: Extreme kindness
Favorite game: hide and seek

Alan Lethers
Alan - President
Dream trip: Bora Bora
Favorite smell: Cinnamon rolls and fresh coffee
Favorite quote: Abuse an animal, go to jail
Favorite children's book: Treasure Island
Movie: Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
Wish I could: Time travel
Next adventure: Istanbul
Favorite game: Chess

General - Front Office Security
Favorite smell: Anything edible
Favorite quote: "Hey General, want to go for a walk?"
Favorite food: Yours
Scared of: Alan's absence
Biggest weakness: Alan being around other dogs
Next adventure: Walking around the block
If I'm not sleeping on my back you'll find me: Sleeping on my side
Best skill: Whacking things with my tail

Nick Pullano
Nick - General Manager
Dream trip: New Zealand
Favorite superhero: Manu Ginobili
Favorite activity: Surfing
Midnight snack: Cookie dough
Movie: The Big Lebowski
Dream car: 2003 Toyota Tacoma
Master of: Having extraneous spreadsheets 
Passion: Dog doors

Mikey - Assistant to the Assistant to the Status Update Engineer
Favorite activity: Eating
Scared of: Loud noises
Midnight snack: Kibble
Master of: Cuteness
Biggest weakness: Paying attention to something for more than 4 seconds
Will always dance to: The thought of you rubbing my belly
If I could have dinner with anyone dead or living: Loki & The Maver
Best skill: Injecting a little bit of happiness into whatever it was you were doing

David Dorado
David - Shipping & Receiving
Dream trip: Spain
Midnight snack: Salted roasted peanuts
Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Movie: Blood Sport
Dream car: 1969 Chevelle
If I am not at work, I am: With my two awesome kids and beautiful wife
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Las Vegas

Justin O'Brien
Justin - Senior Assembler
Dream trip: Sydney, Australia
Favorite smell: Race care fuel
Favorite quote: Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today
Favorite food: Spaghetti, BBQ
You might never guess: Eagle Scout
Best skill: Welding
Next adventure: Getting married
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Ireland, American Samoa

Nate Souza
Nate - Senior Assembler
Dream trip: Tokyo
Favorite actor: Bill Murray
Favorite holiday: 4th of July
Dream car: Tesla Model S
Movie: The Life Aquatic
80's band: Foreigner
Next adventure: Vegas
Favorite word: Eureka

Alexa WolfAlexa - Outside Sales
Favorite smell: Lavender
Favorite activity: Traveling
Favorite food: Pizza 
Favorite cookie: Peanut butter
Can't live without: My dogs
If I'm not at work, I am: Hanging out with my friends
Most awesome place I've traveled to: The Bahamas
Favorite game: Lacrosse 

Delaney LimDelaney - Sales Specialist
Dream trip: Greece
Favorite food: Sushi
Midnight snack: Oreo McFlurry's
Might never guess: I am in a commercial
Nickname: D
Pet peeve: Snorers
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Shanghai, China
Favorite joke/pun: I went to a temporary tattoo parlor the other day to get a tattoo. When it wouldn't wash off today, I went back to complain but the tattoo parlor wasn't there anymore!

Sam Feldtkeller12Sam - Shop/warehouse
Dream trip: Alaska
Favorite food: chicken curry
80's band: stevie ray vaughan
Can't live without: good books
Next adventure: backpack Big Sur
Will always dance to: Gangnam Style
Last place I got lost: Ansel Adams Wilderness
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Israel

Paul KanPaul - eCommerce/Customer Service
Dream trip: Spain
Favorite superhero: Kobe
Favorite quote: “A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” 
Movie: The Warriors
Dream car: 1999 Toyota Supra
Wish I could: Stay in college forever
80's band: Guns N' Roses & The Smiths
Favorite game: Water Polo, Baseball, Basketball

JT JanowskiJT - Logistics & Supply Chain Assistant
Dream trip: Australia
Favorite quote: "With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben
Favorite food: pesto pasta
Midnight snack: SLO Donut Company
Favorite cookie: my grandma's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Movie: Forrest Gump
If I am not at work, I am: either playing volleyball in a gym or on the beach
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Alaska

Garrett GarnerGarret - Content Strategist
Dream trip: Switzerland
Favorite activity: snowboarding
Favorite food: pizza
Midnight snack: Taco Bell
Favorite cookie: Snickerdoodle
Dream car: Audi R8
Next adventure: backpack Europe
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Shanghai, China

Vanessa HallVanessa- Marketing Assistant
Passion: Art
Favorite activity: Wakeboarding
Can't live without: My brother
Next Adventure: Diving off the coasts of Thailand
Favorite game: Candy Land
I unwind by: Going on a hike with my camera around my neck
Most awesome place I've traveled to: Venice, Italy
Movie: The Temptations