Your Guide To Measuring For A Sliding Glass Pet Door

Accurate measurements are paramount when you're looking for the perfect sliding glass pet door panel.

This guide walks you through how to measure sliding glass door dimensions to ensure the best fit for your furry friend's gateway.

Preliminary Notes:

These guidelines are tailored for channel-style sliding glass tracks.

If you're working with a monorail sliding glass door track, consider purchasing a monorail adapter, especially if you're keen on aluminum panels like Dragon, Endura Flap, or Whiskers & Windows. This adapter is suitable for tracks that are at least 3/4" thick and 1" tall, providing a stable channel to anchor the pet door.

Understanding Sliding Glass Door Measurements:

To get the best fit for your patio pet door panel, you will need to know two key measurements: your sliding door track's height and width. 

Sliding glass door panels fit directly into your door's track, which is why the panel's height adjustment should correspond to your sliding glass door track height. Panels that are too tall won't fit, while short ones won't be secure. Thankfully, many panels come with an adjustable top piece, offering flexibility within a few inches.

The track width is as crucial as the height. Panels that are either too wide or too narrow will not fit seamlessly into the glass sliding tracks.

For an optimal experience with your sliding glass pet door, precision in measurements is key. Luckily, measuring your sliding door track size is straightforward.

How to Measure Your Sliding Glass Door Track:

1) Find the Lowest Corner of Your Track:

  • Open your sliding door and position your measuring tape at the deepest part of the lower corner. This helps you find the lowest corner of your track.
  • Ensure the tape lies flush against the corner, and be wary of any obstructions that might block your measurement.

2) Find the Highest Corner of Your Track:

  • Extend the measuring tape alongside your doorway until you reach the uppermost corner.
  • The distance from the base to the top defines the sliding glass door track height.
  • You will need to select a height adjustment range that includes your track height. Some brands have custom options if your track height does not fall into one of the height adjustment range options.

3) Measuring the Track's Width:

  • To ascertain how to measure for sliding patio door width, simply stretch your tape across the bottom track your door glides upon.
  • It's essential to note: most aluminum pet door panels mandate at least a 1" wide track, whereas vinyl panels typically require 1.5" or more.

    Additional Tips for Selecting Your Sliding Glass Door Pet Door:

    • Ensure you measure your pet to guarantee the flap size is suitable.
    • For monorail sliding glass door tracks, a monorail adapter might be necessary.
    • Custom dog door panels are available for unique sliding glass door heights.
    • If your panel is slightly short, brands like Endura Flap, Dragon, and Whiskers & Windows offer height extension pieces.
    • Remember, our goal is to help you get it right the first time. If you have any questions about how to measure for a sliding glass dog door or any other queries, our customer service team is here to assist.