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  • Ideal Pet Products Screen Fit Pet Door for window and door screens
  • Accommodates small dogs and cats
  • Clear flap is easy for pets to use
  • Frame comes in grey only
  • 2-way lock allows you to secure the flap when needed

The Ideal Screen Fit Pet Door is a door designed to install into your existing door or window screen, accommodating both small dogs and cats. With a plastic frame and a clear, rigid flap, this pet screen door provides more stability than other flap and frame designs on the market. Not only will your pet enjoy their independence with this ideal screen, you’ll love the ability to keep your slider open to get fresh air without letting in bugs! The flap contains a magnet on the bottom to help keep it sealed and prevent bugs from entering.


  • Durable plastic frame comes in grey only
  • Clear, ABS plastic flap is sturdy and prevents tearing
  • Magnetic closure to keep bugs out
  • Contains a 2-way lock to keep the flap secure when not in use
  • Installs in window, sliding door, and storm door screens
  • Available in one size only (8 3/4" width x 10 1/4" height)


  • Simple installation
  • Works for small dogs and cats
  • Pets no longer claw the screen to be let out
  • Pets can come in and out as they please
  • Allows you to have the screen door open but the sliding door closed
  • Much easier than cutting holes in a door or wall

Size Chart

Flap SizeFlap DimensionOutside Frame Dimension 
Ideal Screen Fit Pet Door8 3⁄4" w x 10 1⁄4" h10 5⁄8" w x 12 5⁄8" h


What is the frame made of?

This dog door is made of durable plastic.

What is the flap made of?

The pet door flap is made of a thin sheet of clear plastic.

Do I have to attach this to the frame?

No, this cat door installs directly through the screen material, making it an easy installation.

Would this door be good for active pets?

Since it is only held in place by the screen it is not as durable as the type that installs by screwing onto the frame. That is why we recommend that this be used as a smaller dog or cat flap for less active pets.

What colors does it come in?

These door models only come in a light grey, but as a great DIY project, you could easily paint the frame to your liking.

Could this be installed through a thin metal plate?

Since this is meant to be installed only through screen door or patio door, it wouldn't work if you tried to install it through other materials.

Do I need to have a special screen?

It is pretty lightweight, so it would be fine installing on virtually any type of screen. However, if you have the thicker pet screen or screen guard, you would need to make sure that you were able to get the pins all the way through so that is remains attached.

What tools do I need to install it?

You will need a sharp knife to be able to cut the screen and a rubber mallet to tap the frames together.

How do I lock it?

For your convenient use, at the bottom of the flap in each corner of the screen guard pet door, there are small pins that you can easily slide back and forth to close it off.

Can bugs get in?

For better quality to prevent this, the gap around the frame and the flap of the screen pet door is purposely very small, making it tough for bugs to get through.


Ideal Screen-Fit Pet Door


Ideal Pet Products Limited Lifetime Warranty

We believe that our pet doors are the most durable on the market. That's why we were the first to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty in workmanship and materials. All defective parts will be replaced free of charge. Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser only, with proof of sales receipt. Excludes flap or breakage of the glass panel.

A replacement part will be sent when we receive proof of purchase and a check in the amount of $10.00 to cover shipping and handling, payable to:

24735 Ave. Rockefeller
Valencia, California 91355
Attn: Pet Products Warranty Dept.

This warranty is void if damage to material is due to improper installation or intentional abuse.

As with any home improvement project, if you do not have the tools or skills to properly install your pet door, we suggest using a professional handyman or licensed contractor.

Installation Instructions

This door is a “snap” to assemble and is equipped with a magnetic flap closure.

Step 1: Remove the screen frame from a window/screen door to install your Screen Fit Pet Door.

Step 2: Lay the screen on a flat surface.

Step 3: It is recommended that you insert your Screen-Fit Pet Door at least 2” from the bottom and side of your window/screen door frame.

Step 4: Place the outside frame (with magnet at the bottom) under the screen, making sure the arrows on the top of frame are pointing in the “up” direction.

Step 5: Align the exterior frame evenly to the bottom and side of your window/screen door frame.

Step 6: With a sharp blade, make small cuts in the screen at the two top hinge grooves.

Step 7: Position the flap assembly (with the slide locks facing towards you) into the outside frame by aligning the flap with the top hinge location grooves at the top of the frame.

Step 8: With the flap assembly in place, position interior frame over the exterior frame and align the posts and cavities.

Step 9: When properly aligned, use a mallet to tap the frames together, making sure there are no gaps or spaces between the inside and out. This will hold the inside flap assembly in position and secure the frames to the screen.

Please Note: Do not cut the clear plastic on the inside flap assembly.

Step 10: Lift the flap assembly with a sharp blade. Cut the screen around the inner portion of the frame along all four sides to make the flap opening.

Step 11: Trim any excess screen fragments using a sharp blade, allowing the flap to swing freely.

Step 12: You can now replace screen frame into window or screen frame.

Additional Information



Flap Dimension

8 3/4" w x 10 1/4" h

Frame Material


Flap Colors


Warranty Period

1 year

Return Period

30 days

Flap Type

Single Flap

Your Maximum Pet Size

Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs

Flap Design

Single, One Part, Rigid, Thin Flap

Ability to Lock Flap

Basic (2-way Lock)

Can Be Installed In


Replacement Flaps Available


Screen Support

Clamps to Screen

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