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Great pet door deals are individual pet doors and other pet items that are heavily discounted to move. They may be overstocks, returns, damaged in shipping, discontinued stock and so on. However, we guarantee they are still functional and will serve your purpose. It is not uncommon for the box to be damaged or scuffed though the contents are perfect. Metal framing may be expected to have minor scratching.

Our return policy still applies as does the manufacturers warranty.

Items are put on this page Only if they're a great value and we know you'll be happy!

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  1. Ideal Pet Products Modular Patio Panel Pet Door

    Ideal "Modular" Pet Patio Door Panel

    Price From: $229.99

    The Ideal Two-Piece "Modular" Pet Patio Door solves a problem with regular patio pet door panels: They ship in two pieces and so are cheap to ship and easy to carry. The Cat Flap option features the Ideal Cat Flap with 4-way lock.

  2. Petsafe "Extreme Weather" Pet Door Flap Open Layers

    Petsafe "Extreme Weather" Pet Door

    Price From: $69.99

    The Petsafe "Extreme Weather" pet door includes three flaps assembled in a plastic frame. The outside two flaps are Petsafe "Freedom" flaps. The center flap is opaque and feels like a shipping envelope.

  3. Petsafe Electronic Smart Door

    Petsafe Electronic Smart Door

    Price From: $129.99

    The Petsafe Electronic Smart Door recognizes the Smart Key on your dogs collar and unlocks to allow your dog access.

  4. PetSafe Freedom Pet Door Flap Open

    Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door

    Price From: $59.99

    The Petsafe "Freedom" Aluminum Pet Door incorporates a fuzzy weather-strip down both sides of the flap and a floating magnet bar to improve cold weather performance. The flap is one-piece vinyl.

  5. Petsafe Wall Entry Pet Door Side

    Petsafe Wall Entry Pet Door

    Price From: $89.99
    • Relatively easy to install, do-it-yourself pet door for your wall.
    • Telescoping tunnel to accommodate both 2" x 4" and 2" x 6" construction (Telescoping tunnel fits walls from 4 3/4" - 7 1/4" thick and doesn't require cutting).
    • Double flap construction ensures better sealing and insulation than most single flap pet doors.
    • Durable, white aluminum frame with dark trim.
    • Single locking cover fits on the inside (most usual) or outside.
  6. Petsafe Plastic Dog Door - Open Flap

    Petsafe Plastic Pet Door

    Price From: $29.99

    The Petsafe Plastic Pet Door is a self-framing pet door design that features a very broad adjustment range of 1/16" to 1 3/4". Frame and locking cover are plastic and particularly suitable for installation near the ocean which is corrosive to aluminum framing.

  7. Petsafe Freedom Sliding Glass Pet Door White

    Petsafe Freedom Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door

    Price From: $239.99

    The Petsafe Freedom Patio Pet Door for sliding glass doors differs from the earlier Petsafe Deluxe Patio Pet Door primarily by the fact that the Freedom panel uses the Petsafe Freedom flap while the older Deluxe panel used the Petsafe Classic flap.

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