Thermo Sash 2e with SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

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  • Combines the best insulating window insert with the trusted SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
  • Easily programmable raccoon resistant user setting
  • Maintain your home's insulation with dual pane, LoE glass
  • Quick and easy installation requires no tools
  • Adjustable side fits windows from 22" to 43" in width
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
  • Assuring 3 year warranty for the microchip pet door, and 15 year coverage for the panel

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Thermo Sash 2e with SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
The Sureflap with a microchip is a superior device to keep unwanted animals out of your house. 

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  • Combines the best insulating window insert with the trusted SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
  • Easily programmable raccoon resistant user setting
  • Maintain your home's insulation with dual pane, LoE glass
  • Quick and easy installation requires no tools
  • Adjustable side fits windows from 22" to 43" in width
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
  • Assuring 3 year warranty for the microchip pet door, and 15 year coverage for the panel
Flap SizeFlap DimensionHeight To Raise WindowStock No
Small7" x 7"16"07PPC21


Adjustment Ranges:

  • 22"-25" (custom, non-returnable final sale)
  • 25"-28"
  • 28"-31"
  • 31"-34"
  • 34"-37"
  • 37"-40"
  • 40"-43"

22"-25" adjustment range sales are final, no return.
Please simulate the opening (open the window, use duct tape
to simulate the opening) to be sure this size is appropriate before ordering.

90 day return policy applies to adjustment ranges other than 22"-25"

If you would like to purchase this product with custom adjustment ranges, please call us at 1-800-826-2871 for more information. 

Pet door is compatible with all vet implanted microchips and SureFlap RFID collar tags.

Thermo Sash 2e with SureFlap Pet Door for sash windows

With the introduction of the SureFlap on the Thermo Sash panel, you now have the luxury of controlling the access to the flap for your pet and any intruders you are trying to keep out. With accessibility control, you no longer have to worry about letting your pet in and out of the home, which comes as a huge convenience for many busy people who are out of their homes often. Additionally, the ease of installation of this panel makes this a very user friendly pet door. Installation does not require any tools either. Along with the convenience factor, the durability and high quality material the panel is made from, it will keep your home comfortable no matter what the weather outside is like.

The SureFlap pet door has a 7”w x 7”h flap opening, which is large enough for cats and smaller dogs. The flap itself is activated by a chip supplied and implanted in the back of your pet’s neck by your vet. There is also the option to activate the flap through a RFID collar key which is included. The SureFlap is the solution to keeping intruders (like Raccoons) out of your home, while being able to control access to each one of your pets. With the ability to change the access mode, timid cat mode, curfew mode, in-only, out-only, manual, you can customize your settings to fit with the type of pet you have.


  • Exclusive – The Thermo Sash panel pet door includes the Sureflap Microchip pet door. 
  • A flap that will provide excellent security against unwanted intruders as well as control the access each one of your pets has using the door to come inside your home. It does not control which pets exit your home!
  • Dual Pane, Insulated Low "E" Glass is the highest performing glass available. It is standard on the Thermo-Sash 2e™. This glass unit is guaranteed for 10 years!
  • Spring Load design can be installed and removed in seconds. No Tools installation.
  • Exclusive -Built-In anti-whoops allows for 3/4" change in adjustment range to allow for small measuring errors.
  • Draft Stopper - Keeps air from coming in between the two windows. 
  • Adjustment Ranges accommodate windows 21 3/4" - 43" wide in 3" increments. Be sure your track width is at least 1".
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. 

Key Benefits of the SureFlap:

  1. First, the locking mechanism has four separate locking pins holding the flap in place. This makes for a very strong and secure lock against intruders including raccoons. 
  2. Up to 32 different chips (either vet implanted or external rfid tags) can be stored in memory. So no matter how many pets you have (up to 32!) you can allow them to use this pet door. 
  3. A simple control allows you to electronically set a 4-way lock. So your pet door may operate as 'in-only' or 'out-only' as well as normal 'both way' and 'locked' operation. 
  4. A built-in timer allows for what the manufacturer refers to as 'curfew' mode. This mode allows you to activate and in-activate the 4-way lock at specific times of the day.
  5. If you find yourself without a collar key for some reason, this pet door is easily set to 'manual' operation (ie no entry controll) until you have your chip or collar key back again.
  6. Please note, this pet door does NOT control which animals leave your home, only those who enter your home.


Raccoon Mode

When custom mode 5 has been activated, as soon as the sensors detect an animal’s head in the tunnel of the product, it scans to read the animal’s chip.  If the animal is not one whose identity is stored in the door’s memory, the two locks on the exterior of the door are activated for added security.  At this point the unit will keep scanning for a microchip and the exterior locks will remain engaged until approximately 10 seconds after the intruder animal has moved away from the door.  When the exterior locks are engaged it makes it impossible for the raccoon to open the door towards them in order to get in.  The interior locks prevent the raccoon from pushing through the door into the house – the combination of the two sets of locks have proved impenetrable to raccoons in our product testing.The only time that we would not recommend engaging this custom mode is if the pet tends to play with the flap by batting it away from them whilst sitting in the house.  If the flap is batted far enough open into the tunnel that it triggers the sensors, the secondary locks would engage and when the flap closed the door would be locked in both directions for a period of 10 seconds or so.This sounds to us as though the SureFlap people have really working on developing an impenetrable, secure from intruders, pet door.  

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Not got it working yet review by Pixie's owner
    5 3 Not got it working yet

    It has taken us about 3 weeks to start getting our cat used to using the door and we had to take out the batteries and use it as a regular cat door to make it less intimidating for him (ie without microchip functionality). We did get him to go through it a couple of times with the microchip function on so we could get his chip programmed but we have not yet had it actually operating. I am wondering if there is some issue with the metal frame interfering with the operation of the chip? I am hoping that is not the case as it would be totally weird if that issue had not been thought through and tested??. I notice no other reviewers have had that concern so perhaps its an issue with us. The installation took 2-3 hours as we did need to do some adjustment to our sash window. We also had to add extra insulation as it is draftier than we wanted. Very hopeful it will work as there is no other comparable solution quite like this on the market. But if we cant get it working it will have been a very expensive exercise.

    (Posted on 1/2/2019)

  • Good panel but... review by Terry
    5 4 Good panel but...

    I thought the microchip would prevent certain pets from going outside. I bought this because I didn't want random cats coming in, which it stopped, but I thought that it would keep my older cat inside. Apparently that is not the case. I still like it but I wish I had known that before buying

    (Posted on 9/20/2018)

  • great product review by summer
    5 5 great product

    This door works wonders for keeping my neighbors barn cats out. but letting my cat in . Great Quality Great door I am so impressed!

    (Posted on 9/18/2018)

  • Raccoons not welcome review by Jorge
    5 5 Raccoons not welcome

    I was getting those bandits breaking into my old cat door constantly. Not anymore. It is so convenient as my cat was already chipped from the vet so I did not have to do anything but program it which was easy in itself as well. The raccoons havent be able to get in which is great and I am overall amazed at the quality and functionality of this door. Great product

    (Posted on 9/18/2018)

  • great door review by court
    5 5 great door

    Having been familiar with the Thermopanel, I knew the door quality would be great. The Sureflap and Thermopanel doors together are absolutely fantastic. The chip door is super convenient for not having to worry about other animals coming in or out except for the cat. It is also extremely durable as well making it a win win for this door. I highly recommend it for others!!!

    (Posted on 6/20/2018)

  • It Works as advertised review by Robert
    5 3 It Works as advertised

    It works as advertised, took cat a while to learn it had to push a bit to enter as the chip is embedded between her shoulders and she really has to get in there before it’s detected,
    It doesn’t have any kind of window lock , had to go get dow rods and cut them to wedge in to secure window, at $600.00 you would think there would be a better way to do this and have it included, secondly we had a real cold spell in the 5 degree range, it comes with insulation to fit around unit, but the cold air rush up from between the two windows so in addition to the Dow rods I had to get pipe insulation and tuck down between the 2 windows to keep the cold air out. The cat door itself allows a draft around it in more extreme weather. Because the outside of the house doesn’t have much of a window sill as the inside does, I had to make an extra sill outside because of the delay in door opening for the cat to put its hind legs in as it goes thru the tunnel part of door. Now that the cat goes outside as it wishes, even when it dangerously cold and we are out of town, it would be nice as garage doors do to alert you as to when the door is opened in either direction, so that you have peace of mind your pet is indoors and the chip or the battery’s are working properly. Sure we could lock the door keeping pet inside but it can be 5 degrees one day and 60 the next .
    I would purchase the item again, appears to be a first generation, perhaps the price will drop and improvements made.

    (Posted on 1/12/2018)

  • Best of the best!! review by Karen
    5 5 Best of the best!!

    Our cats were used to coming & going through a flexible cat door at our old house, but when we moved, the same pet door proved useless. First, there was no entryway in which to install it... my frugal husband instead mounted it on a piece of plywood that we stuck in a window. Secondly, all the new neighborhood cats kept coming through this easy doorway. We contemplated getting an electronic wall-type pet door, but didn't want the expense or the size. I didn't know what to purchase and agonized over numerous products spanning multiple websites. Something had to be done soon, so I saw some reviewers give's customer service high ratings. The gentleman I spoke to was an absolute wealth of knowledge, walking me through our particular needs and issues.

    Even though the SureFlap microchip pet door + window unit combo is on the pricey side, it really is the best solution for us. Not only does it look modern, sturdy & sleek, it was a breeze to install and program. The window piece is remarkably sturdy and nice looking. It took about 1 minute for our more outgoing younger cat to figure out the new hard flap door, however, our older, timid cat became extra slow & cautious around this new door's "tunnel" and the noticeable click the door makes when the microchip is sensed. When this cat finally felt comfortable using the door, it took a few more days beyond that for her to be seem relaxed... perhaps because she no longer needed to be so vigilant, waiting to see what was going to invade her new house.

    We are extra pleased with this purchase and with's customer service. The best, hands down!

    (Posted on 9/26/2017)

  • Excellent solution review by Kathy
    5 5 Excellent solution

    This is a wonderful product, I had a SureFlap Microchip pet door at my previous residence and loved all the features, and since I moved I (and my cats) have really missed it. We could not cut through any doors or walls but once we found this option for a window we were so excited! Cats have their special door back, and it was easy for me to install on my own.

    (Posted on 10/11/2016)

Weight 40.0000
Manufacturer SureFlap
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs
Controls Access From Outside Only
# Collar Keys Included 1
Operates On Battery
Flap Opens Pet Must Push
Type of Window Sash (Up & Down)
Frame Material Plastic
Flap Material Acrylic
Flap Design Single, One Part , Rigid, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 1/8"
Locks in Two Directions (better for raccoons) Yes
Door Open Type Unlocks for the key signal and pet pushes open
Additional Lock 4-Way Lock
Number Pets 32
Activated By Implanted Chip, RFID , Ultra-Sonic
Can Be Installed In Sash Windows
Warranty Period 3 years
Return Period 90 days (except for custom height ranges)
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0


Installation Instructions for the Thermo Sash 2e with SureFlap Microchip Pet Door


1x Window pet door

1x Foam Weather Strip

1x Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper



1Loosen the thumb screws at the end of the sash. This allows the spring mechanism to move freely side to side.

2. Insert the sash into the window track. Push against the spring mechanism and swing the opposite end into the opposite window track. Gently release. Tighten the thumbscrews.

If the pet door sits properly, remove the pet door to put on the foam weather-stripping in step 3.

3. Apply the foam weather-stripping by peeling back the paper and exposing the adhesive. Unroll it along the edge of the panel, pressing to ensure it adheres. Install on both the top and the bottom. Trim to fit with scissors.

4. Mount the draft stopper vinyl weather strip. This strip prevents air leaking between the window frame when raised to accommodate the sash. Trim to fit with scissors.



For a permanent lock, install a wood screw in the track immediately above the window on both sides. You will no longer be able to raise the window.

For a temporary lock, place a removable wooden dowel or charley bar in either track above the window.



Remove the screws on the top and bottom closest to the edge of the pet door. Then slightly loosen the screws closest to the glass. Next, slide off the side piece, then the flap assembly. Rotate the flap assembly (essentially flipping it upside down) then slide it back in. Make sure the locking cover is on the same side as the thumb screws.Replace the end spacer and screws.



Make sure you place steps or ramps leading to your pet’s door at a height that works! When they go through the flap, the top of the flap should be at least 1” (2,5 cm) higher than the top of their back. Watch your pet and adjust as needed to keep them comfortable.





1x Panel

1x Foam Weather Strip

1x Center Post Weather Seal Draft Stopper

Separate Box:

1x Microchip pet/cat door



You will need to do a couple extra steps to install your SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, Cat Flap or DualScan through your panel. The SureFlap ships in a separate box, and before you open it you should first test to make sure your panel will work in your door or window. Follow steps 1 & 2 from the Panel Installation Instructions.

Remove your SureFlap from its box, and follow the directions included to program the pet door. You can then proceed with the instructions below!




Insert SureFlap Cat Flap into hole

1.  After testing the panel to make sure it works in your window or door, and testing that the SureFlap will work with your pets, you are ready to attach the pet door to the hole in the panel!

Screw SureFlap Cat Door in place

2. Find the middle length screws in the SureFlap box. The Pet Door version uses 4 screws, while the Cat Flap and Dual Scan will only utilize 2 screws.

Thumbscrews should be on the same side as the controls of your SureFlap. Installing your SureFlap with the controls on the outside of your home will damage the pet door and void SureFlap’s warranty.

3. The trim frame and screws will go on the ouside of the panel. Place the side with the locking controls on the inside of the panel. The controls will need to be on the same side as the thumbscrews. You can then follow the remaining instructions for either the vertical or horizontal panels.



You might choose to secure your pet door in your track with screws. This can be done by drilling screws at an angle in the top and bottom tracks. We recommend doing this from the outside to minimize damage to the sliding glass door frame. One-way screws will prevent tampering or removal of the panel from the outside.  



Some stationary panels can be unfastened and moved over to one side so that you can install the pet door panel between the jamb and stationary panel. Avoid damaging your sliding glass door by checking that your door can move and that you can reinstall it properly before trying to uninstall the unit.

You will still lose space in your slider to move through, however you will be able to use your existing sliding door lock to secure your home. Installing your pet door this way is also great if you already have an alarm system in place. If your sliding glass door slides on the outside track, using an alternative lock might not be possible so this allows you to still lock your door.



For help with installation, replacement parts or other questions visit or call 805-781-7700 Monday-Friday 7am-4:30pm PT



Click below to expand:

Track width, Height you can raise the window, How wide the window is from left to right.

No, this only controls who comes in and anything can get out. If you wanted one that controlled both ways take a look at the sash here with the Dual Scan here.

You want to measure how high you can raise your window, should be at least 16". How wide the track is from the deepest part inside the left to the deepest part inside the right. Last the sash is 1" thick so make sure your track is wide enough for the sash to fit into on the left, right, and bottom.

Since the flap is only 7" x 7" it is really best for very small dogs and cats.

Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard that is 7" x 7" and see if they can get through. If not, we would advise that you go with a larger pet door and it would have to be a different installation method, so door, wall, or patio panel.

Yes it is very raccoon resistant, but you would have to make sure you have enabled Custom Mode 5 as stated in the instructions.

You can also get the sash and door in bronze, which it a very very dark brown almost black.

We made it so that the door was easier to install, take a look at the installation instructions and see if this is something you would be able to do on your own.

Compared to other doors the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is more straight forward to program and the instructions are very well written and easy to follow.

Yes the panel has dual pane lo-e glass, and since the flap locks it stays shut and you will not experience any wind blowing it in.

Yes you can lock the door and it even has a timer function so you can lock it when you choose automatically.

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Patio Pacific Inc Pet Door Warranty

To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific Inc warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship as follows:  Thermo Sash assemblies are warranted for a period of 15 years and the SurePet Microchip doors for a period of 3 years (assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for a period of 3 years). 

Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage, is specifically excluded from this warranty. 

Defective materials returned to Patio Pacific Inc, together with proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer free of charge. 

Pet doors of other manufacturers installed in Patio Pacific products are covered by the warranty of the other manufacturer and not by Patio Pacific Inc.