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13 Reasons to Buy an Endura Flap Pet Door

Endura Flap Features

How Flaps for Fido Works!



  • Non-profit organizations are invited to become a part of our rescue benefit program, Flaps for Fido!
  • When an Endura Flap product is purchased from this page, the customer is prompted to fill out the information of a rescue organization.  The customer receives 10% off their pet door, and we will also send a donation to the listed organization!  The donation will be the same amount that the customer saved, so 10% of the regular product price.  We can provide you with fliers and other materials for sharing the program with your supporters.
  • If you have questions, contact us at
  Register your Rescue now!Buy an Endura Flap! 


W H Y    A D O P T ?



Approximately 2.7 million pets in shelters and rescues are euthanized every year simply because too many people give up their pets, and there are not enough people who adopt them. By adopting a pet, not only do you rescue the life of the pet you receive, but also another pet that gets to take the place of the pet you adopted.

Adopting a dog or cat can also help save you money. Animals from most shelters are generally already spayed or neutered, and have their vaccines as well. On top of all of this, adopting prevents puppy mills from conducting more business. Puppy mills are essentially breeding ‘factories’ where owners place monetary gain over the lives and welfare of the pets. Most dogs raised in a puppy mill are housed in poor conditions and are not cared in a proper manner. Many of the puppies that are sold have serious behavioral problems due to conditions they are raised in. The ones that are not sold that are meant to breed over and over again, and generally killed or abandoned when they are no longer of use to the mill