Endura Flap Cat Door for Horizontal Sliding Windows - Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

horizontal window pet door diagram


  • 1x Horizontal Window Pet Door
  • 1x Foam Weather Strip
  • 1x Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper
  • 1x Horizontal Window Clamp Lock


loosen thumbscrews for adjustment height

Step 1: Loosen the thumbscrews at the top of the pet panel. This allows the spring mechanism to move freely up and down.

Step 2: To insert the panel into the top track, push up against the spring mechanism and swing the bottom of the panel up and over the threshold. Seat the panel on top of the small guide rail in the track. You want to put the pet door in your track before applying any weather-stripping to ensure it fits. If the panel fits well, proceed to the next step. See the FAQs if you have trouble.

put the pet door in the track before applying weather stripping
applying weather stripping

Step 3: Once you’re sure the panel fits, remove it from the frame and lay it on its side on the ground. Apply the foam weather-stripping by peeling back the paper and exposing the adhesive. Unroll it along the edge of the panel, pressing to ensure it adheres. Install on both sides, trim to fit with scissors.

Step 4: The center post weather seal strip (draft stopper) should be installed on the inside of the home. It can be installed on either the back edge of the sliding window panel (Figure A) or the leading edge of the stationary panel (Figure B). This strip prevents air from leaking between the sliding window and the stationary panel. Trim with scissors as needed. Clean the edge of your window with rubbing alcohol before installing to assure a good seal.

draft stopper application

Step 5: Place the panel back into the window, then tighten the thumbscrews to lock it in place. Installation complete!


Since you likely can no longer use your window’s original lock, we have provided you with an alternative locking method to keep your home secure.

Installing the window clamp: This clamp has a screw that tightens by hand to prevent the sliding door from moving beyond the clamp’s placement. For doors manufactured with the glass slider on the inside track, the lock can usually be installed on the door’s raised track.

lock details

If you aren’t able to use the lock that comes with the panel: A great alternative to locking your sliding glass door is a Charley bar or dowel in the track. Both work off the same concept - they block the slider from opening. When engaged you cannot pull the sliding door away from the pet door panel.