Pet Door FAQs

Pet Door Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that our customer service is asked daily, or at least weekly, about dog doors and cat doors. Special sections are devoted to specific pet door installation types.

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Questions about pet doors Through Glass
Door entry dog door
Electronic, automatic, motorized, magnetic dog door
Through Glass Pet Door FAQ's 
Sizes, Options, Why these are awesome
Pet Doors for
Sliding Doors FAQ's

Different Glass Types, Frame Types, Track Compatibility & Installation
Pet Doors for
People Doors FAQ's
Door Types, Framing Options & Installation Tips
Pet Doors for
Walls FAQ's

 Advantages, Disadvantages & Installation Details
Electronic & 
Pet Doors FAQ

Collar Keys, Microchips & Motorization, Power Requirements
Screen entry dog door

Pet Doors for 
Screens FAQ's

Screen Types, Pros & Cons & Framing
Sash Window 
Pet Doors FAQ's

Types & Locking Options
Kennel Dog Door FAQ's
Key Differences with Kennel Doors
Pet Door
Flaps FAQ's
General Questions about Flaps
Installation FAQ's

 Common Installation Questions

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