Locking Covers and Security

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Locking Covers and Other Pet Door Security Devices

How to Secure a Dog Door


Unfortunately, most people have to give some consideration to security when thinking about a pet door; particularly if they need a large dog door that's big enough for a person to crawl through. There are a number of product types here and this section addresses them all:


In Doors & Walls


  • Most doors will come with a doggy door lock out slide which goes into the interior frame.  Some are more high security dog doors such as the hale or endura locking cover. Lock out slide in covers are not interchangeable.

  • Certain frames will have channels to slide your locking cover into the frame, preventing your pet from entering and keeping intruders from coming in.  Other actually screw to the interior frames for added security

  • For sliding locking covers: slide the cover into place in the grooves on the edge of the frame. To remove, press the latch or unlock the pin lock and slide it out of the channel

  • A few pet doors allow for a four-way locking device which controls in-only, out-only, both ways open, both ways locked. This uses the flap as the cover so no dog door slides are needed to secure it.

  • Electronic pet doors tend to not come with a security cover because they only open/unlock by means of your pet’s microchip or electronic collar tag so they have their own self locking slide


In Sliding Glass Doors


  • You can use foot locks or clamp locks which attach to the bottom of the slider frame. Clamp locks are manual and require no tools. Foot locks drill into the frame and are convenient to use

  • For additional pet door locks you can use a Charley bar or dowel in the track.  The bar mounts near the center of the sliding door vertically, applying a more even pressure reducing any chance of air leaking between the sliding glass door and the pet insert


Security Frame-Covers - This is a new category with one item at present--the Watchdog Security Pet Door Locker. But it is a winner. 12 gauge steel, combination lock that you set, intrusion resistant hardware. There is simply going to be an easier way into your house than through this beast.  If you have a vacation home, take vacations or just want peace of mind at night, you need to take a look at this.  Expensive but worth it.

Note: Dog doors that do not include a locking cover are usually ones intended for kennel use where the locking function is obtained through a separate 'guillotine' type dog door. Please note that many manufacturers do not make their locking covers available on a wholesale basis so availability can be limited.

Not all pet door locking covers are easily replaced because the manufacturers often do not wholesale them. This is particularly true of Petsafe pet doors. If you don't see your brand in this collection, call the manufacturer of your pet door for help or email us a photo of your door and we can let you know who to contact for a replacement locking door.


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  • I want a drop in cover replacement for my Endura Flap Pet Door - do they come in different colors?
  • No, they are available in light taupe only. You can find them here.

  • Do you have replacement locking door for the Ideal brand?
  • We do not carry those items, so you would need to contact Ideal directly

  • Is there one that would just lock closed on its own or do I have to do it manually?
  • Pretty much all the covers will have to be slid down manually. The only doors where something slides down would be the the motorized pet doors. Where the rigid flap closes down and is it's own cover.

  • At the Lock out slide doors interchangeable?
  • They are not so you do need to make sure that if you are buying the slide in covers that you select the correct brand and model.