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  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog

    Besides the obvious reason that they are so cute and adorable, I am here to give you 10 more reasons why you yourself should go out and get a dog, or for you kids begging your parents to let you have one, here’s a little something to aid your convincing.
    1. They give you a reason [...]

    Posted on October 30, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: Vanessa Hall

  • Dog Grooming 101

    I often get asked if my dog wears a wig. As you can see below, Tahoe’s hair is rather…unique. Tahoe is a Springer Spaniel with curly hair on the top of his head that makes it look like I spend hundreds of dollars for my dog to get a perm. I can promise you this [...]

    Posted on October 28, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: JT Janowski

  • How to Pick Out a Pet Door

    Door Mounts
    Often referred to as a standard pet door mounting style, a door mount can be a great fit for a pet owner who hasn’t quite taught their pet how to jump up and use the people door out to the back yard. Many pet door door mounts can be installed in basic wooden doors [...]

    Posted on October 27, 2014 in Dog Doors

    Written by: Alexa Wolf

  • The Truth about Dogs and Chocolate

    With Halloween right around the corner, kids will soon have their buckets filled with candy and chocolate! As a pet owner, one needs to be cautious of the dangers associated with these tasty treats, particularly chocolate. We’ve all heard that chocolate can kill your dog… but do we really know the reason why? What makes [...]

    Posted on October 27, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: Delaney Lim

  • Happy Howl-o-Ween

    It’s that time of year again, where kids are out trick-or-treating with their families. This year, why not bring the whole family out, including your beloved doggy!
    Get your pup all dressed up and in the Howl-o-Ween spirit this year. Don’t know what costume to put on your dog? Take a look at all these cute [...]

    Posted on October 25, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: Garrett Garner

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    At some point or another, every dog owner has thought about taking their dog to the dog park. Walking past one and seeing so many dogs running, jumping, barking, and having a blast you think “I’m sure my dog would love that!” Maybe you haven't gone because you're scared of having your dog off-leash, or [...]

    Posted on October 22, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: Stephen Daily

  • How Cost Efficient is Your Pet Door?

    I spoke to a woman today who needed two new replacement flaps for her pet door.  The current retail of this to-be-kept-nameless pet door is $129 + shipping and she was on her second replacement flap set which cost $51.36 each.  In other words, replacement flaps had already cost nearly as much as the original [...]

    Posted on October 22, 2014 in Dog Doors

    Written by: Alan Lethers

  • Five Things Your Cat Should Never Eat!

    All cat owners know their cats love milk, but is it alright to give your cat some? Most cats are generally lactose-intolerant, so their digestive systems cannot process dairy products. Giving your cat milk, cheese, or any other dairy products can be harmful to your cat because it can upset their stomachs and lead to [...]

    Posted on October 19, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: Paul Kan

  • How big will my puppy get?

    Whether you are shopping for a pet door or just wondering, it’s a common to question how big your puppy will become as it becomes fully grown. While not an exact science, there are a few different ways to project it reasonably well. One is to look at your dog’s parents or adult siblings. Alternatively [...]

    Posted on October 18, 2014 in Dog Doors

    Written by: Nick Pullano

  • Popsicles!

    We're in a heat wave right now in San Luis Obispo, CA. Summer might be over, but the heat sure isn't! There is something so refreshing about a nice cold dessert during these uncomfortably warm afternoons. We humans love to grab some ice cream, frozen yogurt, or a smoothie. But what about our pets? They [...]

    Posted on October 5, 2014 in Animal Lovers

    Written by: Rachel Long

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