Ideal Flap Urgent Notice

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You must determine which version of Ideal Flap you have! 

Ideal pet door flap replacement can be challenging and this notice applies to Ideal "Original" Pet Doors and Ideal "Deluxe" Pet Doors and their replacement flaps only. Other Ideal Pet Door lines are not affected.

Ideal plastic-framed "Original" pet doors are manufactured in Thailand and accept a slightly different flap from the plastic framed "Original" doors manufactured in the USA. Replacement flaps for Ideal pet doors are not interchangeable. The USA-made rectangular logo flaps are not interchangeable between Original and Deluxe doors, but all Thailand-made round logo flaps are the same. If your flap says something like "Made in USA" on it, then it is a rectangular logo and you need to determine the material of the pet door's frame.

Ideal round logo flaps are all the same. Rectangular logo flaps are "frame-specific":
This venn diagram demonstrates the overlap between Ideal Deluxe and Original styles of replacement flaps.


So which Ideal Pet Door Replacement Flap do I have?  If you need a little more help figuring out which flap you need to replace your old flap, follow this flow chart:

A flowchart explaining which flap to get based on the criteria stated above.



Still confused? Here's the breakdown:

The rectangular logo versus the round logo

- If you have an Ideal Original (plastic framed) pet door or an Ideal Deluxe (metal framed) pet door with a round logo, then the Ideal "Original"  round logo replacement flaps work in both. These are the newer doors made in Thailand.

- If you have an Ideal Original (plastic framed) with a rectangular logo, then the rectangular logo Ideal Original replacement flaps work in that (but not in the Deluxe). These are the 'Made in USA' version.

- If you have an Ideal Deluxe (metal framed) with a rectangular logo, then the Ideal Deluxe replacement flaps with a rectangular logo are the ones to buy. These are the 'Made in USA' versions.


What to do?

If you're buying a new Ideal pet door don't worry, the future Ideal pets replacement flaps will be the new style.

However, if you're replacing a flap on an existing Ideal pet door or even the entire pet door then it's vital that you determine which of the three situations above applies to you. Otherwise, you may get the wrong flap for your existing door or a replacement door that doesn't fit your existing cut-out.

If your existing Ideal pet door is older than 2006, then you have the old, rectangular logo design.

Of course, we at will try our best to assist you in this effort. Below are some images of the actual flaps that might help you determine which type you have if you cannot see the logo shape.

Ideal Original Flap:

Ideal Original with round logo

Ideal Original with rectangular logo and plastic frame

Ideal Deluxe Flap:

Ideal Deluxe with rectangular logo and metal frame


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