Cat Flaps and Doors

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Pet Doors for Cats

Many pet owners are surprised that there are so many cat doors available. So what's the difference between a small dog door and a cat flap? Using specific cat doors and cat flaps for your cat offer better protection and security for you and your cat. To be blunt, purchasing a cat door for your cat is the superior choice. Read more in the FAQs below and be sure to check out the cat door reviews on the product pages to find which one is right for you!

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Should I Allow My Cat in the Yard?

One of the biggest questions that our customers have when they think about a cat flap is how they're going to contain the cat once he gets out into the yard. Remember, it can be dangerous for the cat if you simply let her roam the neighborhood. Both Purr...fect Fence and Cat Fence-In have containment systems to keep your cat confined safely in your yard. Check them out. Either way, you'll keep your cat safe and that's what matters.

Notes: If you want to install a cat flap in a wall, it's going to be easier if you choose one that accepts tunnel sections that will "frame out" the wall for you. You'll find these tunnel sections at Cat Door Tunnel Sections.

If you get an magnetic or electronic cat flap that uses a key instead of your cat's microchip, you'll find extra Collar Keys on our site.  We think it's a good idea to keep a spare handy.

Will my cat use the pet door?

Only your cat knows the answer of whether or not they will use a pet door. Physically, yes they can use a pet door. But cats make their own choices! Positive reinforcement will go a long way in getting your cat comfortable with using their cat door, and you can reduce magnet strength or turn a training mode on for the more challenging to push pet doors.

How will the cat door prevent other animals from entering my home?

If you have a problem with other critters coming into your home, you will want to consider one of the electronic cat door options. With the use of electronics, a cat door can have selective entry, and open only for cats wearing a special collar key. Some will have extra useful features like timers, too.

Will I need to replace parts in the cat door frequently?

Most cat doors have rigid flaps, which are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Flexible vinyl flaps are more subject to wear and tear and may need replacing after a rough season.

What's the Difference between a cat door and a dog door?

Thirty years ago in the United States pet doors were generally 'small', 'medium', 'large' and 'extra large'. If you had a cat, you generally used a 'small' unless it was a very big cat.

Then we began seeing 'cat flaps' imported from the UK and people began buying them for cats instead of the 'small' sizes. The 'cat flaps' do differ a bit in design. They tend to be much more square, they have rigid flaps and they're always plastic framed.However, if you prefer a flexible flap or a metal frame or would like the flap to be taller than it is wide there is no good reason not to get one of the original 'small' (or larger) sized pet doors. Likewise, if a particular 'cat' door is a good fit for your dog and has the features you want, get it! Just don't tell the dog.

What is 4-way lock?

direction of locking on cat doors

2-way locks only have the normal "Locked" and "Unlocked" options. Unlocked- This setting allows entry in both directions. Locked - This setting allows no entry in either direction. Out-Only - When the pet goes out, he cannot come back in again. A possible use for this setting would be a case where you want the pet out during the day. You'd set the flap on "out only" in the morning. In-Only - When the pet comes in, he cannot go back out again. One possible use would be a case where you want the pet in at night. You set the pet door for "in only" in the evening. Sometimes, the 4-way locking mechanism is incorporated in an electronic pet door. In these cases, the 4-way lock will override the electronics. For example, your cat wears a collar key so only he may come in your pet door. But, if your pet door is also set for 'out only' no animal, including your cat, may come in. Cat flaps with 4-way locks always have rigid flaps which are necessary for the mechanism to work.

Our CatMate door has little red sliders to lock and unlock the cat door. Do you have some replacements?

Unfortunately for small parts like these, only the manufacturer could provide replacements. This would include sliding lock tabs, or dials found on cat doors.

What is the best pet door for cats?

That's a very good question. There are many questions to ask about what your needs are as well as the temperment of your cat. For microchip pet doors, we like the SureFlap Brand. For energy-efficiency we like the Endura Flap Brand. In the Soft Vinyl flap category we recommend the Hale Pet Door brand. Lastly, for manural hard acrylic flaps we recommend the Cat Mate brand. It is probably best to call our expert Customer Service team and discuss your individual situation.

How do I compare cat doors to know which one is best for my situation?

The best thing is to use the Narrow your search tool on the left side of the page. Once you narrow it down to a few doors you can do a side by side comparison with them by clicking +Add to Compare.

Do you have a manual Cat Mate Medium cat door?

There are a couple of Cat Mate Manual pet doors to choose from. They are the Cat Mate 234 and 235, Cat Mate 358. You can firnd them and all Cat Mate products at this link:

What cat door for steel door do you recommend?

There are many pet door for cat that can fit in a steel door. The first factor to consider is the thickness of your door. The second factor is where you want a manual cat door or electronic one (if electronic what kind of features do you want). Our team of expert Customer Service Agents can advise you.

Which one has the best cat door reviews?

There are quite a few with 5 stars, but it does depending on your application. For interior use, the 234-235, and 221 Cat-Mate doors are the best. If you are looking for electronics, then the SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors. Through door and wall the Hale is the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

Which is the best cat doors brand?

This is a very open question, it depends on your needs. We have chosen and tested the products for their different attirbutes. You can use the "Narrow Your Search" tool in the upper left corner or contact our expert Customer Service team for to help you identify the best door for your home.

What kind of garage door cat door do you offer?

We offer a large variety of cat flap doors. There are several types of garage doors so a few factors to consider when choosing a Cat door for garage are: Thickness of garage door, surface area to mount cat door, electronic or manual operation and stepover height once installed. Our expert Customer Service team can help you make the right direction.

Do you have catdoors that allows one cat out while keeping the kitten inside?

Yes, the SureFlap Dual-Scan Cat Door (for doors or walls) is a microchip activated cat door. You can program it to allow access to select cats, keeping the other cats inside.