Pozzy Pet Doors for Screens


  • Pet door for screens that accommodates cats and dogs of various sizes
  • Uses the bottom and side of the screen door for ultimate security and support
  • Clear, rigid flap is easy for your pet to see through and prevents bugs from entering
  • Features a magnet at the bottom of the flap to keep it closed
  • Door comes in black and white

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Price From: $70
Pozzy Pet Doors for Screens
Pozzy Sliding screen door with pet door

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  • Pet door for screens that accommodates cats and dogs of various sizes
  • Uses the bottom and side of the screen door for ultimate security and support
  • Clear, rigid flap is easy for your pet to see through and prevents bugs from entering
  • Features a magnet at the bottom of the flap to keep it closed
  • Door comes in black and white
Flap SizeFlap DimensionOutside Frame Stock No.
Small7 1/2" x 9 1/2"11 1/8" x 13"05PZ PDS
Medium9" x 12"12 1/2" x 16" 05PZ PDM
Large10 1/4" x 15 3/4"14" x 19 1/4"05PZ PDL

Don't know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Pozzy Pet Doors for Screens

The Pozzy Pet Door for screens is a simple fix for those who love using their screen door but don’t enjoy the hassle of letting their pets in and out. No need to worry about your pet impatiently scratching or tearing the screen anymore— this easy installation will readily allow your pets access to and from the screen without your constant assistance. The door is also a great fix for keeping out bugs, as you’ll no longer need to keep the door ajar to accommodate your pets!.

The door features an“L” shaped bracket that fastens firmly to the frame of the screen door with sheet metal screws (provided in purchase), and the pet door then bolts into the bracket for utmost durability. In the small and large it features a two-way lock that can be set to locked or unlocked, that way you can keep the pets either in or out if need be. The medium offers more access control with a 4 way lock that can be set for in and out, in only, out only, and totally locked.

Customer Reviews

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  • Great size for my ragdoll kitty review by Yvonne O
    5 4 Great size for my ragdoll kitty

    Was looking for a large-sized sturdy cat door to install in my screen. Most other cat doors are too small for my ginormous ragdoll kitty, but this had the size I needed! She's used to rigid flaps, so that was a plus too. So far it's pretty sturdy and hasn't shown signs of wear/tear.

    (Posted on 1/12/2018)

  • Fairly sturdy screen mount review by Rose
    5 4 Fairly sturdy screen mount

    Good quality screen mount pet door. I like that it uses the side and bottom of the screen for support. I needed the largest size, but there are a couple of other sizes for smaller dogs and cats. Installation was as easy as shown on video. Only downside is that the flap is rigid. I'd prefer a soft flap.

    (Posted on 12/28/2017)

  • Solid but awkward review by Sarah
    5 4 Solid but awkward

    The installation was straightforward and the door is very sturdy. Unfortunately, there's a drop between the inside floor and the outside patio and the rigid flap tends to pinch my dog's hips as he goes through. It works but it's awkward for him. It would be great if there was a flexible version (or just a replacement flap). For now, I'm building a platform so the two floors will be on the same level so it's less awkward for him.

    (Posted on 10/4/2017)

  • Cat porch screen door review by dses
    5 4 Cat porch screen door

    Has worked well for a few years,but finally the plastic latch has quit functioning, allowing the door to remain locked that allows our cat to not go outside,she taps on the door and the latch works its way down and she goes out, coming back in latch is fine.
    For the price this mechanism should last forever and or sell a replacement latch??,i will not buy another complete door to get a latch,so we will figure out something that is smarter than our cat and make it work to our satisfaction.

    (Posted on 6/28/2017)

  • over priced review by dottiee
    5 1 over priced

    I wanted to buy this door for my dogs so when I was searching the internet I found the same on on ebay for 1/2 the price as these and they are coming from Australia they are called Petway pet doors. Exact same item different name. I would like to buy this but not at that price $150.00. Ebay has it for $75.00. Shop around before you buy, if they cut the price then I will buy.

    (Posted on 6/20/2015)

  • Just the thing review by RAC
    5 5 Just the thing

    I wanted a cat door for my gazebo because they always want to go in and out when I am in it. I thought I would have to use a unit designed for a regular door and build a frame around it. However, this installed very simply without modification and works well. My only complaint is that it is rather expensive.

    (Posted on 9/20/2014)

  • Good Design, but not for large dogs. review by Will
    5 3 Good Design, but not for large dogs.

    I normally leave the back door open so my dogs can go out whenever they need to. I got this so I could keep the screen closed to keep out flies. I have one large and two small dogs, so I got the large size. The door flap is heavy for the small dogs, so it was difficult to get them to start using it. The large dog is partially handicapped and walks with a large wobble. Each time he goes through, he bangs it with is back end. The door is not robust enough to handle this and the screen pulls out after a few transits. It needs to be much more solid for larger dogs, but I really don't see how that would be possible for a pet door mounted in a sliding screen door.

    (Posted on 8/9/2014)

  • Best thing since sliced bread! review by Mo
    5 5 Best thing since sliced bread!

    The Pozzi pet door for screen sliders, is a marvelous product! It was easy to install, and is very sturdy and durable. It took our Havanese, Lucy, about 3 to 4 weeks to get on to using it, but once she caught on, she uses it like a pro now and loves it. I used to leave the slider open a few inches to allow her to go in and out, but that meant fighting the bugs constantly. This pet door was the perfect solution for us.

    (Posted on 7/10/2014)

  • Pricey review by Seriously
    5 3 Pricey

    Easy to install, doesn't look too bad but for a $180 I expect gold.
    Way over priced.

    (Posted on 6/2/2014)

  • Pozzy large pet door review by Rick
    5 5 Pozzy large pet door

    We placed the order yesterday, received it today. The installation in the screen door was so simple, maybe took 15 min to do. The dog is using it already, working perfect.

    The funny thing is the pets door costs more than the new screen door we put it in.

    (Posted on 4/9/2014)

  • GREAT review by roxy
    5 5 GREAT

    This is the best pet door I have ever had. It is mounted on the screen door but is secured to the frame. I have a pella screen door (wood) and had some difficulty drilling the holes because I had not idea what material is under the wood....but once in place it works GREAT! My frenchie has bolted through that door many times and it still is in place with no problems!

    (Posted on 8/8/2013)

  • Love it! review by Cabo
    5 5 Love it!

    This unit was so easy to install. It's strong and secure. We recommend this product.

    (Posted on 4/17/2013)

Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Pozzy Pet Doors
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs
Screen Support Screws to Screen Frame
Frame Material Plastic
Flap Material Acrylic
Flap Design Single, One Part , Rigid, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 1/8"
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Can Be Installed In Screen Door, Screens
Warranty Period 90 days
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Pozzy Pet Door

Pozzy Pet Door Installation on Sliding Screens & Screen Doors

Please note that 'PetWay' is an Australian Name for the Pozzy Pet Door

Step 1Lay the Pozzy® Pet Doors on a clean, cloth covered, flat surface with the word Pozzy® facing down. Remove the black spline cord from the channel on the back frame and set aside. Using a Phillips Screwdriver, remove the 4 screws holding the frames together and set aside. Separate the 2 frames. Remove the plastic bag containing screws and set aside. Discard the clear plastic U channel (not required). Make sure the word Pozzy® on the flap is still facing down, screw the 2 frames together again, using all 12 short screws provided. (Important: Do not over tighten screws).

Step 2Join the 2 pieces of the bracket together to form an "L" shape. In the chosen bottom corner of the doorframe, position the L Bracket close to, but not quite touching, the screen. Make sure the longer leg of the “L” bracket is vertical. 14 holes are provided in the “L” Bracket, 8 in the vertical leg and 6 in the horizontal leg to cater to left or right corner application. Using a battery drill with a Phillips screwdriver bit, screw the 7 self-tapping screws (provided) into the holes closest to the screen, 4 screws in the vertical leg and 3 screws in the horizontal leg. (Important: Gently push the battery drill against the insect screening to ensure that the screws go in straight).

Step 3. Position the assembled Pet Door over the L Bracket, making sure the spline cord channel is facing the screen and the word Pozzy on the flap is facing you. Firmly push the pet door down into the bottom portion of the bracket and then into the side of the "L" bracket. You will hear a clicking noise as the pet door slides into the correct position.

Step 4Now with the Pozzy® Pet Doors securely in place, move to the opposite side of your screen door. Using a sharp blade, cut the screen around the perimeter of the flap as shown in the Pet Door Installation tutorial, running the blade between the pet door frame and the flap. Starting at the top corner, pre-crease the screen carefully into the channel using a roller wheel or blunt object. While supporting the pet door on the opposite side, slowly insert the spline cord back into the spline channel, again using a roller wheel or blunt object. Use the sharp blade to trim off any excess spline cord and screening.

Step 5Once the door is fully assembled, refer to the original Fitting Instructions that came with your Pozzy® Pet Doors in regards to the use of the locking clips.

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The medium Pozzy has a '4 way' locking mechanism, which can be activated when you need to restrict your pet's access. The small and large sizes have a two-way locking method which is either unlocked or locked. Or you can just close the sliding door.

We recommend checking your pet's size from feet to shoulder to determine whether they can use it or not. You will want to have the top of the flap at least an inch above their shoulder to ensure comfortable access. This height above their shoulder includes accounting for how high the pet door is from the ground.

Your screen will need to be cut to create a clear path for your pet. The cut out will actually be less than the outside frame dimension. You can add about inch on all sides to your flap to estimate how much mesh will need to be cut.

Yes! Keep your hardware handy. If you get a new screen door, just uninstall the Pozzy and place it in your new screen.

This pet door for screens uses a bracket to secure it in place. This bracket is attached to a door frame, so you will need to make sure your window has ample space between the screen to allow the Pozzy to fit.

The acrylic opening is 1/8" thick, it is a durable yet light enough product for cats and dogs to use.

No, there are no additional magnets to add on its flap opening.

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement flaps for this particular model. For replacement flaps themselves, we recommend contacting the manufacturer, Pozzy Pet.

Yes. There is a nice, clean finish on the frame for easy DIY coloring options and we recommend going with the white if this is your plan.

Please contact the manufacturer if this is the case. We do not carry the hardware for these items, and Pozzy Pet would be glad to help you out.

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Warranty and Return Policy

To the original purchaser, Pozzy pet doors,warrants this product and its component parts to be free of defects on materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Damage caused by accident, improper installation or abuse, including damage caused by pets, is specifically excluded from this warranty. Manufacturer's liability on any claim shall not exceed the cost of the product. In no instance shall manufacturer be responsible for consequential damage resulting from the use of this product. For a period of 90 days from the date of purchase, any defective product or part may be sent, freight prepaid, to Pozzy pet doors for replacement or repair at no charge. Proof of purchase date must accompany any returned item. This warranty replaces any and all previous warranties, either written, oral, or implied, and is the only warranty made by this company. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. SAVE THIS DOCUMENT AND PROOF OF PURCHASE