Pride Patio Panel Pet Door


  • More color choices than any other patio panel
  • Durable two piece flap design holds up better than other more economy models
  • Panel framing allows for installation in even the thinnest screen door tracks
  • Cover can slide in on either side of the pet door
  • Lightweight, easy to lift design

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Price From: $229.99

Pride Patio Panel Pet Door

Durable two piece flap design holds up better than other more economy models

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  • More color choices than any other patio panel
  • Durable two piece flap design holds up better than other more economy models
  • Panel framing allows for installation in even the thinnest screen door tracks
  • Cover can slide in on either side of the pet door
  • Lightweight, easy to lift design
Flap SizeFlap DimensionStep
Stock No
Mfr No
Small4 3/4" w x 7" h4"01ZS300 
Medium8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h4"01ZS400 
Large11 1/2" w x 17" h4"01ZS500 
Adjustment Range: 78 1/2" - 81"

Caution If your measured track height is near the bottom of the adjustment range then you should review A Note of Caution

Wondering how to measure your track? Review our track measuring guide.

Frosted Glass - If you're concerned about privacy and wish there was a way to prevent outsiders from looking through the glass of your new patio pet door, Pride has an easy solution:  Frosted or 'bathroom' glass. Now you have privacy!

Draft Stopper - The Pride Pet Door does not come standard with a draft stopper. We think you'll want this unless you are in a very temperate climate.


Pride Patio Panel Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors

The Pride Patio Pet Door for sliding glass door may be installed in either a temporary manner or it may be fastened into the track with sheet metal screws for a 'semi-permanent' installation. The instructions cover both possibilities.

The height adjustment range is 78 1/2" - 81". This range is adjusted with two extension pieces--one at the top and one at the bottom--which fit over the main framing. These each may be adjusted upward or downward and each is fixed in placed with two sheet metal screws.

The user drills these holes to properly position the screws. The flap is a heavy duty, durable black rubber. The locking cover is white enameled fiberboard which may be placed on either side. It should be used on the same side as the dog. Glass is 1/8" clear tempered. The flap is two-part: A center flap and a "U" shaped gasket piece made of the same material that overlaps the flap and the frame on one side. In one direction the "U" shaped piece is pushed open with the flap. In the other direction, the "U" shaped piece remains stationary and the pet steps through it. So the opening is larger in one direction that the other. Another note: The Pride flap is very similar to the Johnson flap except for the material it's made from.

Notice that Pride offers the broadest array of colors and a consistent 4" rise in all sizes. Also, please note that the Pride patio panel does not include center post weather strip ("draft stopper"). We think you'll want this and have included it as a 'cross sell' option in our shopping cart. The sides of the panel are fully weather-stripped out of the box with a nice, black rubber weather strip.

Locking of the sliding glass door against the Pride panel is done with an included pin lock which is very effective.

Frame thickness is 3/8" except at the height adjustments very top and very bottom which are 1/2" thick.

There are quite a few details that might be important for you to think about in purchasing any patio panel pet door. Begin with 'Key Points' to get a quick overview of the most important issues. Then study the 'Comparison Chart' and read the information on the Patio Panel FAQ page which cover the fine points of patio pet doors.

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • cost of returning an item is astronomical review by Handy Anny
    5 1 cost of returning an item is astronomical

    The quality of the sliding pet door I purchased for just under $200 seemed fine, but I had to return it because it led to a balcony and my cats kept jumping on the balcony railing, so I could not leave them when I was not home. Therefore, I had to return the sliding pet door, and I lost nearly $100! I had to pay $60 shipping to return it, pay a 15% restocking fee, and lost the initial shipping of about $20.00. When I called them to return it, they even said I would not be charged a restocking fee, but they did anyway! I will NEVER order anything from Pet Doors again.

    ed note - We wish Pride wouldn't charge a restocking fee, but they do. It's a reason to buy a different brand which is why we post that information.

    (Posted on 5/22/2014)

  • Very Satisfied review by Florida Dog Owner
    5 5 Very Satisfied

    In my option the Pride rubber dog door flap is the best on the market for use and durability. It is heavy enough to not 'flap' in the wind but the dog can go through easily after the first couple of times. We bought the patio door (with the Pride flap) and are very happy with both.

    (Posted on 4/12/2014)

  • Good but could be better review by Dog Mom
    5 3 Good but could be better

    I have a large dog (80 lbs) and was looking for a pet door that he could get through, but a normal adult person couldn't.
    I liked the door, the size and the frame. However I found that when you install it, even after using the top & bottom stabilizer, that fits the height of the door but it was very loose. I went to the hardware store and picked up some 1/2" by 1 1/4" trim and drilled into the frame (being careful of the glass). I put it in inside and out. That really stabilized the door. I had to be careful not to drill into the sliding glass door frame because I only rent. So I am very happy with the door fit. However, I find the small light metal "locking system" to be totally lame. The particle board door could easily be compromised. The last pet door I had, in a house I owned, had a spring lock pin that could only be released from the inside. I am still trying to find a secure latch that fits into the small opening thumb hole that will secure the door. I think I can find one, but haven't yet.
    Summary: Like the door after my modifications. Still need a secure locking mechanism. Good quality, needs tweaking.

    (Posted on 11/5/2013)

Weight 36.0000
Manufacturer Pride Pet Products
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Temperate-3 Season
Sealing Value Average
Wind Resistance Average
House Locking Method Pin Lock
Frame Material Light Weight Aluminum
Track Width Minimum 1/2"
Tools Required For Installation Yes
Insulation Value Average
Flap Material Rubber
Flap Design Single, Two Part , Flexible, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Black
Flap Thickness 1/8"
Locking Cover Material Fiberboard
Can Be Installed In Dual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door
Dual or Single Pane Single Pane 1/8" Thick
Warranty Period 1 year
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

For Permanent Installation:

1. Place the pet door panel in your sliding glass door track and see if the top, bottom, or both of the adjustment channels are going to be needed for a snug fit.

2. Remove the panel.

3. With the panel outside of the track take the channels and push them on the pet door panel as far as possible.

4. Now put the panel with the channels back into the slider track and close the slider against the panel to make sure that there is a good firm fit.

5. Extend the adjustment channels evenly, making sure that at least 1-½” of the channel is casing over the panel at the top and bottom.

6. Tip: If there is more than 1-½” that is fine, but for stability you don’t want there to be any less.

7. Next you will need to drill 3 ⅛” holes into each adjustment channel, evenly spaced, along the inside of the panel at top/bottom as necessary.

8. Use the #8 ½” screws provided to secure the adjustments to the panel.

9. Next you will have to drill 3 ⅛” holes and both the top and bottom of the slider frame and insert 3 more #8 ½” screws through the sliding door frame and into the pet panel.

10. You’re all done!

For Temporary Installation:

1. Put the pet door panel in your sliding glass door track to determine whether you need both adjustment channels on the top and bottom.

2. Then remove the panel.

3. With the panel outside of the track take the channels and push them on the pet door panel as far as possible.

4. Place the door back into the track and extend the channels so that they will be easily removed from the track if needed.

5. Use the black rubber bumpers provided on the inside/outside and top/bottom of the pet door panel to make a secure and snug fit.

6. If needed remove the panel and screw them onto the adjustment channels using the small ¼” screws.

7. You’re all done!

Q: Is the Pride Patio Panel dog door installation Semi-permanent or temporary?

A: The Pride patio doggy doors for sliding glass doors can be installed semi-permanently or if you need to take it in and out often you can make it more of a temporary installation. There are two pieces and the top and bottom that can be adjusted in order to fit the track.

Q: What kind of flap does the Pride Patio doggie doors for sliders have?

A: The Pride Patio doggie door sliding glass door utilizes the two piece Pride Flap. This is a thicker, black, heavy rubber. This means that has an inner flap and what is called a "U" shaped gasket piece that goes around the inner flap to help seal it up with magnets.

doggie door pride flap

Q: What is the return policy for the Pride Patio Panel?

A: This product can be returned within 30 days of you receiving it.

Q: Does the Pride Patio pet door sliding glass door have a locking mechanism?

A: This door has a pin lock for a house locking method and also comes with a fiberboard locking cover for the flap opening. Alternatively, you can purchase a Charley Bar for added security.

Q: What are the color choices for a Pride doggy door for my slider?

A: The frame color options are brushed aluminum, bronze, white, black, adobe and tan. There is also a frosted glass window option as well for privacy.

Q: Can the Pride Locking Cover be used on both sides?

A: Yes, the Pride locking cover can be placed on either side. However, we recommend that it should be used on the same side as the dog, since the flap is black they won't be able to see it if it's on the opposite side and you don't want them to go banging into it.

Q: What is the adjustment range for the Pride Patio Panel?

A: The adjustment range is 78 1/2" - 81".

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