Pet Doors to Install in French Doors

Do You Need to Install a Pet Door Through Your French Door?

Great, we have pet doors for you! Is the glass in your French Door made of individual pieces, or one piece of glass?


Custom Pet Door Options Available to Fit Your Door

Multiple pieces of glass, individually framed.

If one or more pieces of glass can be removed, you can order a custom sized pet door to fit inside the hole that is created.

If you have a large dog you might be able to replace more than one piece of glass, or cut into the door frame to have your french doors with doggie door installed.

Here are some examples:

french doors with doggie door options

One solid piece of glass with decorative grid-work.

If you have one solid piece of glass in your door you will need to have a glazier cut a new piece of glass for you with a hole for the pet door you choose.

Or you can replace the entire piece of glass with a Through the Glass Pet Door.

French Door with One Whole Piece of Glass

Built-to-Last, Weather-Tight Pet Doors

Don't need custom sizes? Install an energy efficient pet door to save on electric & gas bills. Longer warranties, and made in the USA.


Important Things to Note When Installing a Pet Door Through a French Door

Ensure that the pet door will be installed at the right height for your pet; it is a good idea to measure your pet to determine the size required. Your pet door can take up the space of one grid, more than one, or it could even cut into the wood below the glass if possible. If you are working with a glazier who can cut the glass, you can virtually use any size pet door that best suits your home and pet.