Dog Doors for Doors

  • Give your pets free access to the outdoors with a door-mounted pet door
  • Choose from dozens of brands offering economical and high-quality models
  • Hundreds of sizing and installation options for pets of all shapes and sizes

Pet Doors to Install in Doors

The door mount doggie door is what most people think of as a pet door. It's as simple as cutting a hole in the back door and screwing it on to grant your pet access to the yard. Pet door mounts are pet products that are all designed to easily install in flat-surfaced, solid core doors. Hollow-core doors, including metal doors, are no problem if you make sure you've chosen a 'self-framing' dog door or cat door. Self-framing cat doors are perfect for easy installation in an interior door. Getting a cat door for interior doors is also a great way to hide the litter pan or to keep the dog away from the cat food. If you have somewhere else you would like to install, you might find our installation problems page helpful.