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Here are our MOST frequently asked questions:

I need to replace the flap in my old and discontinued Johnson or Petsafe Ultimate pet door. It has two pieces. What do I do? 

 -->  Pride Replacement Flaps will do the trick!

I don't know which flap to get for my Ideal pet door, why does it matter if the logo is round or rectangular?

 --> The Ideal Original flap is for a plastic framed Ideal Original Pet Door, the old version only fits rectangular logo flaps and the new version only fits round logo flaps. The Ideal Deluxe flap is for a metal framed Ideal Deluxe Pet Door, the old version only fits the Ideal Deluxe rectangular flap and the new version only fits the round logo Ideal Original Flap. Simply put, match the logo and the frame material to your existing pet door! If the logo is round, then simply purchase the only round logo available: the Ideal Original replacement flap

How do I measure the track of my sliding glass door?

--> Measure from the deepest point in the bottom of your track, to the deepest point in the top of your track. Keep in mind that the panel will have to get over any track wall that might be protruding from your track, so if your measurement is at the very bottom it could present problems when trying to get the panel into your track. The Patio Pacific panels can have 3/4" trimmed from the top, and the Ideal Fast Fit can have 1" trimmed from the top. The only panel that is measured differently than this is the Hale Omni panel, which has instructions in the "details" section on its product page!

How do I know what size flap will work for my pet?

--> Measure your pet! We have an entire page dedicated to doing this correctly.