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General Pet Door Questions

Can I get an entire door with a pet door pre-installed?

We do offer a selection of weather-tight storm doors with pet door built-in already, which can be installed on the outside of your existing door. For extreme weather, we highly recommend the Glass and Vent Storm Door with the Endura Flap door. The PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door is also a good storm door option. It is a glass pet door that works great for both dogs and cats.

How do I measure my pet for a pet door?

We do not install pet doors. For a list of known installers in the United States please visit our installation page. Please note these companies are not affiliated with

Test whether your pet can comfortably step over the distance between ground and frame Measure the width of your pet on either side The top of the flap once installed should be an inch above their shoulders

How do I find the right replacement flap?

If you are unsure which replacement flap you need, take a look at this list of replacement flap dimensions to see if yours match. See our replacement flap page for more helpful information on purchasing replacement flaps.

An older flap can be hard to tell which brand it belongs to, we suggest measuring View of older petsafe training systems that needs replacement A clear vinyl flap falling apart, giving the dimensions we claim it to be Ideal Pet Product

How do I choose a pet door?

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a pet door. We carry a wide variety of door mount and wall entry pet doors (as well as various other installation methods), so deciding where you want to install is the First Step. These are the most important considerations to keep in mind when selecting your door:

  • Where will you install it? In a door, wall, window, screen door, sliding patio door?
  • Which matters more: Quality or price?
  • Is insulation a concern? Do you need an all-weather pet door?
  • Do you need something electronic or do you want a more dependable traditional style doggy door or cat flap?
  • What qualities are important to ensure your pet will enjoy their new pet door?

You can install a pet door essentially anywhere in your home that works for both you and your pet. Sliding glass doors, windows, screens, doors, and walls are all fair game.

spotted dachshund sitting looking up

Price is going to be a factor for most of us, and the higher quality pet doors are going to be more expensive. A high-quality pet door will last you longer, require fewer or no replacement parts, and do a better job at keeping your inside air indoors, and the outside air outdoors (this matters when you are dealing with more severe winter weather conditions).

Electronic pet doors are great solutions for specific problems, such as keeping out raccoons and other intruders or keeping some pets inside while allowing others outside. Due to the nature of electronics, these electronic dog and cat doors will never be as reliable as manual style, and most require your pet to wear a collar key in order to have access.

Once you've selected your Common Concerns & Solutions When Choosing a Pet Door.

Why shouldn't I get a pet door?

Pet doors are incredible conveniences for both pets and humans, but they are not always suitable for your home. If you do not have a secure enclosure for your pet to access, we do not recommend installing a pet door of any kind. The risk of your pet running away, getting stolen, or hurt by wildlife, is just not worth it.

Cats, who are not always "outside savvy," can benefit from access to a completely enclosed pen that allows them to enjoy the outdoors without the risks. This works great for small dogs as well, and for large dogs, you can allow access to a secure outdoor kennel if safety is a concern.

Which size pet door do I get?

Don't go by weight. A standard poodle and a bulldog might both weigh 50 pounds, but the poodle will be 22 inches tall while the bulldog will be 15 inches tall, and require a much wider door than the poodle!

If you have a puppy, measure the largest of the parents. If you don't know the parents, your best bet is to order a larger pet door and hope they don't outgrow it!

Follow these steps to ensure a safe, comfortable passage.

  • Measure your pet from feet to shoulder (If you have pets sharing, measure the tallest and the shortest)
  • The top of the pet door flap should be at least 1 inch above their back
  • The Flap Height + Step Over = Top of the Flap
  • Consider how high your pet(s) are comfortable with stepping over
  • You do not necessarily need a flap size that is the same size as your pet, you can create a ‘mock’ opening to see what your pet is/isn’t comfortable with

Find out how to measure here!

Why would I want an electronic pet door?

A collar key sends out a signal to electronic doors to open for your own pet
The main reasons people get electronic pet doors are to keep out intruders or keep certain pets from getting outside while allowing others out. Neither of these situations can be 100% guaranteed, but using an electronic smart door can solve many of these types of problems for you! You have to keep in mind that electronic means there are moving parts that can fail and leave your pet stranded on either side, and many require batteries to function. Your pet will need to wear a collar key to access the pet door, or for smaller dogs and cats, you can use a pet door that uses their microchip ID to access the dog or cat door!
Check out the Cat Mate Elite Super Selective Pet Door for an option with timer control functions that allow you to control when your pet can/cannot leave to go potty. For larger pets, the High Tech Pet Power Pet Door is a good option for a pet patio door that lifts automatically for especially timid or arthritic pets. Keep in mind that electronic doors will not function properly with large dogs.

Installation Questions

Do you install pet doors?

We do not install pet doors. For a list of known installers in the United States please visit our installation page. Please note these companies are not affiliated with

Do pet doors include everything I need to give to my builder?

Pet door purchases will come with hardware like screws necessary to install (and usually some form of weatherstripping for extreme weather doors). Tools are typically not included. If you believe you are missing something from your door or wall kit, please contact us.

What about home security?

The Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover, which puts 12 gauge steel and a steel combination lock between your home and potential burglars.

Just about every pet door will come with a locking mechanism by means of a locking cover (for non-electronic) or a button/tab. These locks are typically found on the inside of the home, so you have full control.

What if a burglar climbs through your large sized pet door? Well, you can stop worrying. Get the Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover and you've got 12 gauge steel and a steel combination lock between that burglar and your pet door. Works on doors and walls for the ultimate in pet door security. If you have a large pet door, chances are a burglar will pass over your home for one that doesn't contain a potentially dangerously large guard dog. But if someone wants to get into your house so bad that a big dog doesn't phase them, they would probably break through another way even if you didn't have a dog door.

For sliding glass door inserts, you can add a charley bar for extra security. The panel itself won't be able to be lifted from the outside, and with an added bar, there is no way someone could wiggle the sliding door open.

An additional locking method for sliders is a bar wedged between the slider and stationary for daily use

Pet Door Troubleshooting

How do I fix an air leak in my patio panel?

Installation Problems for Patio Pet Doors - Leaks Around the Frame

A properly installed patio pet door, properly installed, will not leak air to any appreciable extent. Note that we are not talking about the flap area here. Different flaps from different manufacturers have different performance levels. But the frame of a patio pet door will be weatherstripped along both sides and be tight at the top and at the bottom.

In rare instances, however, this is not the case, and you may experience a significant leak. What is happening here is that the frame of the sliding glass door is slightly out of square, causing the patio pet door not to fit properly. There are four problem possibilities. The information below will show you the four situations and how to fix each of them.

Many folks will be able to solve these problems by themselves. If you feel that the fix is beyond your skill levels, then a local glass shop can easily do the work.

Patio Pet Door Air Leaks Examples

Problem: Gap at the Top or Gap at the Bottom

Typically your house has settled slightly, and the sliding glass door is no longer square to the framing supporting it. There will be an adjustment--usually a method for raising or lowering the leading wheel that the glass door rolls on. Small adjustments to this wheel height will rotate the sliding glass door to be square to the pet door.

Problem: Gap at Top and Bottom or Gap in the Middle

The vertical frame member of the sliding glass door is bowed. A rubber mallet may be used to tap this member into a straight line.

Website Questions

I want to replace my current pet door, can you help?

light brown dog stretching

Yes! If you were looking for a new doggie door that fits right in without making any new cutouts, we would need to know the exact dimensions of your cutout (this is the hole you made to install the pet door). If you are okay with amending the opening, then keep in mind that for doors, it is much easier to make the cutout a little bigger than trying to shim it in to make the hole work with a smaller pet door. Feel free to chat with a customer service representative or send an email to with your door model, pictures, and/or cutout dimensions and we will be happy to assist.

Where do you ship from?

All of the brands are available to ship from within the United States. While most items come from California, we do have manufacturers in Colorado, Florida, and Washington.