Single or Double Endura Flap Pet Door?

Should You Order a Single Flap Endura Flap™ Pet Door or a Double Flap?

In the past it was easy to give good advice: If a particular pet door was available in a double-flap version get it unless you're in a very moderate climate or you're not putting the pet door in a living area. This was because the double was always so much better than the single.

Now, however, with Endura Flap™ dog doors things are different. The single is very, very good. And we don't want to push you to a more expensive double if you don't need it. On the other hand, the double will always be better than the single. What to do??

Until we get more information from users, here's what seems to make sense: If you plan to use the Endura Flap™ in an area where it gets to freezing or below for significant periods then get the double. If not, we think you'll be very happy with the single.

But Read This Before You Decide
We installed 2 Endura Flap #10 single flap wall unit dog doors this spring, replacing some Johnson doors that we put in when we built the house in 1990, and are delighted with them. They are on the north side of the house and do a great job of sealing. Air leaked in badly around the doors that were  replaced.

We live in Wharton, TX which is about 50 miles south west of Houston. We have had a heat wave this summer. It has been setting records since early June. Most days over 100 degrees. Thanks for the great doors. 

Jane P., Wharton, TX