Ideal "Fast Fit" Flap and Frame Assembly

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Price From: $16.59
Ideal "Fast Fit" Panel Replacement Flap and Frame Assembly

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Size Flap Dimension Stock No
Small 5" x 7" 19RI11
Medium 7" x 11" 19RI12
Large 9" x 15" 19RI13
XLarge 10 1/2" x 15" 19RI14
Super Large 15" x 20" 19RI15

"Quick Easy Pet Door Installation


Nearly All Ideal "Fast Fit" Panel Pet Doors have been made with a plastic frame immediately surrounding the flap. Some have been made with metal frames in this location, however, those have been discontinued and are quite rare.


In some instances, the pet has managed to break this plastic frame. It isn't necessary to replace the entire panel when this happens. Simply order the replacement flap and frame assembly to fit the corresponding size shown above.

Caution  If you happen to have the metal frame version, these replacements will not fit!

Finally, and very important, be sure that the shape of the logo on the flap assembly your purchase matches the one you buy!! It will be either round or rectangular.

Serial number 031612 among others.

PLEASE NOTE: This product ships directly from the manufacturer and may take 1-3 business days before it actually ships.

Better than just the flap!
How do you rate this product?

Price is same/better than buying just the 'flap' elsewhere and easy to install.

great product!
How do you rate this product?

We've used the extra large pet door from for at least 7 years. We've replaced the flap two or three times and the frame one time and let me tell you, they take a beating. We have Great Pyrenees Dogs (one is 140 pounds) and they run through that door at speed if they hear something outside. They are usually followed by our 100# Lab. This door holds up. We are very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with an animal that needs access to inside and outside.

Best Dog Door Ever!
How do you rate this product?

Just bought the replacement dog door flap and hardware... Mine has been used by three dogs for 13 years!!!!! Can't believe that it made it that long... I was happy to find that it was very easy to replace the flap. I just measured and ordered... Wa La! New dog door. Looks beautiful again. Thanks for not making me repurchase the whole set up. Have told friends and they have purchased. Great product, great customer service, and fast shipping.


Replacement pet door
How do you rate this product?

It was perficect received right on time and the discription was good and installed easily .

A Little Trouble Fitting It Into the Patio Door Opening
How do you rate this product?

The assembly arrived timely and the price was reasonable. It was exactly what I needed (rectangular logo) and I was glad that it was still available. The product is well made and I would buy it again with no hesitation. BUT, I did have trouble fitting it into the old patio door assembly. The plastic build-up around the 4 corners (where the screw holes are located) of the frame was too wide for the opening of the patio door. I had to whittle down all the edges of the replacement frame assembly so that it could fit into the door opening. I used a "bonnie" knife/box cutter and struggled a bit, but I finally was able to whittle away enough of the plastic replacement frame to squeeze it into the door opening. I'm sure I ordered the correct model and size, but I think the manufacturer may have changed the product a little.

Good product with excellent customer service
How do you rate this product?

The doors last for years and when they need replacement, the quality is still just as good as the original.Great customer service in getting a difficult to find replacement door on an old model.

thumbs up
How do you rate this product?

perfect, timely and friendly

A perfect fit
How do you rate this product?

In these days of "throwaway" products, It's nice to see a company actually offer replacement parts rather than force you to replace the entire door and window assembly. Many Thanks.

How do you rate this product?

Great costumer service. Quick shipping. Super product.

How do you rate this product?

The replacement door was extremely easy to replace. It's great having an airtight door again. Our 3 little dogs use the door constantly and wore out the airtight seal after about 5 years.

just right
How do you rate this product?

perfect replacement, easy to exchange, thanks for having it

How do you rate this product?

The dog door assembly fit nice and snug. I was very happy with the quality of the flap itself. I will be returning to this site when I need another replacement.

How do you rate this product?

Great fit, super fast shipping

Great Item
How do you rate this product?

Great replacement item and great service. The replacement flap fit perfectly and we received it very quickly after purchase. We would definitely order from them again!

Good fit, easy install, pricey.
How do you rate this product?

Although it took two tries to get the correct replacement flap, install was simple. Medium rating because of the cost and non-availability of a double flap for this door ... other models do have the option. Would be nice for insulation and durability. Appears I will have to replace this flap once a year.

How do you rate this product?


How do you rate this product?

We've had our Ideal dog door for 3 dogs now and just now had to buy a plastic frame that included a new flap. Sure, we've had to buy a couple flaps alone over the years and again after 3 dogs the frame finally gave out. The rest of the door is aluminum and we wish that the frame was metal too but the plastic frame lasted for a real long time even when used with dogs that are to big for the size door that we have. Excel Pet Products are EXCELLENT products

Great door
How do you rate this product?

I've had this door for about 15 years. Needed to replace the flap a couple times and the frame just a few months ago. Very simple process, anyone can do it. Parts fit perfectly and everyone is happy again, running in and out.

perfect fit
How do you rate this product?

After getting the wrong flap from another company we went to Pet Doors and got EXACTLY what we needed, and at a better price! Shipped quickly. 100% satisfied and happy with Pet Doors.

With 5 large dogs ,it is a life saver
How do you rate this product?

The pet works really great.
Dogs come an go,in and out all day.
The only downfall is the magnetic seal on the bottom is not air tight,possibly due to high volume of traffic.

replacement door
How do you rate this product?

I received my order timely. Right color & size. Had a little problem getting it installed because I have an older door. I worked it out and the dog & cats use it all of the time. I would purchase it again.

Great website and product
How do you rate this product?

We have had an Ideal Pet door for years. Through the years, the top plastic had broken, and I babied it as long as possible. Home improvement stores, didn't carry the flap and frame...only wanted us to purchase the entire sliding door insert.
Then we found your site.
Ordering was simple. Product arrived within days. Installation was a breeze.

Easy to install.
How do you rate this product?

The plastic on my original door shattered and so I had to order a new one. This came with all the parts and was so easy to install. I would recommend this to friends and family.

Flap AND Frame Replacement
How do you rate this product?

I have 2 boxers, who charge through their doggie door like torpedoes. I have had to replace my entire flap and frame three times in the five years that I've had it. They are very durable. You are the only company I have found that offers both the flap and frame. Thank you so much!

Very Happy
How do you rate this product?

I needed a flap and frame assembly for my current Ideal Doggie door since I did not want to pay an outrageous amount for a brand new complete door. I found this company and figured out what I needed easily and ordered. I could not be happier, customer service was great, I received the replacement part very quickly and it was easy to replace. I have recommended this company to others that need just replacement parts.

Great product and company!
How do you rate this product?

It was great to find the complete assembly and also easy to install. Very pleased with the product and the company. After it arrived, the company sent an email checking to see if I was satisfied with the delivery and the product.

Looks great!
How do you rate this product?

The old pet door was looking pretty ragged...(it was over 10 years old and had seen lots of use...) This was a perfect fit and was easy to replace. Meat Wagon likes it too. (He's a min-pig...)

Not great
How do you rate this product?

We are on our third replacement flap in as many years. It is a medium sized dog breed using the super large door and the last three flaps have all ripped at the top. The manufacturer says it is because the dog's back must be hitting it. I might agree if we had a Doberman trying to get through a door for a toy breed but really!

Excellent replacement
How do you rate this product?

My young dog decided she wanted to chew off the bottom of the flap frame where the magnet was. Most places only have replacement flaps, not the frame.
This frame and flap was a perfect fit and saved me the cost of a whole new pet door assembly replacement

Very happy
How do you rate this product?

After using this doggy door fr over 12 years I
FINALLY needed to replace the flap. I am very happy with the quality of these doors and recommend them to new users.

best buy!
How do you rate this product?

we got the dog door originally for a large dog. she is gone but my herd of Chihuahuas still enjoy it. when we needed a new flap assembly we thought it would be difficult to install. it wasn't!! went in like a charm. so, easy to install the first time, easy to replace panel, and the Chihuahuas can come and go three at a time!!

Fas Fit Flap & frame
How do you rate this product?

It was only a week in use before the bottom strip that is plastic cracked again! If your pup runs through the dog door, then the bottom of the strip will crack. I have it taped now again trying to make the door last longer. It should be made out of something else other than plastic!

Manufacturer Ideal Pet Products
Manufacturers Ideal Pet Products
Flap Colors Clear

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Ideal Pet Products Limited Lifetime Warranty

We believe that our pet doors are the most durable on the market. That's why we were the first to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty in workmanship and materials. All defective parts will be replaced free of charge. Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser only, with proof of sales receipt. Excludes flap or breakage of the glass panel.

A replacement part will be sent when we receive proof of purchase and a check in the amount of $10.00 to cover shipping and handling, payable to:

24735 Ave. Rockefeller
Valencia, California 91355
Attn: Pet Products Warranty Dept.

This warranty is void if damage to material is due to improper installation or intentional abuse.

As with any home improvement project, if you do not have the tools or skills to properly install your pet door, we suggest using a professional handyman or licensed contractor.

Ideal imposes a 15% restocking fee on all returns.