Petsafe "Extreme Weather" Pet Door

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  • Fits all doors 1 1/2"-2" thick

  • Three flaps provide extra protection against the elements

  • Middle flap designed out of insulating material

  • Outer flaps have magnets at the bottom to keep sealed

  • Locking cover snaps on the front, avoiding issues of obstacles above the pet door preventing you from locking it

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Price From: $69.99
Petsafe "Extreme Weather" Pet Door Side View Flap Open

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Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutStock No
Mfr No
Small5 1/8" w x 8 1/4" h6-3/8" w x 10-1/8" h03PS11
Medium8 1/8" w x 12 1/4" h9-3/8" w x 14" h03PS12
Large10 1/8" w x 161/4"h11 3/8" x 19" h


Replacement Flaps  Replacement Flaps for the Petsafe Builder Panel are available at Petsafe "Freedom" Flaps

Three Flap Pet Door

This door appears to be a response to the increasing number of "high performance" pet doors in recent years from the worlds largest pet door company, Radio Systems. ("Petsafe" is one of their trademark brand names).

This pet door is unique in that it is the first ever to include three flaps. The inside and outside are the same: a traditional vinyl flap, translucent rather than clear and fastened across the top with screws. There is accordion pleating on the edges of these two flap to help maintain a seal as the flap contracts in cold weather. There are no additional weather-stripping or magnets along the flap sides. At the bottom, the flaps include a magnet running the full width of the flap. These magnets attract a "floating" threshold which is, itself, a magnet that is free to move up and down approximately 1/16".

A nice touch is that the flap screws are in slots. This allows the user to position the flap for best height in relation to the threshold at the bottom.

The unique third, or middle, flap is unusual. It appears to be a very strong (perhaps nylon), gold colored hollow envelope which contains some kind of insulating material.

Again, it is fastened rigidly across the top with screws. While this fastening method is inherently a problem for the vinyl flaps (repeated flexing will cause them to eventually fail and need replacing), the flexible material used in this middle flap is inherently flexible and one senses that repeated flexing will not be a problem for it.

Again, however, there is no additional weather stripping or magnets on the edges to help preserve a seal at those locations.

The locking cover, referred to be Petsafe as a "snap-on weather shield", loads from the front (it does "snap-on") so that there are no problems with overhead door knobs, etc, interfering with its use as would be the case with a "top-load" type locking cover.

The self-framing adjustment range is 1 1/2"- 2". Frame color is white only. Both frame and locking cover are injection molded plastic.

Hot Tip: Be careful in using graphics from most manufactures as a guide in pet door installation. The photo here of the Petsafe Large Extreme Weather has the same problem that you'll find with many other graphics on our site and at others: Photographers don't know how to install pet doors!  Here, as you can see, the pet door is positioned much higher off the ground that it should be. The top of the flap should be much lower; just at the top of the dogs shoulders. And the  step-over should be correspondingly lower.

Customer Reviews

  • not the best
    How do you rate this product?

    it does keep most of the wind out and cold, but you can see the outside at the side of the flaps- not a tight fit

  • Not a good choice for small dogs
    How do you rate this product?

    I gave this a 3 because I had to take the center flap out for my chihuahua to go through the door. My 2 heeler could manage the stffness of the flaps but they didn't like that the center flap was solid gold in color and they couldn't see light through the flaps. For bigger dogs it would be a much better option if they could see at least light through it.

  • Good Door - Problem for some pets
    How do you rate this product?

    The door is well make and I really like the way it keeps hot/cold air outside. The problem is that only one of my three dogs will use the door because of the number of flaps and the fact that one of them is not translucent.

  • Great door
    How do you rate this product?

    Great pet door, saves having to run to the door to let the pets out and I'm sure the neighbours like not hearing the dogs bark at the door to come back in!
    Only one thing, the dogs liked the door so much, that they chewed the magnets of on both the inside & the outside of the door, so now when it's windy it will blow open even with the cap on, so we have to put a chair infront of the doggy door, with the cap on, when it's windy!
    So hey Petsafe, can I get some 10" replacement magnets anywhere?? Also, a friend of mine had the same thing happen to their petsafe doggy door would be nice to be able to get replacement parts.

  • Excellent - YOU MUST BUY THIS
    How do you rate this product?

    This is the third pet door we have purchased from you. Our other home had one, and when you moved we decided to install two doors, using the lighter one on the screen door, and then my husband made a wood box that stuck out of the door, and installed this one as a weather door. The box is big enough that the door walks through this door through the box and then goes through the other door. We have been hitting -20 degrees F out side and having this set up has been absolutely wonderful. In the old house it would get so cold. We don't take our dog outside, she goes out on her own, and having this pet door for extreme weather was the best thing we have ever purchased. I highly recommend this. We installed this about 4 to 5 months ago, and we love it. The concept of using two pet doors when you have -20 degrees F outside and the wind chill factor making it -40 degrees F (we live in Eastern Iowa) has made this the best thing yet. It has been so cold. Even when it was 30 to 40 degrees, when we installed this, we noticed a difference right away. I would call this a must buy.

  • NIce and the right size
    How do you rate this product?

    I like the door installed in the new lower position. With my age getting up and down is starting to become a piece of work and having to climb and jump thru the old door was hard. The wind does not blow the flap open as much either and it does get windy here. I lost my partner earlier this month and it is lonely out in the garage.

  • Poor quality for the 129.00
    How do you rate this product?

    By having the bigger pet door , definitely did not get money s worth. Rather than tell prospective customers there are no magnets or stripping on sides,why don t u figure out a way to put some on the larger flaps. OR make the flaps much thicker like you use to. Then the weight and thickness of flap will keep the wind from blowing it back and forth like a piece of paper. The first one I bought several years ago had a flap that was almost 3/4 of an inch thick. This new one I got, might be 1/8 inch thick.

Your Maximum Pet SizeCats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs
Climate SuitabilityTemperate-3 Season
Wind ResistanceAverage
Sealing ValueAverage
Frame MaterialPlastic
Insulation ValueAverage
Flap MaterialVinyl
Flap DesignDouble, One Part , Flexible, Thin Flap
Flap ColorsClear
Flap Thickness1/8"
Replacement Flaps AvailableYes
Ability to Lock FlapSeparate Locking Cover-Loads from Front
Can Be Installed InAluminum Door, Hollow Core Door, Metal Door, Solid Core Door, Steel Door
Warranty Period1 year
Return Period30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Feenone

Petsafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

Petsafe Extreme Weather Installation

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