Why a
Smart Dog Door
is perfect for you?

Tired of playing the role of a porter for your pet? Need a super-convenient pet door for your pooch? It’s time to switch to a smart dog door. Being a simple and innovative option that liberates you as well as your pup, the smart dog door by PetDoors will make you howl with delight.


High-Quality Smart Dog Door
For Your Loved Ones


Works for any size dog

Our durable and energy-efficient Smart Dog Door can accommodate the dogs of any size, which makes it ideal for every breed.


Voice controlled

The smart dog door leverages active voice control that enables you to program its opening and closing effectively.


App controlled

Our smart dog door can be operated with a smartphone app that helps you monitor your furry friend & control the door flap remotely.


Integrates with Google Home and Alexa

Due to a seamless integration with Google Home & Alexa, our smart dog door is a game changer that can simplify the life of a pet owner.


Worked with a pet's existing microchip

Our smart dog door works effortlessly with your dog’s existing microchip and keeps unwanted critters at bay.

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Smart Dog Door - A perfect choice to make your home Pet-friendly

With a rise in the installation of pet doors, the convenience in the everyday life of the pet owners has also increased. After installing a pet door in your home, you no longer have to be a watchman for your pets as it allows them to enter and exit the house at their will. By doing so, you will provide some freedom to your pets that they always seek. Also, it sets you free from cleaning up the mess after your dog poops in the lounge. In short, it can be a door to heaven for your pets.

With numerous benefits that a Pet door offers, there is a lot of nuisance and disturbance also that it brings along in the house. Although they are meant to be used by your pets only, they are often used by other animals too.

The breach into your house is not just limited to stray cats. It extends to other wild animals roaming around, especially if you live in a locality where they are common. Your dog door becomes a gateway for wild stray animals to get all the delicious food that’s in your home. Also, it might become a hazard if you have a baby who has just started crawling.

The conventional dog doors can prove to be a big nuisance if exploited by the wrong species. The issue can be easily resolved by installing smart dog doors that can be opened and shut as per your choice. A smart dog door provides you control over the small exit point in your door and you can keep it well-guarded.

By using the latest technology, a smart dog door eliminates the use of a bulky collar around the neck of your pooch, making it an ideal choice among dog owners right now. It also comes with an added Curfew Mode feature that enables you to lock the flap at times you want it to. For example, if you want the dog to stay indoors during the night, then you can disable the door and your furry friend will not be able to exit.

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