Pet Waste Management

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If you have a pet, you have pet waste to deal with. Here're some products to simplify the job. -

An inescapable part of pet ownership is the management of the pet waste. The challenge is to make an unpleasant chore as easy as possible together with maintaining essential hygene.  If the solution involves walking the dog then it's also important to be a good citizen by picking up after your pet. 

A pet door can be a great start in the management of this problem. After all, you no longer have to provide an indoor solution is there's a yard available to your pet to use for the purpose.  However, shifting the location doesn't end the problem. You still need to pick up the solids and dispose of them properly. You still need to maintain cleanliness and avoid exposing yourself or your family to some rather unpleasant diseases associated with pet waste. And you may well have new problems in protecting your lawn from the burn spots caused by pet urine.

Our goal in offering this category of products is to bring together the tools and chemicals you need to attend to these matters in an efficient and hygenic manner.