Troubleshooting the Endura Flap


Shipping Issues

Adjusting For Your Pet

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Not sure how to measure your sliding glass door track? Most panels require you to measure your track from the deepest point in the bottom of the track all the way to the inside of the top track. In other words, where the panel will actually be sitting! For Hale panels, you’ll need to measure from the same point in the very bottom, but only up to the track wall at the top.Width is also important, and most panels require a width minimum of ⅞ or 1 inch. Most panels are designed to straddle a pencil-sized rail in the bottom track, which helps keep the panel steady.


Shipping Issues

We take great care in building quality pet doors. Occasionally, even the best pet door is subjected to an overly rough journey on its way to you. Things can happen, and we are here to help fix them! In rare instances we have to ship you an entire new pet door, sometimes we need to ship a new part to replace a broken part, and usually it’s an easy fix without having to wait on any new parts. If something is broken, just give us a call and we’ll figure out what we need to send to replace it!



If your flap looks totally normal, but just isn’t pulling up the floating threshold in the bottom of the frame, the Endura Flap magnets may have shifted out of alignment. The magnet removal can be done before or after installing the pet door! You’ll need to remove the threshold from the bottom of the frame, and then use an item such as a pencil to align the magnet(s) with the magnet(s) in the bottom of the flap. If the threshold is difficult to remove, try using pliers! It is not too fragile, but if you damage or break the threshold, let us know and we can always send you a new one.



Does the side of the flap look “stuck”? So that the magnet doesn’t reach the magnet in the side of the frame? The flap must have been dislodged during shipping, and then gone through a severe enough temperature change to “reset” the unique accordion-style design of the bellows. This is the easiest issue to resolve! Tools required: hair dryer. Simply stretch the bellows, apply heat, and then allow the bellows to connect with the magnet on the frame. Let the flap sit for at least an hour before allowing the flap to be used.



The pivot washers are the little grey pieces that sit at the upper left and right corners of the flap. They are not critical to the functioning of the Endura Flap, but are easy to replace if you have not installed your pet door yet. Just remove the rod that supports the flap, and slide them on. If they are broken, we’ll send you a new one. If the bellow has popped over it, due to over-extension of the flap, you can simply pop it back under.


Adjusting For Your Pet

The Endura Flap was created with your pet’s comfort in mind! We have ways to adjust the flap to make usage easier for your pet. Of course, measuring your pet is extremely important and if you have not selected the correct size for you pet, you might need to return your pet door and order the correct size.



We get quite a few calls and emails from customers about how to remove magnets from endura flap pet doors. The Endura Flap seals so tightly, lots of pets actually need the magnet strength weakened to learn how to push through the seal and use the pet door. Instead of how to remove a flap we recommend magnet removal. How to remove magnets from the sides ist he easiest way to do this is by removing them from the frame, and taping down the floating threshold at the bottom. Using a flathead screwdriver, you can pop the covers off the magnets in the frame and pull them out. When you put them back, remember to return them so they are attracting to the magnets in the flap, not repelling. Then you’ll want to make sure the magnet is placed high enough that it connects completely with the magnet on the flap. Once you get the plastic piece back in the groove at the bottom, you can simply press the plastic back into the groove all the way to the top! Use a non-damaging tape like painter’s tape to secure the floating threshold while your pet learns!



Our panels feature a user-adjustable step-over system, which allows you to move the flap up or down to best fit your pet. The minimum for all sizes is 3”, and most of them come set at the minimum step-over. You will need a screwdriver to adjust the step-over height! Hold the panel sideways on the ground, you get the most leverage by supporting it between your feet. Remove the screws on both sides at the bottom of the panel, and loosen the screws under the glass. You can then slide out the bottom piece, the flap, and however many spacers you need to move. Be sure to put the flap back with the locking cover facing the same side as the thumbscrews at the top of the panel! And keep the bottom piece at the bottom, as the spacers cannot be used on the bottom.