Custom Dimension Pet Doors

  • Custom, made-to-order pet doors for all installations
  • Choose from pet doors for French doors, glass doors and custom inserts
  • A custom pet door will fit your door or wall to perfection

Having an irregular door type or size doesn't mean you have to give up on installing a dog door or cat door in your home! We have plenty of custom door options including patio panels for irregular sliding glass door dimensions, pet doors for French doors, and even custom dimension doors that can be installed in a pre-existing hole left by a previous pet door. Sometimes it's much easier to order a doggie door custom made to fit into a pre-existing hole you already have rather than amending the opening to fit a new pet door. The best solution for this issue would be the Custom Made Hale Pet Door for Doors, which fits into an existing opening in your door. Hale also carries a Custom Dimension Wall Model for a pre-existing opening in your wall. Hale Pet Products carries high-quality pet doors and is a great brand for giant breeds such as Great Danes and Mastiffs with door sizes ranging from small to giant. This is also a great option if you need to fit a dog door between two studs in a wall.

In addition to custom door and wall mounts, we also carry custom dog door inserts for very short or very tall patio door tracks outside of the "off the shelf" model height ranges. The Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e is available in custom height ranges to fit your sliding door track. This glass pet door panel insert features the energy-efficient Endura Flap, the most weather resistant doggy door on the market. We carry other custom sliding door models such as the Custom Ideal Fast Fit Patio Pet Door which offers a great variety of track height ranges. Patio pet doors offer the easiest installation, often not requiring any tools. For trickier custom dog door installation, such as in a French door, you can check out our list of recommended pet door installers near you.

Another common situation when custom door pet doors come in handy is with French doors. For instance, The Hale Custom Pet Door for French Doors allow you to remove a pane of glass (or several panes) from a French door (or even a sash window) to be replaced with a custom-sized pet flap. For whichever solution fits your situation, custom pet door installation allows you to grant your pet outdoor access without the hassle of replacing your door or re-framing the interior of a wall.