Patio Panel Pet Door Comparison Chart

This chart compares pet door panels according to a number of important characteristics

Remember that the flap is the most important element of any pet door. You'll find a detailed comparison the flaps incorporated in these patio panels at our pet door flap comparison page.

ManufacturerBrandGlass TypeTools RequiredTrack Height Adjust. Ranges4Custom Heights Avail?5User Adjust. 'Step-Over'?6
Patio PacificThermo Panel 3e™ with Endura FlapDual Pane Low "E" GlassNo Tools741/2" - 771/2", 771/4" - 801/4", 93" - 96"YesYes
Quick Panel 3™ with Endura FlapExtra Heavy Single PaneNo tools741/2" - 771/2" 771/4" - 801/4" 93" - 96"YesYes
High Tech Pet ProductsPower Pet Door PanelSingle PaneDrill for lock75" - 771/2", 773/4" - 801/4", 931/2" - 96"NoNo
Hale Pet DoorStandardDual PaneHacksaw, drill, screwdriverVariousYesNo
OmniDual PaneWrenchVariousYesNo
PetsafePetsafe DeluxeSingle PaneDrill, screwdriver773/4" - 811/4", 92" - 96"NoNo
Pride Pet ProductsPride Patio Pet PanelSingle PaneDrill, screwdriver on install only781/2" - 81"NoNo
Ideal Pet ProductsVIP 150 Vinyl PanelDual PaneHacksaw, drill, screwdriver76 3/4" - 781/2", 79 3/4" - 811/2", 92 3/4" - 941/2"NoNo
Ideal Fast FitSingle PaneDrill for lock75" - 771/2", 773/4" - 801/4" 931/2" - 96"NoNo
Ideal "Modular" Patio Pet DoorSingle PaneDrill and Some Other Tools755/8" - 80 3/8"NoNo
E-Cat Patio Pet DoorSingle PaneDrill for Lock75" - 771/2", 773/4" - 801/4", 931/2" - 96"NoNo
Ideal VPP Vinyl Patio Pet DoorSingle PanePhillips Head Screwdriver, Hacksaw, and other tools763/4" - 781/2", 781/2" - 80"NoNo

2 All panel pet doors may be installed semi-permanently by toe-nailing into the track with sheet metal screws. 'Semi-permanent only' panels have a built-in lock and must be toe-nailed in place for the lock to work.

4 The ranges shown are available 'off the shelf'. Be cautious if your track measurement is near the bottom of a range (see A 'Note of Caution' on the 'Patio Panel FAQ' page). There is always a surcharge for custom height panels.

5 'Custom heights' are for adjustment ranges other than the standard ones. An important example is installation of a short panel pet door in a sideways sliding window. The customers measurement is placed near the middle of the adjustment range. Custom height orders may be placed on the web or in writing. They are not returnable. The manufacturer warranty still applies.

7 Patio Pacific recommends that the top of the flap (flap height dimension added to 'step-over') be at least as tall as the top of the pet's shoulder. The pet will duck his head and pick his feet up; but it is preferable that he not have to crouch.

6 A User Adjustable Step-Over allows the user to change the 'step-over' dimension of the pet door. This can be very helpful if a new pet is acquired or if the needs of the existing pet change.