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Electronic Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

All available electronic sliding glass dog doors and electronic patio pet doors. A great pet door solution. No need to cut a hole in a door or wall. No need to modify your sliding glass door framing. When you move, take it with you.

Note for patio pet doors shorter than about 75" or taller than about 96", please see Custom Dimension Pet Doors for more choices.

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    Most choose an electronic panel for one of these reasons

    • To give your cats and dogs access while keeping out strays and other undesirables
    • Let the dog out but keep the cat (or a baby!) locked inside.
    • To keep the wind from blowing open your pet door. It can't because the pet door is locked.
    • It's "locked" to people.

    Electronic panel pet doors are all manufactured by installing a regular electronic pet door into a panel assembly. See the electronic door mount page.

    Important note: All electronic panels are designed to keep stray cats out. The Power Pet Panel will be most effective against raccoons breaking in.

    Hot tip

    If you like ventilation through your slider, give a thought to the Bug Warden. You'll be able to open your slider, pull the screen up against the "Bug Warden" and get fresh air with No Bugs!