Electronic Pet Door Collars

  • Replace lost collar keys for your electronic dog door or cat door
  • Allow additional pets to unlock and access the electronic door

Collar Keys for Electronic, Magnetic and Automatic Pet Doors

When buying a replacement collar key, recognize that they are not interchangeable between dog doors and cat doors. All electronic doors also come with at least one of these collar keys, so these are only for replacement and additional pets. It's important to get the correct smartkey and collar tags for your doggie door or cat door.

If you're having trouble recognizing the brand you require, examine the images in the electronic pet door section for the type of pet door you have: In a door, wall, sliding glass door, etc. You'll probably recognize your pet door. However, the dog and cat magnet keys are just magnets so they are interchangeable. The staywell collar keys are now called the Petsafe magnetic cat flap collar key. Also, the only key for a dog door with collar included is the High Tech Power Pet door.