Pet Doors to Install in French Doors

Do You Need to Install a Pet Door Through Your French Door?

Great, we have the perfect dog door for french doors! Is the glass in your French Door made of individual pieces, or one piece of glass?


Custom Pet Door Options Available to Fit Your Door

Multiple pieces of glass, individually framed.

If one or more pieces of glass can be removed, you can order a custom sized pet door to fit inside the hole that is created since there isn't a standard french door dog door insert.

If you need a large doggie door for french doors you might be able to replace more than one piece of glass, or cut into the door frame to have your french doors with doggie door installed.

Here are some examples:

french doors with doggie door options

One solid piece of glass with decorative grid-work.

If you have one solid piece using the pet door for french door application can become a little more difficult. You will need to have a glazier cut a new piece of glass for you with a hole for the french door pet door already in it.

Or you can replace the entire piece of glass with a Through the Glass Pet Door.

French Door with One Whole Piece of Glass

Built-to-Last, Weather-Tight Pet Doors

Don't need custom sizes? There are other dog doors for french doors right off the shelf! Install an energy efficient pet door to save on electric & gas bills. Longer warranties, and made in the USA.


Important Things to Note When Installing a Pet Door Through a French Door

Ensure that the pet door will be installed at the right height for your pet; it is a good idea to measure your pet to determine the size required. Your pet door can take up the space of one grid, more than one, or it could even cut into the wood below the glass if possible. We do recommend for a pet door for french doors installation you work with a glazier who can cut the glass, or amend the framing so you can virtually use any size pet door that best suits your home and pet.


Q: How to install a dog door in a glass french door?

A. French door dog door installations are best left to a glass company so here is what you Need:

  • Professional installer (highly recommended)
  • Individual panes of glass
  • Pet door frame and flap
  1. Measure your pet from feet to shoulder to gauge the correct flap size needed. Make sure that the step over, how far the bottom of the doggie door for french doors starts from the ground, is no more than 1/3 the height of your pet at the tallest part of the back.
  2. Be mindful of how high your pet door might be installed since glass on french doors tend to be quite high. If you are trying to install a cat door for french doors or door for small dogs you might have to cut into the framing to get it to the correct height.
  3. Remove the desired glass pane
  4. Measure the opening of the hole
  5. Use these measurements, you can order your custom dog door for your french door
  6. Contact your installer to place the pet door in and enjoy your pet door in french door install!

For single panes of glass:

  1. Measure your pet from feet to shoulder to get the correct flap size
  2. Contact a local glazier who can cut glass for pet door installation
  3. Using the glass thickness, you can determine which dog doors can fit (pet doors have certain thickness ranges)
  4. Have your glass piece removed and cut by your glazier (this can only be accomplished if doggy door for french doors is going into non-tempered single pane glass)
  5. Once the dog door is installed, your glazier can put everything back together


Q: Is there a specific french door cat door that you recommend?

A: On many occasions putting a pet door in french door frames will put it up to high for smaller pets to use. You can use some of the doors we mentioned above, however since you need to install it only about 3" - 4" from the floor you are going to have to cut into your frame if it is taller than about 3" at the bottom.


Q: Can I get the entire door?

A: There are some companies that will do entire french doors with a doggie door already built in. The problem with that is if they don't install it at the correct height for you pets it might not work. If you choose to go with the french door with doggie door built in already than make sure that you have the door specs before committing to the purchase so you can determine that it will be correct for your pet size. The french doors with pet door already installed should also be hung by a professional.


Q: Could I do this myself if I am handy?

A: A doggie door in french doors could be a DIY if you have individual panes of glass so you just have to knock out a few and order a custom pet door to fit the opening. If you have to get new glass or amend the frame at all we would recommend a professional do the work.


Q: Is there a specific dog door in french door installations you recommend over others if you are not using the Pet Door Guys?

A: If you are going through the glass and not using the door framing, then the Hale Through Glass Pet Door is recommended.  If you are using the door framing than really any of the door mount pet doors should work, but make sure to get one that will self frame to the thickness of your door framing.


Q: I want a french door frame pet doors, what can I do?

A: A pet door for glass french door depends on the design of your french door. If it is made with indivdual panes of glass you wil need to order the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door. If it a dual pane insulated glass unit, you will need to order the Pet Door Guys, In the Glass pet door.


Q: Which side should I install my french doors pet door?

A: French doors with doggie door built in work best on the non-operational side. This allows you to inclde a step or ramp in front should the step-over height be too tall.


Q: I have French patio doors with doggie door but now have a larger dog. How to make the pet door bigger?

A: To increase your doggy door french doors size you would need to take out additional panes of glass and order a Hale Custom Dimenson Pet Door:


Q: Do you offer doors with dog doors already installed?

A: We have Glass and Vent Storm Doors. You can find all three options by typing 02SD in the search field. Installing a pet door in your existing solid surface door is fairly easy and can be done by most handymen.


Q: I need french doors doggie door for my individual glass pane French door, how can that be installed?

A: We recommend determing the opening your pet will need to fit, measure size created when you remove the appropriate number of glass panes and order the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Doors for Doors.


Q: Do you sell French door pet doors?

A: We sell two types of French door dog doors. If your French door is made with individual panes of glass you wil need to order the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Door. If it a dual pane insulated glass unit, you will need to order the Pet Door Guys, In the Glass pet door .


Q: Can I remove one pane of glass for a cat door for french door?

A: You can do that if the opening is large enough for your cat to fit through. You will need to order the Hale Custom Dimension Pet Doors for Doors. It will be made to your exact dimensions.


*Depending on the type of glass you have, it may not be possible for a glazier to cut directly into it; in which case, an In the Glass Unit is highly recommended.