Cat Flaps and Doors

  • Give cats the independence to come and go comfortably with the perfectly sized cat door
  • Allow your cat access to their litter box or food without disruption by the dog or other pets
  • Select from a wide range of installation locations and styles from the classic door mount to an electronic cat door for maximum security

Cat pet doors range in size, function, and style, and it's worth the time spent finding the best cat door for doors to fit your needs. Luckily, we have the biggest selection of the best cat doors on the market, so whether you are looking for a small cat door, the best cat door for interior doors for litter boxes, or an insulated cat door for exterior doors, you can be assured that we have what you need. So make sure you take a look at all of the cat door reviews and find your perfect cat flap door.

Can you use a standard pet door for your cat? Yes, you can, but cats may not be comfortable with the heavy, flexible flap material of most pet doors. Most cat flaps, instead of a soft flap of vinyl, have a rigid acrylic one. The best sellers in the cat flap world incorporate technology to control cat access, like microchips, 4-way locks, and collar keys.