Hale through the glass dog doors for glass doors
Hale Through the Glass Dog Doors for Glass Doors Single Flap with Black Bronze aluminum frame
image of the black bronze frame with the different parts that comes with the Hale Through the Glass Dog Doors for Glass Doors Single Flap
Close up image of the different types of colors that the aluminum frames come in (white, arizona beige, brushed aluminum and black bronze)

Hale Through the Glass Dog Doors for Glass Doors Single Flap

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  • Glass door doggie door for installation in a single pane glass door 
  • Weather-proof and insulating vinyl flap
  • Extruded aluminum framing and steel-reinforced corners provide supreme stability
  • Available in 11 different sizes to accommodate all pets
  • Glass professional required for cutting glass and pet door installation
  • We are currently taking custom orders over the phone. Please call 1-800-826-2871 to place a custom order.

This is a made to order product. Upon placing your order, we will contact you to collect more specific information about your glass door and ensure all the measurements are correct.

Can a dog door be installed in glass doors? Until recently, the answer was no, but the Hale Through the Glass Pet Doors are innovative doggie doors for glass doors of single and dual-pane doors. Instead of taking up space in the track of your sliding glass door, these through the glass dog doors allow for free range to and from the slider, making it easier on you and your guests. The frame comes in White, Arizona Beige, Bronze, or Brushed Aluminum to match your current door. The Hale In the Glass™ dog door comes in 11 different flap sizes are available to accommodate all pets. You also have the option of choosing from which side (top, left, or right) you would like the locking cover to load.

Please Note: Because existing tempered glass cannot be cut, this application requires replacing the entire pane of glass. Glass cutting, tempering, and installing a dog door in a glass door require a glass professional. It is always best to have the pet door in hand before ordering the glass so that you have the exact dimensions needed.

The single-pane model fits 3/16” tempered safety glass and comes with a single flap and security cover. It is only offered for the 3/16” thickness, so if your single-pane is thicker, you will need to order the dual-pane model. This pet door comes with Comp Strips.


  • The extruded aluminum frame comes in 4 colors.
  • Clear, lightweight, and flexible vinyl flaps for comfortable use.
  • Magnets line the pet door for glass door flap to prevent wind gusts from entering.
  • ½" black nylon pile weather stripping for maximum insulation.
  • 3/16" King Starboard locking cover is extremely shock and impact resistant.
  • Pin lock on the interior side locks the security cover.


  • 11 different glass door pet door sizes to accommodate the biggest and smallest of pets.
  • Lightweight flaps are easy for pets of varying sizes to share.
  • Grants pets the freedom to come and go as they please.
  • Both dogs and cats can use this pet door.