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Having Trouble Deciding on a Pet Door? Installation Problems? Let Us Help!

Let us help you make purchasing a pet door a simple process! Check out our favorite pet doors in our pet door recommendations section below, or read about why the Endura Flap is the best in the market when you read the 'Endura Flap' story. Having concerns or problems with your pet door installation? Visit our pet door problems section below. 

A pet door can be a wonderful asset if chosen wisely and a severe disappointment if not. We do all we can on this site to give you the information you'll need to choose a dog door or cat door that will provide satisfaction.

Have unanswered questions? Call our customer service line at 800-826-2871 and we'll do all we can to answer them.

Our call center can be reached to make a purchase after typical business hours at any time.  You should have the stock number of the product you want ready. 

Thank You For Your Business!  


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