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Hale Pet Doors for Screens

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Price From: $105.00

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The Hale Pet Doors for Screen Installation fastens across the bottom and up one side for a much more sturdy install than screen mounts supported by screen only.

Hale Pet Door for Screen Installation

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Flap SizeFlap Dimension Stock No
Small 5 1/2" w x 7 1/2" h 05HS01
Small Medium 6 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h 05HS02
Medium 8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h 05HS03
Tall Medium 8 1/2" w x 16" h 05HS04
Large 11" w x 16" h 05HS05
Tall Large 11" w x 19 1/2" h 05HS06
Tall Large Plus 11" w x 23 1/2" h 05HS07
Extra Tall Large 11" w x 27 1/2" h 05HS08
Extra Large 14" w x 19 1/2" h 05HS09
Extra Large Plus 14" w x 23 1/2" h 05HS10
Giant 15 1/2" w x 27 1/2" h 05HS11
Important notes Please read the description information carefully as there is specific information and measurements that
must be provided in the drop-downs above.

Decor Idea  Some people order 'satin' frame color even though their slider framing is bronze (very dark brown). Why?  because you don't see the pet door frame as much. It's less obtrusive.

Allow 3-5 days for shipping direct from the factory

Hale Pet Doors for Screen Installation

Formerly called The Hale Security Pet Doors Screen Mount Pet Door

This classic pet door fastens across the bottom and up one side of your screen frame for a more sturdy installation than screen mount pet doors supported by screen only. The Hale Pet Door is purpose-built for screen installations only - no additional pet door needs to be purchased. (NOTE: This pet door cannot be used in a wall or a door.)

The flap is clear, flexible vinyl. No locking cover is included on the theory that a locking cover might encourage the pet to paw and tear the screen in an effort to get in. Close the sliding glass door instead.

We think that screen can be difficult to work with if you're not experienced or don't have the proper tools. It might be best to take pet door and screen to a screen repair shop for installation.

When ordering a Hale Pet Screen Door it is very important that you follow these instructions regarding the drop-down choices carefully. Here are the notes you'll need:

1. 'Pet Door Installs in Which Lower Corner' - Specify whether you'll be installing the pet door in the lower left corner or the lower right corner of the screen when looking from the inside of the house to the outside. The terminology used by Hale is 'handing'. 'Handing Left' simply means that you'll be installing the pet door in the lower left-hand corner of the screen when looking from the inside of the house.

2. 'Customer Screen Frame Thickness Options' - The Hale pet screen door will be modified at the factory to fit varying thicknesses of your screen framing if necessary. Here are the various situations:

a. Your screen frame is thinner than 3/8". If you are considering a larger size or have a particularly vigorous dog, then your framing may not be sturdy enough and you might want to reconsider making this purchase. This option is not offered for that reason.

b. If your screen frame thickness is up to 1/2" choose option 1. No further information is needed.

c. If your screen frame thickness is over 1/2", choose the second option if your screen mesh and spline are located on the outside side of the screen frame-- 'exterior'--and the third option if they are located on the inside, or 'interior', side. Your pet door must be installed on the same side as the screen mesh and spline and the factory will ensure that the framing provided will accommodate that.

3. Hale Pet Door Screen Mount Stabilizer Bar Kit - A normal Hale pet screen door is supported down one side and across the bottom by your screen framing. The Screen Mount Stabilizer Bar Kit adds an additional support across the top of the pet door. We think this is a very good idea for larger sizes and more vigorous dogs. Available bar widths are 36" and 48". Choose the size at least as wide as your screen and then cut the bar with a hacksaw to fit. All fittings needed are included with the kit. To order this kit, please go to Flaps & Parts / Frames & Related and look for the kit.


Line drawing showing an inside view of the Hale Pet Screen Door

Flaps Single flap made of flexible 3/16” clear PVC vinyl. Also available in black or white.

Main Frame Extruded 6063-T5 aluminum with .063” wall thickness. Straddles the screen frame on outside and bottom. Designed to accept frame thicknesses up to ½”. Can be factory modified for thicker frames by removing the outside leg.

Spline Frame Extruded 6063-T5 aluminum with .063” wall thickness. Attached to main frame and is the top and inner side of the pet door.

Alnico5 Magnets A ¼” rod magnet 1 ½” long made from an aluminum, nickel and cobalt alloy known for its strength and durability. Door size determines number of magnets.

Strikes Made of ferrous stainless steel. 1 ½” long, ¾” tall and 1/32” thick. U shaped with interior prongs, when squeezed onto the vinyl flap, the barbed prongs hold firmly.

Weather stripping Flap is surrounded by ½” nylon pile for maximum insulation. Nylon is woven into a backing 9/32” wide and 1/32” thick.

Allow 3-5 days for shipping direct from the factory

Great Sturdy Door
How do you rate this product?

replaced a plastic surround screen doggy door (which didn't last more than 1 yr, twice) with this door. easy to install, dogs find it easy to use, super sturdy. love it. seriously better than the $20 plastic screen door insert.

Excellent product!
How do you rate this product?

I bought a Hale Pet Door for use in a screen door a year ago so I can say with experience that they are a terrific product. We have two wonderful mutts who use the door a lot. There has been no wear at all - the door opens easily when they want to go through and it closes behind them to keep out the bugs. It still looks brand new and works perfectly.

The door was easy to install but you do have to be prepared to cut out a segment of the screen that is being replaced by the door and you need to drill holes for the screws that go into the frame of the screen door. The door attached securely using the screws provided. It looks very professional. Having the dog door has made a big improvement for all of us this summer.

I give the Hale Pet Door for screen doors an unqualified EXCELLENT recommendation.

Great Product
How do you rate this product?

Our less expensive screen pet door needed constant taping and reinforcement because our dogs (13 and 18 lb.) would fly through it when they detected squirrels in the yard. This door was easy to install and is sturdier because it is screwed into the door frame. The only problems: the magnets required a firmer head butt to open the door and the click of the magnetic return scared the dogs. After a week of nonuse, despite much encouragement, we removed two of the three magnets. The dogs are flying again! The flap still completely closes with only one side magnet, is noiseless, and we're saving money on duct tape!

Finally something that works
How do you rate this product?

I hesitated because of the price of this solution, but the build quality is solid and the design is well though out. It was relatively easy to install and once installed, the screen remained tight and the door is not only firmly mounted on the door, I actually think it strengthened the screen door itself. It took about 15 minutes to train the dogs to use it, but now they fly through it at will. The two things I like most about it is that it uses the existing screen door, and it doesn't interfere with operation of the sliding glass door.

Hale Pet Doors for Screens
How do you rate this product?

We purchased the x-large screen pet door this last summer. Our Standard Labradoodle & Lab-Airedale x and our Yellow Lab were destroying our sliding screen door.....chasing after squirrels & chipmunks.......We replaced that screen door so many times. My husband didn't think this screen doggie door would hold he is in love with it!!!! I worried that given it was x-large that our Chihuahua couldn't get through it because of the problem. The Chihuahua just nuzzles in the corner of the flap and is out like a flash.

Thank you for such a great product!!!!!!! We have recommended this to so many friends (& our vet!).

Great invention!
How do you rate this product?

We have 4 dogs and one cat and the poor cat has had to make a run for it every time he wants to go outside. Now he has his own door in the window of a room the dogs don't go in. Best. Thing. Ever. It's sturdy, easy to install and not that bad looking. We love it!

great door
How do you rate this product?

This pet door was recommended by others and it worked out perfectly. Sizing was correct, instructions for assembly accurate. All in all very pleased. Also recommended was the stabilizer since I got the tall and I am very satisfied with that also. Would definitely purchase again.

Our dog door
How do you rate this product?

Love the door and so do my dogs!!!!!

Excellent - Wish I'd found this 10 years ago
How do you rate this product?

I found your product on the web and decided to give it a try as I liked the idea of the doggy door being part of the screen on our patio door. I had a screen installer put it in for me at a very minimal fee of $50.00. Well worth it and our large german shepherd absolutely has no problem with the door. Only took us one try for him to get used to it. The cat is a little more shy as she is small for the big flap, but if you hold a corner open even 1/2 inch she will then push through it. She is still just a little timid to push against it - but that's okay as I don't mind having a bit more control about when she is going outside. We got it mainly for the dog's benefit. Would highly recommend this product to any dog owners!! Thanks

Excellent product
How do you rate this product?

This product works great for our 74 pound chocolate lab.
Easy to install and the dog loves it.

Excellent product!
How do you rate this product?

The pet door was easy to install and has worked extremely well. My dog is a young golden retriever, adult in body but puppy in mind. He hits most things running, including walls and door frames, and this pet door has really stood up well against this level of use. Even though he whumps through it coming and going, the pet door has held in place and the door flap has not shown signs of damage. I am very satisfied with the performance to date.

Love this door!
How do you rate this product?

We have a now 7 month old 46# rescue and he loves this door. We have it installed in a screen door that enters our sunroom and he (and we) love that he can go in and out at will. We had the door professionally installed by a screen door company and they did a great job. We have the extra large door and it looks like it will be a good size for him as he continues to grow. The door (with the stabilizer bar) appears to be very sturdy. Love it!

ed. note - Heaven has a special place for those who rescue!

Excellent Pet Door
How do you rate this product?

Perfect door for our rambunctious dog. Easily installed using the directions (probably could do it without the directions). The flap closed tight every time. Our dog loves the door also.

Super Door
How do you rate this product?

We first bought a cheap model, and it was worthless. This looks great, is sturdy, and the flap is air tight also. The dogs love it, easy to open and close. Is Spendy in price, but the quality is SO much nicer. We bought the Med size, and gives our doxies, just alittle more room, with they go in and out. We love it..

Great for German Shepards
How do you rate this product?

We have two German Shepherd dogs who love to be outside. Both GSDs are young and active and bolt through the door regularly and it has with stood their testing for over a month now.
We ended up going with the "Giant" size so that the dogs would have plenty of clearance over the shoulders. Installation was easy even for a a screen door novice like myself.

Works great for big dogs
How do you rate this product?

We installed this door in the lower corner of a screened room and it works great for out two big dogs. They are both older, so it doesn't get a lot of rough use--but it gets used a lot. We considered adding a second brace across the top for stability, but during the installation, it was clear that the door was stable enough with the attachments to the bottom and the side that we didn't need any additional framing.

Just what I've been wanting!!
How do you rate this product?

I've had the "slider" type dog door that takes up almost 1/2 of the people area. I wanted something that went into the screen itself. I have different size animals so with the information on how to measure and choose which side to order, left or right looking from the inside, everything fit. Since I needed the larger size I got the recommended stabilizer bar and purchased pet screen material which is designed stronger than bug screen for, well pets. It was semi-easy to self install taking about an hour. The trick was to use a thinner "rope" in the inside track since the pet screen is thicker. I have an 85lbs Akita mix, a 60 lbs pitbull, a 20 lbs lhasa apso, 13 lbs poodle mix and a cat. It works great!!

Pet door looks great!!!
How do you rate this product?

Got my door installed it very easy to install, love it, looks great, very happy will recommend to anyone who ask. Now all I have to do is get the dogs to use it on there own. I have 3 Shih tzu's and there stuburn and hard to train. Thanks for your great survice!!!!!!!!!!


Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Screen Support Screws to Screen Frame
Frame Material Extruded Aluminum
Flap Material Vinyl
Flap Design Single, Flexible, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 1/8"
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Ability to Lock Flap No Flap Lock Provided
Can Be Installed In Screens
Warranty Period 5 years limited
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee none unless special order; then 50% toward another Hale product

Installation for Hale Pet Doors for Screens
Always wear eye protection and gloves when appropriate.

Before installing

The Hale Pet Door “Screen Pet Door” is designed to fit into one of the lower corners of a screen door frame or screen window frame that is ½” thick or less. In screen frames that are ½” thick or less the pet door is completely reversible and will fit into either corner of the screen frame. The purchaser must specify when ordering if their screen frame is thicker than ½” so modifications can be made at the factory to accommodate those frames. Once modifications are made at the factory the pet door is no longer reversible. This means that a “right” or “left” determination must be made at the point of order. This is done from the perspective of a person standing inside the screen and looking outward to determine on which side they wish to install the pet door; “right” or “left”.

Note: The Hale Pet Door™ screen model is not designed to work on security doors. A “door” model is much better choice for a security screen application.

Step 1: Before installation, be sure that you have the proper size pet door for your pet. If in doubt, larger is better. It may be harmful for your pet to use a pet door that is too small. A good general rule is to install the pet door so that the distance from the floor to the top of the passage opening is even or above the shoulder of your largest pet. If you have more than one pet, make sure the tallest pet has shoulder clearance and the shortest pet will not have to jump through the opening.

Step 2: Take a brief look at the large diagrams of the screen model at the end of the instructions and become familiar with various components of the screen model. This will not only help in understanding the terms used in these instructions but can be very useful should you need to call for technical support.

Step 3: Check the package you received to make sure that it contains all the necessary items.

Complete Kit includes:

Instructions with drawing Warranty
Hale Pet Door™ Screen Model Screen Spline
5/8” #6 Phillips Head Screws

7/64” drill bit

Tools you will need:

Screen spline roller (handy but not necessary) Drill
Phillips headed screwdriver Razor blade
Flat headed screwdriver

Needle-nosed pliers (optional)

Step 4: If the pet door has not already been factory modified for a certain position, determine which corner of the screen door is to be used for installing the pet door.

Step 5: Remove the screen window or door from its track. The screen door can generally be removed by lifting it upward and swinging the bottom inward. Occasionally the wheels will interfere with removal. In this case, the wheels will need to be lifted upward to clear the track.

Step 6: Lay the screen window or screen door on a flat surface with the screen spline facing upward

Step 7: Remove the screen spline (the ribbed rubber around the screen) from the installation corner. Needle-nosed pliers work very well for removing the screen spline or you can also carefully use a screwdriver at the corner to get started. If using a screwdriver, be careful not to cut into the spline or slice into the finish of the door frame. HINT: Only remove the spline from the corner you will be working on, going a little bit farther than the finished size of the pet door. Leave the spline attached for the moment and just push or fold it out of the way.

After you have pulled up the spline, fold the screen material back only at the corner in which you want to install the pet door.






Step 8: Slide the pet door over the frame at the corner. Make sure the pet door is adjusted properly and operates smoothly while in position. It should be flush against both the bottom and side edges. If your screen model was not factory modified, there should be a U-shaped track that slides over the edge of your door frame. If your screen door is wider than ½” and your screen model was factory modified, there should be an L-shaped channel that rests on the top of your frame and allows the pet door to fit flush against the screen door frame.

Step 9: Drill through the sides and bottom of the inner pet door frame and screen frame with the 7/64” drill provided. Insert the #6 screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Be sure the screws will not interfere with the operation of the screen door.





Step 10: Lay the screen material over the pet door. Pull the screen material taut. To hold the screen fabric around the pet door, insert the screen spline with a flat headed screwdriver or screen spline roller.

NOTE: Depending on the size of your screen door and the pet door you are installing, you may be able to use the excess screen spline that is still attached to your screen door. Simply turn a 90° corner with both sides of the spline and press them into the pet door spline frame track until they meet. If there is not enough excess spline from your screen door or if you do not wish to use it, simply insert the screen spline that came with your pet door.

When installing the spline in the corner of the pet door unit, it may be necessary to cut a small diagonal slit up into the screen material in order to relieve the tension on the screen fabric and allow it to be pulled down into the spline frame track. NOTE: Be careful not to cut too far into your screen fabric or you will have a hole at the corner of your pet door. See the picture to the left for a close up of a correctly installed pet door.



Step 11: Cut away any excess screen spline with a razor blade or scissors. Cut away the excess screen material with a razor blade being careful not to cut into the screen spline or the finish of the pet door.

Step 12: Reinstall the screen door or screen window into its original position.


Step 13: After reinstalling the screen into a vertical position, adjust the magnets in the pet door upward or downward if needed. The magnets are pressure fitted and can be adjusted downward by tapping lightly with the handle of your screwdriver. They can be adjusted upward by twisting a flat headed screwdriver below the magnet between the magnet and frame. Be sure to adjust the magnets upward from the inside of the door so as not to mar the outer door finish.







Your installation is now completed. We hope you and your pet enjoy your HALE PET DOOR™ for years to come.

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Hale Pet Door 5 Year Limited No Fault Warranty

(All parts-including flaps-and labor)

Thank you for doing business with Hale Pet Door™.  We are sure you will receive years of excellent service with your purchase.  If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact our office for return authorization and return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.  Be sure to pack the product well as we can only give 50% credit for a damaged pet door.

HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. guarantees and warrants, subject to the conditions and restrictions stated below, that the Hale Pet Door™ products and component parts thereof, purchased from HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship.  The warranty period for all Hale Pet Door™ model pet doors is effective from the date of purchase and extends to the anniversary date marking the end of the fifth year.  We agree to exchange or repair at our expense, F.O.B. our plant or warehouse any unit found to be defective in workmanship and/or material, subject to plant inspection. (See notes A and B below)

1st year – 100% of all parts and labor
2nd year – 50% of all parts and labor
3rd year – 40% of all parts and labor
4th year – 30% of all parts and labor
5th year – 20% of all parts and labor

This warranty does not include shipping to HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. or any field service labor unless the product was installed by Hale Pet Door™.

A-Glass Breakage:  We use fully tempered glass of the greatest quality and strength available for each application.  It also meets or exceeds all safety glazing laws and codes in the United States.  Even tempered glass will break on occasion, but it is very rare.  When there is a breakage of glass for whatever reason, within the FIRST YEAR, we will replace the unit for 50% of the current total price. There is no warranty on glass after the first year.

B-Parts Damaged by Misuse or Neglect:  HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. will pay 20% of the cost of the current list price of parts and labor.  No reimbursement shall be greater than the price of the replacement part. 

C-Omni Oversize Panels: This application is not recommended.  Therefore, we will only warranty 50% of the cost of the panel for the first year.  However, the pet door itself is covered per our standard warranty.

HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. will credit 50% towards the cost of a replacement Hale Pet Door that was damaged due to mis-cutting, mis-measuring or any other damage due to no fault of HSPD Manufacturing, Inc.  HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. will not accept any responsibility beyond 50% if damage is due to no fault of HSPD Manufacturing, Inc.