Cat Mate 303 Wall Liner for Cat Mate 234 & 235

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  • Wall liners for the Cat Mate doors
  • Adds 2" to the framing range of the pet door
  • Fits models 234 and 235 doors
  • Available in white only

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Cat Mate 303 Wall Liner for Cat Mate 234 & 235
With liners, Convert Your Cat Mate to a wall mount for Cat Mate 234, 235, 304, 309

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  • Wall liners for the Cat Mate doors
  • Adds 2" to the framing range of the pet door
  • Fits models 234 and 235 doors
  • Available in white only

The Wall Liner for Cat Mate

Is Used to "Frame Out" a Wall For a Cat Mate Cat Door Models 234 and 235.

In a wall pet door installation, it's vital that the wall be framed out and this is an easy way to get it done. Wall liners join together in sections to form a tunnel. Each wall liner section adds 2" to the over-all tunnel length. Purchase only enough to reach within 2" of the complete thickness of the wall as the cat door itself will add 0" to 2" to make a tight fit.

Please note that all wall liners come in white only. They can be painted  if desired.

We've noted elsewhere that installation of a pet door through a wall is not a trivial task. We think a licensed contractor is the safest method to avoid injury and prevent water leaking into the wall.

Cat Mate is also Marketed as 'Pet Mate' and 'Ani-Mate'.

Customer Reviews

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  • Works but pricey review by Jim
    5 3 Works but pricey

    Got the job done but they are pretty expensive for a 2 inch plastic tunnel

    (Posted on 2/21/2018)

  • Difficult installation but works once it is installed. review by Lawrence
    5 4 Difficult installation but works once it is installed.

    The installation was more difficult than I thought. Granted I was installing it through a brick wall... I would recommend hiring an installer who is familiar with this type of job. Once it has been installed, it has worked perfectly with our cat door. I like how you can customize what length of wall that you have with these pieces.

    (Posted on 1/8/2018)

  • Good solution review by Christina
    5 4 Good solution

    Good way to connect the inside of my house to the outside. It's easy to put together and clean. Make sure to buy enough to get through your wall. Brick homes will need more because the wall is thicker.

    (Posted on 12/22/2017)

  • Only white review by Evelyn
    5 3 Only white

    really wished they would have come in brown to match the door

    (Posted on 12/14/2017)

  • Moved nicely from a door to wall review by Jackie
    5 4 Moved nicely from a door to wall

    We had it in a door at first and bought a couple of these to move it to the wall. very nerve wracking but it ended up working out and moving very smoothly. I like how clean and simple these are, our cat didn't have any problems with this

    (Posted on 11/27/2017)

  • installation thru wall takes some work, easy if you have the tools. review by fredwf
    5 4 installation thru wall takes some work, easy if you have the tools.

    The hard part was cutting the hole. 1" of stucco on metal lath and shaving studs if hole must be located exactly due to location. Make sure the liner you buy matches the door unit. There are 2 different style made. The sections just shove onto the door unit. Buy enough to get thru wall. They are hard to cut and I didn't try. The cat didn't seem to mind that it stuck out a couple of inches from the outside surface. The electronic door is working well, we bought the 1 that a cat chip will work on or a tag. We finally used the tag as it is located on the cats neck and works well. We have both a cat chip and a tag on the cat and the tag always registers first.

    (Posted on 9/27/2014)

  • Just what was needed! review by 'pache
    5 5 Just what was needed!

    This was just what was required for a cat mate door which had previously been in a door and was moved to a wall during renovations. So two wall liners were purchased and these fitted the wall cavity perfectly and now there is one happy cat again!

    (Posted on 3/11/2013)

Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Cat Mate / Dog Mate
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats

Cat-Mate 303 Wall Liner Installation Instructions


Cat-Mate 303 Wall Liner



Level, pencil, saw, drill, 3/16” drill bit

Alternatively, a licensed contractor



1. Check that you have sufficient wall liners to frame out your wall.

2. Making the rectangular cut: Take a level and pencil to mark the lines on the wall. The bottom of the cut should be level with your pet’s stomach. Ensure the line is straight before moving on.

  • Tip: It is very important that you not cut into any wall framing, electrical, pipes, etc. so double check when picking a location for the pet door.
  • Tip: The manufacturer recommends that you use wood to frame out the opening, and take note that the finished framed out opening should be 6-½” wide by 6-⅞” high.

3. Cut the interior hole out then remove the insulation inside.

4. Drill holes from the inside through the exterior wall and use those as pilot holes for the outside cut. Also check the outside before cutting by measuring, so that you don’t cut the hole too big on accident.

  • Tip: Tape up the inside hole with plastic sheeting or cardboard before cutting the outside wall.  This will make clean up much easier.

5. Cut out the exterior wall.

6. Assemble wall liners and fit them onto the flap frame.

  • Tip: The manufacturer says that a firm push together will be enough to secure them together.  You can use glue to fit the liners together for a more sturdy installation.

7. Screw the frame to the wall using the the ½” screws, putting the liners through the cutout .

8. Now drill out the four screw holes using a 3/16” drill bit in diameter.

9. Attach the exterior frame with two 3/4” screws.

10. The final step is to insert the hole covers.

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