Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Connect Door for Sliders w/Hub

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  • App controlled pet door for your sliding glass door
  • Features a dual-pane, Low-E coated for high energy efficiency
  • Engineered to keep out strays, raccoons, and other unwanted critters
  • Includes Hub for App control
  • Includes 1 RFID collar key for pets who are not yet chipped
  • 7" x 7" flap accommodates pets from cats to very small dogs
  • Connect Pet Door is on Backorder until mid-late February

The SureFlap microchip pet door connect for sliding glass doors features the most energy-efficient, dual-pane Thermo panel for the utmost insulation value for your home. The SureFlap pet door is designed with RFID technology that senses your pet's implanted microchip (or RFID collar tag) in order to only allow your pet to enter through the automatic pet door while keeping out neighborhood cats and other unwanted critters. Any pet can exit the pet door, but only those with a microchip or RFID collar key can enter. This door also includes a 4-way lock that can override the RFID technology if you want to further customize access. It's the perfect pet door for large cats! The Thermo panel is available in different sizes to fit your track height perfectly.


  • Fits almost all track heights. Choose from the following range:
    • Short: 74 3/4" - 77 3/4"
    • Regular: 77 1/4" - 80 1/4"
    • Tall: 93 1/4 -  96 1/4"
  • App control allows you to control the operation of your door when away from home.  It allows you to see if you pet is in or out so you can allow access on your schedule.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame fits sliding glass door tracks that are at least 1" thick.
  • Panel's spring-loaded design does not require any tools for installation. The pet door does require a screwdriver to install it into the panel.
  • Pet patio panel features dual-pane glass and Low-E coating for enhanced thermal quality.
  • 7" x 7" flap fits small dogs and cats of all sizes.
  • Includes a 4-way locking system (in or out only, completely locked or unlocked) when switched to the manual setting, which overrides the electronic door RFID technology.
  • Includes 1 RFID collar key in case your pet is not yet chipped.
  • Program up to 32 pets easily and is compatible with all microchips worldwide.
  • Operates on 4 C batteries that last around 6 months.
  • When batteries are low, an indicator light flashes every 5 seconds. Replace the batteries when this light is flashing. When the batteries die, the door defaults to the locked position, which could leave pets stuck outside.
  • This panel will not mate with an existing sliding door lock so we include a C-Clamp Lock. You can also purchase a Charley Bar if you would prefer.

Raccoon Mode:

Custom Mode 5 is the raccoon mode, making this door a raccoon-proof cat door. As soon as the sensors detect an animal's head in the tunnel of the pet door, the door scans to read for a microchip. If the animal is not one whose chip has been programmed to trigger the door, the two locks on the exterior of the door are activated for added security. At this point, the unit will keep scanning for a microchip, and the exterior locks will remain engaged until approximately 10 seconds after the intruder animal has moved away from the door. When the exterior locks are engaged it makes it impossible for the raccoon to open the door towards them in order to get in. The interior locks prevent the raccoon or other stray animals from pushing through the door into the house. The combination of the two sets of high-quality locks have proved impenetrable to raccoons in our product testing.


  • Simple installation and removal with it's spring loaded design.
  • Keeps raccoons, strays, and other animals out of  your home.
  • Prevents sleep loss caused by letting pets in and out during the night.
  • Microchip sensing technology is great for pets who refuse to wear collars.
  • Allows you set access controls from anywhere using your phone.
  • Curfew mode helps keeps pets safe at night.
  • Even if a pet is outside when curfew is on and the door is locked, they can still get in with the microchip sensing, but other critters can't.


Patio Pacific Warranty

Endura Flap products have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under standard regular use. Damage caused by not using the product as intended, improper installation, and chewing is not covered under this warranty.

SureFlap™ Cat Door Guarantee

Guarantee: SureFlap™ microchip cat flaps carry a 3-year guarantee from the date of purchase, subject to proof of purchase date. The guarantee is restricted to any fault caused by defective materials, components or manufacture. This guarantee does not apply to products whose defect has been caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect or intentional damage.

In the event of a part failure due to faulty parts or workmanship, the part will be replaced free of charge during the guarantee period only. At the manufacturer's discretion, a replacement product may be provided free of charge in the case of a more serious malfunction. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Disclaimer: The SureFlap™ microchip cat flap incorporates selective entry features which have been designed to minimize the risk of unwanted animals entering your home. However, it is not possible to fully guarantee the exclusion of all other animals in all circumstances.

In the rare event of an unwanted animal gaining access to your home, SureFlap cannot accept liability for any damage or inconvenience which may be incurred.

Warning: The motorized catch and manual lock are provided exclusively to prevent the entry of unwanted animals and is not a security device. SureFlap Ltd cannot accept liability for unintended use and the owner of the product accepts full responsibility for supervising the access in and out of the home that it provides.

In households with children, it is essential to include the cat flap in child-proofing considerations. Misuse of the cat flap by a child may result in the child coming into contact with potential dangers. For this reason, young children should be monitored at all times when in the immediate vicinity of the cat flap.

Caution: Prior to installation, it is the responsibility of the user to consult all building codes which may influence the fitting of the cat flap and assess the suitability of a given installation. The user must also consider potential hazards present inside or outside the cat flap as well as the impact that subsequent modifications to your property may have on the existence and use of your cat flap. It is recommended that these assessments are conducted in consultation with a construction professional.

Do not install SureFlap™ in a fire door as it will render the fire door unfit for purpose.

Additional Information

Return Period

90 days

Your Maximum Pet Size

Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs"

Operates On

4 "C" Batteries

House Locking Method

C-Clamp Lock