Mason Company Pickwick Pet Doors

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  • Perfect choice for kennels accommodating to pets of all sizes
  • Securely held together by heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Nearly unbreakable polycarbonate flap can sustain even the most active pets
  • Covered by a 3 year manufacturer warranty

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Mason Company Pickwick Pet Doors
The Pickwick Pet Door is primarily used in kennels.

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  • Perfect choice for kennels accommodating to pets of all sizes
  • Securely held together by heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Nearly unbreakable polycarbonate flap can sustain even the most active pets
  • Covered by a 3 year manufacturer warranty
 Model Covers Min - Max Rough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionInside Frame Dimension Stock No 
B11 1/8"-12 3/4" w x
17 1/2"-19" h
13 1/8" w x 19 1/2" h9 3/8"w x 16 5/8"h03MC01
A14 1/2"-16 1/4" w x
17 3/4"-19 1/4" h
16 3/4" w x 19 3/4" h12 5/8"w x 16 3/4"h03MC02
D13 1/2"-15 3/8" w x
19 3/4"-21 1/4" h
15 7/8" w x 21 3/4" h11 5/8"w x 18 3/4"h03MC03
E12 3/4-14 3/4" w x
20 5/8"-22" h
15 1/4" w x 22 1/2" h11"w x 19 5/8"h03MC04
F14 1/2-16 1/2" w x
21 3/4"-23" h
17" w x 23 1/2" h12 3/4"w x 20 3/4"h03MC05
C14 3/4"-17" x
27 1/8"- 28 1/2" h
17 1/2" w x 29" h13"w x 26 1/4"h03MC06

Don't know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Pickwick Replacment Flaps & Hinges

Mason Company offers the Pickwick 'Dog Operated Door'.

This is a Very strongly built two-way pet door. The outside frame is 5/16" thick solid cast aluminum. The inside swinging door is 1/4" thick polycarbonate. Spring hinges are plated to resist corrosion.

These are primarily used in kennels and often in conjunction with the Kenl-Dor. In that case, the Pickwick door provides for insulation and the Kenl-Dor is used to lock and unlock the opening.

The Min-Max dimensions specify a minimum and maximum opening that the pet door fits over. The entire assembly swings open when the pet is coming out. Only the inside polycarbonate panel swings inward when the pet goes back in.

No provision is made for locking (may be used in conjunction with the Kenl-Dor). Not recommended for cats. In fact, there have been cases where this door was used successfully to let the dog out while keeping the cat in!

Noisy when closing. Installation in a wall or hollow-core door requires framing. Requires a 2" minimum threshold.

Outside frame dimensions do not include the shims.  You can see these in the graphic above. Shims are included with the kennel door.

Ground Delivery Only.

Spring Arrangements on Pickwick Pet Doors

ModelTotal Nr Springs*Spring Configuration
B4heavy - light
A4heavy - heavy
D4heavy - heavy
E4heavy - heavy
F4heavy - heavy
C6heavy - light - heavy

*For example, on a 4 spring door, two are used for the frame swinging out and two are used for the panel swinging in

Customer Reviews

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  • it's a forever door review by Ken
    5 5 it's a forever door

    I have had the largest cast aluminum thru the wall dog door offered. It has lasted over 25 years of Newfounland's in our house. Best thing we ever did. This has withstood 10+ Newfs and a couple of smaller breed dogs over the course of time. 4 Newfs at once that all had free reign of the house and fenced yard, all thru this excellent door.
    Of course I have replaced the plexiglass a few times. I go to my local glass place and have them cut me a piece of smoked plexi and sand the edges smooth to match the original. The hinges have been replaced over time once plus a few loose screws. That is about the worst I can come up with. It's pretty much a no maintenance dog door.

    (Posted on 1/10/2019)

  • Long Lasting Dependable review by Scott
    5 4 Long Lasting Dependable

    Good quality, long lasting door. Opens to the side for dogs that do not like something touching their back like a traditional pet door. Does not come with a locking cover and can be noisy when used in a quiet home.

    (Posted on 12/5/2017)

  • Great built door ! review by Richard
    5 4 Great built door !

    The door I purchased was what I needed. Dogs were having a hard time at first pushing on this door but got use to it pretty quick. It was fast shipping, but the only negative I have to give is that after my purchase of this door I never received any info on when the door will be shipped or when it will arrive.

    (Posted on 3/16/2017)

  • I've had these doors over 20 years they are the best review by Choo-choo Timmy
    5 5 I've had these doors over 20 years they are the best

    I've had these doors over 20 years they are the best

    (Posted on 10/31/2016)

  • Great Sturdy door review by kathi
    5 5 Great Sturdy door

    Got these doors for my kennel. Have lasted 14 years with no problems. My 100 pound Lab did crack one plexi panel but it was easy to replace. Our Bulldog likes to lie half in half out and easily learned the door when he was a puppy. The cats use the Pickwick doors as well.

    (Posted on 8/25/2015)

  • Excellent Doors review by Kenai
    5 4 Excellent Doors

    I have had my largest size Mason Pickwick doors since 1993 and am still using them. I've had several people want to buy them from me, and I always say no. I have giant breed dogs, so there is noise when they go through the door, but that is to be expected from a door that is not flimsy or plastic.

    These are so far the only dog door in which I have any interest.

    (Posted on 5/6/2015)

  • Pickwick Doors review by RealtorSherry
    5 5 Pickwick Doors

    I am buying these doors for a second time. Had them installed not only in the kennels, but in the screen door from the porch. They are durable and because of the double door mechanism, the opening is never exposed to the outdoors. I read that one person gave the doors a low rating because of the noise. Yes, when one part of the door slams shut, there is a bang. But, I bought some Velcro tape and put the soft side on the edges of the door to mute the sound. It works perfectly with little noise.

    (Posted on 1/7/2015)

  • Best review by Daryl
    5 5 Best

    Had my doors since mid 1990's. Best doors, no one else is even close. I have tried other brands with add on kennels...nothing compares!

    (Posted on 7/13/2014)

  • Incredibly Noisy Door! review by Ryan

    We took our PickWick Pet Door out in less than a week because we could not stand the racket... then found one much better that free swings like a saloon door and are very pleased with the replacement. Would never recommend this pet door to anyone!

    ed. note. The Pickwick is primarily recommended for kennels where noise isn't a concern.

    (Posted on 5/2/2013)

  • Best on the Market review by Peggy Dixon
    5 5 Best on the Market

    We purchased your model B size Pickwick door in 1974 when we built our home. Other than having to replace the hinges once in awhile due to wear and tear, the Pickwick dog door has performed beautifully and lasted through many generation and breeds of dogs at our home. Different dogs take a different amount of time to learn how to use the door, but we would say it is the best automatic dog operated door on the market. Since our frame is heavy aluminum, it has stayed in beautiful shape too. We would give this door the highest recommendation possible.

    (Posted on 11/11/2012)

  • A Great product review by Kathi
    5 5 A Great product

    Thirteen years ago I purchased my first Pickwick Door for my kennel. I already had guillotine doors on the inside. but needed a dog operated door to help with the housebreaking of a large Labrador puppy. At that time, I purchased the Pickwick because of its sturdiness. It took the Lab about a week to learn how to use it. It is still in use today. I recently got a Bulldog puppy and installed a cheap door from the pet store until he got big enough to operate the Pickwick Door. Smarter than the Lab Dozer - the Bullie- learn to use his cheap door in 15 minutes. During his first week with us, I had occasion to put him in the Lab's run. He was immediately able to use the Pickwick Door and over the next few weeks proceeded to destroy the cheap door. So he now has his own Pickwick Door. Even the Cats have learned how to go in and out through the doors. All in all a great product, easy to install and easy for the pets to learn to use.

    (Posted on 5/29/2012)

Weight 17.0000
Manufacturer Mason Company
Your Maximum Pet Size Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value Very High
Wind Resistance High
Color Brushed Aluminum
Frame Material Cast Aluminum
Insulation Value Average
Flap Material Polycarbonate
Flap Design Single, Rigid, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 1/4"
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Ability to Lock Flap No Flap Lock Provided
Can Be Installed In Kennel Wall, Solid Core Door, Walls
Warranty Period 3 years
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 10%

Mason Company Pickwick Pet Door!

Pickwick Kennel Doors by Mason Company installation instructions

-Cut the determined rough opening for your Model Pickwick

-Mount the frame with 5/16” shim (⅜” for Model C and F) below the exterior hinges as seen in the photo on the right

-It is recommended to have ⅛” clearance as shown in the above image (right)

View larger image >

Manufacturer's notes:

Shims are NOT supplied.

Depending on your pet’s size, the Pickwick should be installed with significant distance between the ground.

Click below to expand:

The Pickwick doors are very chew resistant, so they are good for kennels and outdoor runs.

You can, however the door is one flap frame, there is no finishing frame. This means that you would have to finish or frame out the interior of any hollow core doors.

Yes, your contractor would just have to build a tunnel to frame out the wall.

It can be a bit heavy and harder to push in the larger sizes, but you can adjust the strength of the hinges. They are offered in heavy and light, so and you can switch out the heavy hinges for the lighter ones we offer here.

The frame is a heavy aluminum and the inside panel is a clear rigid polycarbonate.

When the door opens and closes it is aluminum and plastic banging together so it can be rather loud for residential installations.

In most cases on the mason company pickwick dog door we can give you a price break depending on the quantity. Give us a call at (800) 826-2871 or email and we can see what we can work out for you.

Each door will have a specific number of springs, and some will be heavier to push and some will be lighter and easier to push. We have all the confirmations on the Details tab on this page.

The door does not, but you can get a guillotine door and put that on the side opposite the pet door to act as a cover.

You can get the pet door part like the panles and the pickwick hinges here.

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