Cathole Interior Cat Door Replacement Brush

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  • Replacement brush for the Cathole indoor cat door
  • Comes in white
  • Door brushes are easily installed and removed from the baltic birch wood frames for cleaning purposes

The Cat Hole Pet Door replacement grooming brush is intended to restore the Cathole Interior Pet Door unit back to its original quality. After excessive use of the interior pet door brush, hair and oil build up in the bristles, so it is important in terms of hygienics for cat owners to replace the cat door brush every so often to ensure cleanliness. The CatHole cat door is great for hiding your cat's litter box and is a great cat door for doors and walls.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: To remove the brush, locate the two “tabs” on the back of the brush. These hold the brush in place as they rest on the lower screw of either side.

Step 2: Bend the two brush ends toward each other to slide it out of the frame.

Please Note: This method can be used to take the brush out for cleaning after it picks up cat hair.

Step 3: Bend the new brush and insert it into the frame assembly. Make sure that the two tabs on either side are resting on the lower screws for a tight hold.

Please Note: Some owners rub catnip on the brush to encourage their cat to brush themselves.


How weatherproof is the Cathole door?

The cathole is essentially a cutout in your door or wall that is lined with a frame and removable brush. Because of this, we recommend this be used for interior doors and walls only, such as for giving your cat easy access to a hidden litter box, the laundry room, a cat tree, or other living spaces. 

Does this have easy installation? 

Once the Cathole is installed, replacing the brush is a simple DIY project that can be done in minutes.

Can my dog use the Cathole?

While some pet owners have been able to find cat doors that small dogs can use (such as some large cat doors from Cat Mate, Ideal Pet Products, Petsafe, and Sureflap Microchip pet doors), small dogs will have difficulty squeezing through the Cathole. It's best if you get them a dog door of their own.


The manufacturer has assured that any customer problems will be quickly attended to.

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