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Weather stripping primarily for dog doors, cat doors and pet doors installed in sliding glass doors. Unlike replacement flaps and other parts, weather-stripping can be used anywhere you like, even places that don't involve pet doors, like a door sweep. Depending on use insulation can break down and replacing it with new insulator foam and vinyl is necessary. The Bug Warden, Draft stopper, and Foam Stripping for Sliders can be used as weather stripping for dog door panels made by any company. The Pile Weather Strips are specifically for the Ideal Ruff Weather series pet doors and will not be interchangeable with any other brands or models.  

There are a few types of weather strips that are offered here.  The sliding door draft stopper is meant to go between the back end of your slider to cover up any gap that might be between it and the stationary frame.  The dog door weather stripping that we offer can be used with any manufacturers patio door, and can cover a gap about 1 1/4" in width.  This patio door draft stopper comes in two colors, black and white.  

The foam weather stripping for pet doors provides a draft seal between the pet door and sliding door.  This provides the optimum sliding door seal and can help with gaps if your slider has settled and isn't flush with the pet door.

The draft stopper weather seal patio door weather stripping comes in 81" length and 96" length, you just trim to fit. 

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  • I don't see weather stripping for pet safe door panel, what should I order?
  • The Weatherstrip for Sliding Glass Door Panels is universal and will work with your PetSafe panel. Search for stock number 12PM01.

  • Does the weather seal come in colors?
  • It does, black or white.