Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e (Under 80") - Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Thermo Panel 3e Installation

Aluminum Panel Installation Instructions

diagram of endura flap thermo panel and parts


  • Panel Pet Door
  • Foam Weather Strip
  • Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper
  • Sliding Door C-Clamp Lock

Adjusting Step-over Height

The Endura aluminum sliding door panel has a patented Adjustable Step-Over feature which allows you to adjust the height of the flap to the most comfortable fit for your pet. The top of the flap should be positioned to be at least 1” above the top of the pet’s shoulder. If the factory setting is not suitable, please adjust it before proceeding. If the current setting is suitable, proceed to the “Installation Instructions” section.

spacers above and below pet door flap to adjust stepover

Step 1: Lay the entire panel on a flat surface. Using a #2 Philips head screwdriver, remove the bottom side-screws and loosen the upper side-screws. Screws were tightly installed to hold the panel together during shipping; a power tool* is recommended.

*If you do not have a Phillips head drill bit skinny enough to fit, let us know and we’ll send you one for free.

enduraflap pet door side screws

Step 2: Once the bottom screws have been removed and the upper side-screws loosened, the Pet Door Assembly and spacers can be removed by sliding the sections down and out of the panel.

endura flap dog door spacer pieces

replacing spacer pieces to adjust height for pet

Step 3: Replace the spacers and the Pet Door Assembly by sliding them back in a different order to achieve the desired height. You can move the spacer below and above the flap to raise or lower the flap height.

The order of the pieces is important! The piece on the bottom needs to always be at the bottom, as that is where the screws attach.

Make sure that the locking cover side of the flap frame is on the same side as the thumbscrews.

Step 4: When finished, replace the bottom side-screws and tighten the next upper-side screws.

Please Note: A lower step-over height is easier for pets to navigate. However, if the top of the flap is low enough that the pet needs to crouch to get through their pet door, they can injure themselves and possibly cause the pet door to malfunction. If your pet door does not sit at a comfortable height for your pet, you may need a larger flap size.

Two Piece Panel Instructions

If you have a two piece panel, follow the following steps, then move onto the Installation Instructions. If you have a one piece panel, skip this section.

Step 1: Align the aluminum connectors extending from the bottom flap panel section with the top glass panels section. Press the aluminum connectors into the holes at the bottom of the top glass panel section. Ensure that the locking cover and thumbscrews are on the same side.

Step 2: Gently tap the bottom surface of the panel against the ground to completely insert the connectors. Protect hard surfaces to prevent scratching. The components of the panel are designed to slide together very tightly.Step 3: Fasten the two panels together using the four hex drive flat head screws found in the panel packaging. Use the hex wrench to tighten screws so the two halves of the door are pulled together.

Please Note: Screw holes may look misaligned; this is intentional to ensure a tight fit. The panels will squeeze together as the screws are tightened.

Installation Instructions

height adjustment range on thermo panel

Step 1: Loosen the thumbscrews at the top of the pet panel. This allows the spring mechanism to move freely up and down.

Step 2: To insert the panel into the top track, push up against the spring mechanism and swing the bottom of the panel up and over the threshold. Seat the panel on top of the small guide rail in the track. If you can’t quite get it in the track, try swinging in from the outside as the outside track wall may be shorter.

You want to put the pet door in your track before applying any weather stripping to ensure it fits. If the panel fits well, proceed to the next step. See the FAQs if you have trouble.

inserting the thermopanel pet door into your slider

Step 3: Once you’re sure the panel fits, remove it from the frame and lay it on its side on the ground. Apply the foam weather-stripping by peeling back the paper and exposing the adhesive. Unroll it along the edge of the panel, pressing to ensure it adheres. Install on both sides, trim it fit with scissors.

weather stripping fills the gaps between the thermo panel and your slider

Step 4: The center post weather seal strip (draft stopper) should be installed on the inside of the home. It can install on either the back edge of the sliding door panel or the leading edge of the stationary panel. This strip prevents air from leaking between the sliding glass door and the stationary panel. Trim with scissors as needed. Clean the edge of your patio door with rubbing alcohol before installing to assure a good seal.

installing in stationary and moving parts of your slider

Lock Details

a lock can secure your slider in place

Since you cannot lock your sliding door to your panel pet door, we have provided you with alternative locking methods to secure your home:

Installing the sliding door clamp: This clamp has a screw that tightens by hand to prevent the sliding door from moving beyond the clamp’s placement. For doors manufactured with the glass slider on the inside track, the lock can usually be installed on the door’s raised track.

If you aren’t able to use the lock that comes with the panel: A great alternative to locking your sliding glass door is a Charley bar or dowel in the track. Both work off the same concept – they block the slider from opening. When engaged you cannot pull the sliding door away from the pet door panel.

use a charley bar or dowel in the slider track to secure your door

Other Installation Options

Semi-Permanent Installation:

You might choose to secure the panel in your track with screws. This can be done by drilling screws at an angle in the top and bottom tracks. We recommend doing this from the outside to minimize damage to the sliding glass door frame. One-way screws will prevent tampering or removal of the panel from the outside.

you can screw your panel into your slider for a more permanent installation

Stationary Panel:

Some stationary sliding door panels can be unfastened and moved over to one side so that you can install the pet door panel between the jamb and stationary panel.

Avoid damaging your sliding glass door by checking that your door can move and that you can reinstall it properly before trying to uninstall the unit.

You will still lose space in your slider to move through, however, you will be able to use your existing sliding door lock to secure your home. Installing your pet door this way is also great in that you already have an alarm system in place.

If your sliding glass door slides on the outside track, using an alternative lock might not be possible, so this allows you to still lock your door.

NOTE: You can do the stationary panel install with the regular spring actuator method – no need to screw it in.


What is the thickness of the panel?

The Patio Pacific Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e is 1" thick. It is only thick enough for a single flap, not a double flap.

Does this panel work with vinyl sliders?

Yes, the Endura Flap 3e is compatible with most vinyl sliding patio doors for a vinyl-pet slider that matches your existing track. At 1" thick, it is thicker than most aluminum panels, so it will fit better in a vinyl track. The track width may not line up exactly with the panel, but it is only an issue with the aesthetics, not functionality.

What do I do if this does not come in size that will fit my door?

If none of these sizes will fit your door, you can order a custom fit Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e.

Does this keep mice, rats, and other pests out?

This is a manual door, so there is no guarantee that critters will not get in. However, the Endura Flap has incredibly strong magnets that are hard for small critters to push through and get in. Many of our electronic and microchip pet doors have locks that keep out intruder critters and are racoon-proof.

How do I measure my door to get the correct height adjustment size?

Measure from the innermost part of the bottom track to the innermost top part of the track. If there is a pencil railing, include that in the measurement because the panel straddles the railing.

What do the Step-Over Range dimensions mean?

The step-over is the part of the panel under the actual door opening. Depending on the flap size purchased, the step-over can range from 3"-7". This means that you can adjust it to any step-over within that range. So if you have a puppy, you can keep adjusting it as they grow.

Will there be enough room for me to get through after the panel is installed?

That depends on how wide your sliding glass door opens and how wide the panel you purchase is. Those dimensions can be found under the "Overall Panel Width" column.

Can an intruder remove the Endura Flap dog door for slider from the outside?

No, the thumb screws are on the inside of the panel, so once installed, the Endura Flap Panel cannot be lifted out and removed without first loosening the thumbscrews from inside the home.

What locking mechanism can I use for the Thermo Panel 3e?

This door comes with a secure clamp lock. Alternatively, the Endura dog and cat door for sliding glass door can be secured with a Charley Bar for added security.

Does the Endura Flap dog door sliding door come with locking covers for security?

Yes, these dog doors come with locking covers to ensure safety for your pet and home. Endura Flaps have locking covers that slide over them on the side facing inside your home and are made of sturdy, heavy-duty ABS plastic. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on the outside of Endura Flap Panels as an alternative.

Do the Endura Flap panels require tools for installation?

Endura Flap sliding glass dog doors under 80 ¼" do not require tools, making them one of the best dog doors for rental homes! However, everything above this height generally will require some tools for installation. What we call a sectional panel will be shipped in two pieces because it is so tall. Breaking the pet door for sliding door down saves the customers on shipping costs, because we are able to ship in a smaller package. The sectionals will need to be assembled with 4 hex screws and a hex wrench, all of which are provided.

Is this door good in a cold winter climate? I want something effective in our winter months. 

Yes, the Endura Flap has been tested in -4°F.

Will this take up too much space in my slider?

The panel will take up some space, and some pet owners have said that they have trouble squeezing by it. Some alternative options include line of Doors 4 Pets and People and Pet Door Guys pet doors.