Glass and Vent Storm Door with Endura Pet Door

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  • Storm door with dog door built in designed for severe climates
  • Sliding window has a built-in screen for extra ventilation
  • Endura Flap pet door is highly insulated and wind resistant
  • Comes pre-hung for simpler installation
  • Consists of heavy duty lexan, aluminum, and clear, tempered glass for the ultimate durability

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Glass and Vent Storm Door with Endura Pet Door
exterior door with built in pet door

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  • Storm door with dog door built in designed for severe climates
  • Sliding window has a built-in screen for extra ventilation
  • Endura Flap pet door is highly insulated and wind resistant
  • Comes pre-hung for simpler installation
  • Consists of heavy duty lexan, aluminum, and clear, tempered glass for the ultimate durability
Flap SizeFlap DimensionStep OverRecommended Pet Shoulder HeightFlap Type
Small6" w x 11" h7"14" – 17"Single
Medium8" w x 15" h7"14" – 21"Single
Large10" w x 19" h7"14" – 25"Single
Extra Large12" w x 23" h7"14" – 29"Single

Don't know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Designed with a centered, screened window, this exterior storm door with a built-in Endura Flap pet door is a high quality storm door built to meet the needs of both you and your pets. The sliding window provides ventilation so that you don’t have to keep the door open for air flow. The storm door comes pre-assembled with all of the features, so all you have to do is fit it in the door jam. Just select the appropriate door dimensions, pet flap size, and preferred placement location of the door handle.


This particular storm door is designed with the Endura Flap, which a polyolefin-based polymer flap lined with magnets. The insulation value of the Endura Flap pet door is guaranteed to prevent heating and cooling loss common among other pet doors. The flap is designed to resist winds up to 50mph and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The flaps range from small to extra large and are designed with a taller and narrower fit to accommodate pets of varying sizes.  


Please Note: The storm door with dog door is pre-installed, so make sure you correctly measure your pet to ensure that the flap size you select is comfortable for your pet. You can measure your pets with these measuring guidelines. Refer to the ‘Size Chart’ tab once you’ve finished measuring your pet.



  • The high impact, clear lexan polycarbonate exterior provides more safety than traditional glass
  • Window is clear, tempered glass
  • Door comes in a sleek, white finish
  • Basic hardware color is black, but you can upgrade to bronze, nickel, or brass handles for an additional charge
  • Door dimension options: 32” width x 80” height OR 36” width x 80” height. Measure your door frame appropriately prior to buying
  • Durable, extruded aluminum tube framing with dimensions of 1 ⅜” x 3 ¾”
  • Endura door available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large (XL has an additional charge of $129.99)
  • Step over is 7” high (so your pet must be able to step over that comfortably)
  • Endura dog door is a pet and environmentally friendly polyolefin polymer flap that remains flexible in low temperatures
  • Magnets line three sides of the flap for enhanced storm and wind resistance (can be removed temporarily for training purposes)
  • Flexible flap swings on a rod at the top to avoid cracking and flexing
  • Locking cover included for control over your pet’s access to and from the door



  • Lets in natural light without letting in the cold
  • Accommodates both dogs and cats
  • Small size recommended for cats
  • Simple solution for dogs/cats that frequently want to access the outdoors, regardless of weather conditions
  • Complements aesthetic exterior of the house
  • Includes a one-year warranty

Customer Reviews

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  • Wow review by Louie
    5 5 Wow

    I was so hesitant to purchase this door. I needed a storm door and a dog door and the price is what got me. However, customer service was extremely friendly and helpful when it came to helping me measure my door and dog. The quality of this door is a wow! The dog door itself is such good quality and stays shut in our storms we just had. The storm door has a little screen in th middle which I love. The money was well worth it knowing i have an amazing door and dog door.

    (Posted on 9/6/2018)

  • Worth the money review by Helen
    5 5 Worth the money

    I was pretty scared about ordering this door because it is super expensive and non-returnable. I contacted customer service and they were able to walk me through the measuring and ordering process to make sure that this will fit my door. I love it. The installation was relatively easy and managed between my husband and I. The holes come pre-drilled and it wasn't too much harder than installing a normal door. I would be very careful about measuring because the fit is tight to my door. The pet door is also really good and can stay closed most of the time. The only thing that I don't like about it is that the stepover is pretty high. I have a large husky so it's not a problem for her but it might be an issue for smaller dogs.

    (Posted on 1/16/2018)

  • Awesome review by Tiny
    5 5 Awesome

    Like that it came with everything pre-done so the assembly and install was pretty basic. Pet door is far and away one of the best I have seen and it even looks really nice.

    (Posted on 12/20/2017)

  • great quality and insulation review by Rita
    5 5 great quality and insulation

    This is a great one stop shop solution for replacing my storm door with a pet door. Both the storm door and the Endura flap are great quality and keep my home well insulated, so the heating bill didn't skyrocket like it did with some of the cheaper pet doors I've tried before. Definitely an investment, but we love it!

    (Posted on 12/13/2017)

  • well made door review by lola
    5 5 well made door

    This door is pricey but I have never had such a well made easy to install storm door before. I tried two others with a "pet door" already installed and they never lasted normal usage of time. I knew the Endura flap was good because I had one already installed several years ago in an insulated door but I missed having a storm door with ventilation and light coming from outside. This is a well made well thought out door that seals beautifully and if I knew how great a difference there was I could've saved my money spent on the other two doors over the last 7 years that didn't have door flaps worth a darn.

    (Posted on 6/4/2017)

Weight 1.0000
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Wind Resistance Very High
Sealing Value Very High
Self-Framing Yes
Frame Material Heavy Extruded Aluminum
Insulation Value High, Very High
Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance Yes
Flap Design Single, Double, One Part , Flexible, Insulated Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 7/8"
Award Winning Design Yes
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Flap Warranty (if separate) 15 years
Ability to Lock Flap Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top
Locking Cover Material Dimensional ABS
Can Be Installed In Aluminum Door, Hollow Core Door, Metal Door
Warranty Period 15 years
Return Period 90 days (except for custom height ranges)
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee None

The door is pre-assembled with all the hardware already installed, so all you have to do is securely fasten it into the door frame. The door is long and heavy, so having a second person to assist you is highly recommended.

Click below to expand:

It would be easiest to measure the jamb where you are installing this or your current door if you are replacing an existing storm door. When the storm door with dog door built in is installed the bottom of the flap will start 7" from the floor, so you need to make sure that your pet will be able to comfortably step over that as well. We do recommend hiring a handy person if you have questions.

The Endura flap pet door is one of the best insulating and durable pet doors you can purchase. So this is a great choice for a glass door with dog door built in for harsh climates.

This means that it comes with all of the necessary holes pre-drilled, so you just have to install the hardware and hang the door. Storm door with built in pet door options that come pre-hung are also much easier as a DIY project for someone that is only semi-handy.

They are all custom so you are looking at 4-5 weeks for delivery.

It starts about 7" from the floor.

We do not recommend this option as the pet doors can interfere with each other and not function properly.

That would depend on how long legged the smaller pets are. The step over might be challenging for pretty small dogs or shorter breeds like Doxies or Corgies. The storm door with extra large pet door option would be suitable for pets about 29" at the shoulders and the storm door with large dog door would be good for pets up to 25".

Yes, it is made of two pieces sandwiched together so it is a little heavier than the traditional flexible vinyl types.

They do offer a bronze or beige, but they would have to be ordered directly through customer service as a special order.

We do not offer custom heights and widths at this time.

A prehung door means that the door is already mounted onto the frame, which saves you or your contractor extra work and time.

Black is standard and you can upgrade to Bronze, Nickel or Brass for an extra cost.

We sell Storm Doors with dog doors built in. The DogMate Pet Door is a lexan flap and has three sizes. We also have them with a larger, energy saving flap made by Endura Flap and a soft flexible flap by Pet Safe.

Yes, the Endura Flap Pet Door has been tested to withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour.

Yes! The Endura Flap pet door has been tested to resist winds up to 50 mph. Additional magnets can be added to the bottom of the flap.

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