RCR Easy Screen Cat Door

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  • Choose the most convenient location for your cat in door or window screens
  • Quickly install by snapping onto screen
  • Perfect for cats of all sizes

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RCR Easy Screen Cat Door
Screen Cat Door

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  • Choose the most convenient location for your cat in door or window screens
  • Quickly install by snapping onto screen
  • Perfect for cats of all sizes
Flap SizeFlap DimensionStock No
Small8" w x 10" hC05RC      01
Note Animal width should not exceed opening. Top of frame should be mounted to slightly exceed shoulder height.

RCE Easy Screen Pet Door

RCR Easy Screen Pet Door allow your cats to easily walk in and out as they please, without opening your home up to bugs. This PVC pet door is easy to install and closes automatically. The 8" x 10" flap is a bit larger than your typical kitty door, so it should fit even the largest cats. This door is particularly good for cats because the framing is lightweight as it uses your screening material as the flap.

This door is installed using pins that go through the screen and into the frame on the opposite side. In thicker screen material customers have used screws or cable ties in the corners to help prevent the two sides from falling off once installed.

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Easy install but looks flimsy review by Bob
    5 3 Easy install but looks flimsy

    It was really east to install the door, it just snaps into place. It doesn't seem very sturdy though and seems like it might break at the hinges down the road.

    (Posted on 2/26/2018)

  • Didn't last review by Scout
    5 2 Didn't last

    Only had it installed for about a month or two and it started to pull apart off the screen. Tried to pop the pins back in, but was having to do that on a daily basis because it seems like the frame warped. The hinges started breaking and we ended up just removing it all together. It was on a screen door that got direct sun and it does get up into the 100s for days in a row so that could have had an effect on it. It was for my beagle who was older at the time so he was not hard on it at all. Have to admit I knew it was not a high end option, but I did expect it to last longer.

    (Posted on 12/19/2017)

  • Affordable but not the best review by Jerry
    5 3 Affordable but not the best

    I got this because it was one of the cheaper options. The product itself is a lightweight plastic. I have a pretty active medium sized dog and she has already cracked the plastic so I can't say it is a durable pet door. The installation was pretty easy.

    (Posted on 12/6/2017)

  • Simple and affordable review by Brett
    5 3 Simple and affordable

    Good for smaller pets who don't sprint through it, it can be flimsy at times. Very affordable. It does a take a while to get the flap closed again depending on how fast the animal goes through- you can see it in the video they have

    (Posted on 11/29/2017)

  • poor quality review by andrew
    5 1 poor quality

    (Editor's Note: The customer was sent a warranty replacement)

    I had this door 4 months before my pit bull mix left in such a condition that I could not use it and they replace my dog door with the same brand hoping it will last longer.

    (Posted on 11/7/2015)

  • Product has potential review by S Moore
    5 3 Product has potential

    Purchased this pet door for our two cats and works as designed. I liked how it uses the existing screen as part of the door BUT we use pet screening and beware that the intended interlocking nubs to put it together does not go through this screening. We had to use screws to attach both sides together then snip off the overhang. Now we have a pup and will have to move to a bigger size and may not purchase the replacement of this product.

    (Posted on 7/26/2015)

  • Works as advertised review by Steve
    5 4 Works as advertised

    Installation was easy and it works just like you'd expect...a little stiff at first, but it loosens up.

    (Posted on 9/8/2014)

  • Not So Easy Pet Door review by Julie L.
    5 3 Not So Easy Pet Door

    After I got it installed it has been very good for my little Yorkie to go in and out of the house, She uses it all the time.

    However, I had to go to the hardware store and buy nuts and bolts and drill holes for the bolts all around the door frame and the inner door. The pieces would not snap together because the screen was doggie proof screen, which is a little thicker than regular screen.

    So, the product is fine once installed, but, it took several hours to install and extra hardware.

    (Posted on 8/27/2014)

  • not happy with it review by lynn
    5 1 not happy with it

    plastic tabs break off and it falls off the screen, not worth the try!

    (Posted on 7/15/2014)

  • Love the screen door doggy door review by Marsha
    5 5 Love the screen door doggy door

    Took my patio door to a local hardware store, they installed the doggy door with pet screening. Now my Westie can go back and forth into her yard. It is worth every dollar I paid for the door and the screening, just love it.

    (Posted on 6/16/2014)

Your Maximum Pet Size Cats
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RCR Gateway Pet Door

1. Remove screen frame and lay it down on a hard, flat surface.

2. Separate the two frames of the pet door.

3. Place the two frames on opposite sides of the screen door (preferably in a lower corner for support).

4. Align the pins and holes of the two frames. Snap them fully together using the palm of your hand and by tapping them with a hammer. Tip: If they are not going through the screen material then you can pre-start the holes with a sharp knife.

5. Using a knife, cut along the inside frame of the pet door to separate sides and bottoms of the door from the frame. Be sure to cut corners completely to allow the pet door flap to open and close.

6. Snap the locking latch into the slot.

RCR pet door for screens installation

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