Gun Dog Heavy Duty Dog Door

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  • Most affordable and durable kennel choice
  • Durable aluminum frame and thick polycarbonate flap stand up to the toughest dogs
  • Can be installed in virtually any application with proper framing
  • Warranty even covers chewing

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Gun Dog Heavy Duty Dog Door
Gun Dog Heavy Duty Flap and Frame Assembly

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  • Most affordable and durable kennel choice
  • Durable aluminum frame and thick polycarbonate flap stand up to the toughest dogs
  • Can be installed in virtually any application with proper framing
  • Warranty even covers chewing
Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutStock No
Large11" w x 15" h12 1/2" w x 17 1/2" h03GD01

Closing Covers for these dog doors may be ordered here.

Gun Dog House Door

Carl H. Altenbernd, owner of Gun Dog House Door Company and Gun Dog Kennels has accumulated over 25 years experience training retrievers in west central Minnesota. He personally owns four black labs that make their home in a twenty-four run dog kennel.

Carl designed the Gun Dog House Door through the frustration of watching the hard driving, alligator-chewing Labs eat every "brand name" dog door on the market. He persisted in designing a dog door that meets all of his expectations and more. His dog doors are Black Lab and Minnesota weather tested.

The optional closing cover mounts on the opposite side of the door or wall from the pet door (it will not install over the pet door. A sturdy, 1/2" thick polypropylene panel slides down provided aluminum channels over a 14" x 20" opening. If you want this closing cover to be proof against someone lifting from the outside, drill a 1/2" hole through the cover and wall on the inside and insert a short dowel.

The manufacturer specifies dogs up to 120 lbs. Your mileage may vary. We also recommend that you measure before buying. In addition, we would not recommend these doors for very small dogs or cats.

The lifetime warranty even covers chewing!

Customer Reviews

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  • Works well, but is LOUD review by Tyler
    5 3 Works well, but is LOUD

    The door is definitely heavy duty. The springs are super strong, which is great because they seem like they are going to last forever, but when the door closes, it SLAMS shut. I would recommend these for kennel use, but just make sure that nobody minds the noise of slamming doors.

    (Posted on 2/21/2018)

  • All you get is Frame and Flap review by John
    5 4 All you get is Frame and Flap

    All you get is a frame and flap. You will need to supply all installation materials. Works well, good wind resistance and durable.

    (Posted on 12/21/2017)

  • Decent review by Mike
    5 3 Decent

    Really durable, but also very loud. Would recommend against this for your house, plus takes some extra installation time since it doesn't come with anything to seal up the hole in the wall so you have to build it.

    (Posted on 12/20/2017)

  • Too steep learning curve review by basswood
    5 3 Too steep learning curve

    I ordered one of these doors to try in a boxer rescue kennel. Boy, am I glad I only ordered one, before replacing all of our kennel doors with this one!

    Boxers are not exactly weaklings, but we tried several different dogs in the run that we installed this door on. Not one dog would use it. We took our time trying to train them to use it (they were already accustomed to using Hale Pet Doors), but they simply refused. Leaving them in overnight, hoping they would use it when they REALLY needed to go outside resulted in a stinking, wet mess inside the kennel the next morning.

    I don't see how they can claim that this door is for all dogs. They do make a door that is not quite as heavy, and it does work for the boxers, but - for some inexplicable reason - it doesn't have a magnetic closure, so a heavy wind could probably blow it open.

    We really didn't want to spend the huge bucks to replace all our Hale doors, which have expensive flaps that some dogs seem to find tasty, but we may have to bite the bullet. This Heavy Duty Dog Door is just TOO heavy duty!

    (Posted on 1/13/2015)

  • gun door review by metazz
    5 5 gun door

    Got the dog door and rework the opening to the new door ruff opening and put it in work great and has a south opening the door spring will hold the door closed in winds of about 20 mph then it will only open just a little but over all I will give it a 9 as I have tried two other door and they do not stay closed in a 5 mph wind so if you have any wind try this door and think if works the best.

    (Posted on 3/11/2014)

  • Excellent product review by Scout
    5 5 Excellent product

    I purchased this product for 2 reasons. Firstly it was the only door I could find that would fit in the opening we already had in our door. Secondly it was heavy duty.
    We have a very active Border Collie and had previously had a plastic dog door. It didn't take long for her to totally destroy that door.
    Gun dog door was easier to install than the old dog door and is much stronger and extremely sturdy.
    We found only one small problem. Our dog was so used to blasting through the old door at top speed that the first time she hit the Gun Dog door she nearly knocked herself out. Hitting that door at top speed can really shake a dog up. After that she learned how to go through it more like a lady and has been good with it since. In my opinion it is well worth the extra money for heavy duty.

    (Posted on 2/14/2014)

  • Awesome door review by Myb
    5 5 Awesome door

    This door took a while for my older dogs to go out, but we worked on it. Even my cats are using it. The only problems I have with it is the large gap between the upper piece that's screwed to the door and the pane. However, I bought the barrier door. The 2 metal pieces used to slide it in ... were great .. only problem was quickly fixed by us nailing a piece beneath so the panel stopped.. Also, we added a handle so I could lift if up when I wanted the doggie door to stay open.

    It's heavy duty ... has taken a lot of abuse from Duke who runs in and out quite frequently. Definitely recommend for active dogs.

    (Posted on 1/28/2014)

  • Not safe, to noisy review by Vicki
    5 1 Not safe, to noisy

    This door opens and closes with a very loud bang, very annoying.
    The third day with this dog door on, my dog had gotten her leg
    twisted trying to get out because her paw was caught in this door. She limped for a month. The spring is to heavy duty.
    I returned this door and bought a Plexidor and am very happy
    with it.

    (Posted on 1/19/2014)

Weight 6.0000
Manufacturer Gun Dog House Door
Your Maximum Pet Size Medium Dogs, Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value High
Wind Resistance High
Flap Type Single Flap
Color Brushed Aluminum
Rough Cut 12 1/2" w x 17 1/2" h
Frame Material Aluminum
Insulation Value Average
Flap Dimension 11" w x 15" h
Flap Material Acrylic
Flap Design Single, Two Part , Rigid, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 1/4"
Ability to Lock Flap No Flap Lock Provided
Can Be Installed In Kennel Wall, Solid Core Door, Walls
Warranty Period 5 years limited
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Gun Dog "Heavy Duty" Dog Door



Heavy Duty Dog Door In Use by Big and Small Dogs

Gun Dog House Door ® / Heavy Duty Dog Door ® / Big Dog Door™

Pet Door Installation Instructions

Installing On a Wall

Installing on a House or Garage door

Drop-in Closing Panel Installation Instructions

Guillotine Closure Installation Instructions

"Special" Dog Door Training for the "Timid Dog"

Installing On a Wall:

The Heavy Duty Dog Door ® and Big Dog Door™ are installed on the outside surface of a building, wall or door, etc.

measure height of your pet before beginning
Measure height


Step #1:

Measure the belly height of your pet from ground level to his underside to find the correct height of the door opening. Bottom edge is usually from 6" to 12". Do not mount flush to ground.

For the Heavy Duty Dog Door ™ cut the opening 12-1/2" wide x 17-1/2" high. For the Big Dog Door ™ cut the opening 16-1/2" wide x 25-1/2" high.

Tunnel in frame wall
Example of tunnel
in frame wall

Step #2:

If mounted on garage or house wall, frame the depth of the wall to form a tunnel through the wall. (Use 2" X 4" or 2" X 6" material.) If needed, add a least a 1/2" x 1 1/2" flat outside mounting surfacing.

place pet door over rough cut opening
Cut opening, if
needed add a 1-1/2"
flat mounting surface.

Step #3:

Place door over opening and use the enclosed two 1 1/2” wood screws to hold door to opening.


Step #4:

Show dog how to use door. Your dog will learn to use your pet door almost at once, but there are a few which may be a little nervous at first.

The most important rule is to be patient.

Do not let the dog have a bad experience or it may become frightened.

Most dogs can be trained to use a pet door in a matter of hours. Your dog will respond to encouragement, repetition and play in particular.

Alternatively, use the door flap as part of a game - throw a ball through, for instance. As your dog responds to your encouraging calls, help it through the door, patting and congratulating it. Repeat the game several times, continually encouraging the animal with positive gestures and comments. Within a short time your dog will be totally familiar with its pet door and use it happily on its own.

Problems…see Special Dog Training Instructions at end of page

Place weather stripping on the surface of installation location, not the pet door itself
This is how an
installed door looks.

Installation Tips: Install 1/8" felt or rubber weather stripping on surface of building or door. Do not put rubber weather stripping on Gun Dog House Door®.

NOTE: If your door does not close at the bottom, the door is installed incorrectly. Unscrew door and move 1/4" lower. If there is a gap between top strap and upper doorframe, move door 1/4" higher.


Installing on a house or garage door:

measure height of your pet

Measure height.

Step #1:

The Heavy Duty Dog Door® and Big Dog Door™ are installed on the outside of a house door.

Determine Height
To find correct height of the hole for your dog, measure the belly height of your pet (Average installation is 6"-12".)  Mark the height in pencil on one side of your door.

use a jigsaw for cutting the hole
Jigsaw cutting to each
(1/2") drilled corners

The Heavy Duty Dog Door hole size is 12-1/2" x 17-1/2". For the Big Dog Door the hole size is 16-1/2" x 25-1/2".

Drill a half inch hole into each corner. Then draw lines to connect the corners. Insert jigsaw into drill hole and follow drawn lines to cut out hole.

finish cutting the pet door thoroughly for a clear opening
Steel door: Note hole is cut 3/4" larger to allow for 3/8" thick wood inserts. 

Step #2:

If installing on a steel door, cut hole 3/4" larger, glue 3/8" pine, cedar, or plywood strips to inside of the opening

If installing on a raised panel door, cut hole in center of door 3/4"/ Glue 3/8" pine, cedar, or plywood strips to inside of the opening to cover styrofoam and install trim to inside/outside of door surface.

for hollow core installations, use reinforcement wood strips
Hollow core reinforcement wood strips 

If installing in a hollow core door. use four strips of wood the same width as the hollow between the panels in your door. Position the wood so that they are flush with the edges of the hole. Either glue, nail, or screw the strips. Frame the outside/inside hole with 2" x 1/4" lengths.

use caulking provided in the kit for added insulation


Step #3:

Use silicone caulking around trim kit for added insulation. To quiet door closing, staple 5/8" of the window felt to the sides and the bottom of the pet door.

Drop-in Closing Panel Installation Instructions:

closing panel should be installed on the inside of the building or door
Install channel on inside of building

Step #1: Closing panel is installed on the inside of building or door.

Step #2: Construct a 2" wide frame on inside mounting surface.

Step #3: Place channel angle one inch from dog door cut opening.

Step #4: Install one-inch tabs at the base of each channel.

Step #5: Slide heavy-duty closure into channel. Remove as needed.

Guillotine Closure Installation Instructions:

guillotine closure takes 3 steps to instlal and comes with a template for assistance

Step #1:

Place panel against wall as a template. Install each channel so the panel slides in its grooved track.

Step #2:

Drill hole or install a eye hook in panel. Install two pulleys to ceiling and attach a cable/rope to the 3/8" polypropylene panel.

Step #3:

Slide polypropylene panel in channels as needed.

"Special" Dog Door Training for the "Timid Dog":

puppy using dog door
This little 7 week old Lab pup is already a pro at using the Gun Dog House Door®.

Whether you have an adult dog, or a new puppy, teaching him how to use a Gun Dog House Door® (GDHD) will be done the same way.

When you install your dog door, make sure you measure the "rise" of your dog (the measurement from the floor to the lowest part of your dog's chest or stomach). This measurement tells you where to place the "bottom" of your dog door. The bottom of your dog door should be an inch lower than the "rise" of your dog. If you have a puppy you will need to install the dog door one inch from the ground; and you will need to re-install it at higher intervals as your puppy grows. Another option is to take an educated guess as to how tall your dog will eventually be, install the dog door at the appropriate height, and construct a "puppy-ramp" so your puppy can reach the dog door and go through it comfortably.

puppy slowly using the pet door in a fence install

Once the frame of the GDHD door is installed in a wall or door, leave the GDHD off at first. Have someone stay inside with your dog while you go outside. Call your dog through the "hole" (door frame without the GDHD). When he goes through and comes to you, praise him lavishly and give him a treat. Now have the person inside the house call him through the "hole." When he gets to them, they should praise it and offer a treat as well. Do this at least 3 times and no more than a dozen. After this, your dog will know there is a hole in the wall or the door especially for him.

great use for active pets who run rampant

Leave the GDHD off the cut opening for one full day. Encourage him to use his opening by not letting him use the "real" doors. Instead, you use the real door and say to your dog, "Go to your door!" pointing in the direction of his dog door. You may need the help of someone inside to "help" the dog find his new door. After a half a dozen times, your dog should like this new game! If you have a very young puppy, do not expect them to learn "Go to your door" for many weeks or months; still give them the command in a happy voice, and have someone inside show them where their door is every time. It sometimes helps if you are outside (after going through a real door) and someone else helps your dog or puppy find the doggie door as you call him from outside.

On the second day, install the GDHD. Now, you will need to repeat the same exercise as when you first sent your dog through the "hole." But this time, the person on the same side of the door as the dog will need to "push" the GDHD open for him. Each time the dog goes through the door, push the GDHD less and less for him. It is important that the dog gets used to the feel of the GDHD on the back of his head so once your dog has begun going through the door, let go of the GDHD so he feels it on his head and body as he goes through the door. Eventually the dog will need to push the GDHD by himself and dogs are usually hesitant to do this at first. He will probably put his nose down by the bottom of the GDHD and wait for the GDHD to move (after all, it has up to now). At this point, push the GDHD slightly so that your dog can see it is a moveable object, let the GDHD bounce back to the closed position. The best way I can explain it is that you are "poking" GDHD using short, quick pokes. This gives the dog a glimpse of an opening and encourages him to poke the door himself. At this stage, some dogs begin going through the door with ease, others become quite excited, but still haven't figured out that they can push the door open. If your dog will not push the door open by himself yet, remove the GDHD and install a piece of carpet onto the opening. You want the carpet to have a least a _” opening on the sides and bottom. The dog should feel more comfortable pushing the carpet on its own. After 2-3 days, install the GDHD and with our enthusiastic encouragement and praise, your dog should be able to push the GDHD now with no problem


Click below to expand:

Since they can be loud when they close, we don't recommend them for residential use. However, you can install it in a regular door if needed.

The Big Dog Door is simply a larger version of this door, with a 15" x 23" flap.

You can purchase a closing cover for the door, but it does not come with one.

It can be pretty heavy, so if you have big and very small pets then we would suggest that you take a look at the Easy Door.

Yep, it insulates pretty well.

You would have to make sure to frame out the wall properly, but yes you can install it in a wall.

It is louder than most doors because of the plastic and metal banging against each other.

Yes the door will allow the pets in and out.

Normally you would want to put this on the exterior.

Yes, but if it is a hollow core door you will have to frame out the inside of the cut out.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Heavy Duty Dog Door®, Big Dog Door™, Easy Dog Door™ is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. We warrant this product to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for the life of your dog. Damage caused by accident, improper installation or abuse is specifically excluded from this warranty. Gun Dog House Door® Co. is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from use of this product. Normal wear and tear excludes the hinges from warranty. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.

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