Patio Pet Door Air Leaks and How to Fix Them

Installation Problems for Patio Pet Doors - Leaks Around the Frame

A properly installed patio pet door, properly installed, will not leak air to any appreciable extent.  Note that we are not talking about the flap area here. Different flaps from different manufacturers have different performance levels. But the frame of a patio pet door will be weather-stripped along both sides and be tight at the top and at the bottom.

In rare instances, however, this is not the case and you may experience a significant leak. What is happening here is that the frame of the sliding glass door is slightly out of square causing the patio pet door not to fit properly.  There are four problem possibilities. The information below will show you the four situations and how to fix each of them.

Many folks will be able to solve these problems by themselves. If you feel that the fix is beyond your skill levels, then a local glass shop can easily do the work.


Patio Pet Door Air Leaks Examples


Problem:  Gap at the Top or Gap at the Bottom

Typically your house has settled sllightly and the sliding glass door is no longer square to the framing supporting it. There will be an adjustment--usually a method for raising or lowering the leading wheel that the glass door rolls on. Small adjustments to this wheel height will rotate the sliding glass door to be square to the pet door.

Problem:  Gap at Top and Bottom or Gap in the Middle

The vertical frame member of the sliding glass door is bowed. A rubber mallet may be used to tap this member into a straight line.