Custom Pet Doors and Custom Pet Door Panels

When it comes to pet doors, you have hundreds of options to choose from. Sometimes, however, you still can’t find what you need. Fear not, for many manufacturers create custom dimension pet doors and dog doors. 

Here, we’ll answer all the questions you may have about custom doors:

  • Do I Need a Custom Pet Door?
  • Why are Custom Pet Doors not the Standard?
  • Are Custom Dog Doors More Expensive?
  • What Are My Custom Dog Door Options?
  • How to Order Custom Pet Doors from

Do I Need a Custom Pet Door?

Custom pet doors have custom dimensions. If you find a product—that also has a custom option—and none of the standard sizes listed fit your door, wall, or slider, you can opt for a custom dimension option that will be built rto perfectly fit your home. 

Mikey walking through new custom endura flap thermo panel

These builds are perfect for several unique applications, like doors that have pre-cut holes from previous pet doors. Enter a square-inch range and measure the exact height and width of the hole, then get a perfectly-sized pet door built to those measurements. If you want to put a wall mount dog door under a window, for example, you may need a custom door. Some manufacturers can even create square dog doors.

Custom made dog doors are also the best option for French doors, as you can order one that will fit inside one or two of the door’s panels. Read more about French Door Dog Doors

The other very common need for custom products comes from sliding glass doors. Since there are so many brands of slider, and so many ‘standard’ heights, lots of people need a custom built panel and pet door for their home. 

Why Are Custom Pet Doors not the Standard? 

If custom dog doors are so good, why don’t manufacturers make all their pet doors to custom specifications? The quick answer is that it doesn’t make sense logistically. 

three options for the custom endura flap thermo panel 3e

Custom dimension dog doors often require a different manufacturing process, extra or different materials, and sometimes take longer to ship. All of these reasons make it hard for companies to create custom dog doors and panels. 

These logistical reasons also contribute to a pet door’s price.

Are Custom Dog Doors More Expensive?

Custom-made dog doors are more expensive than standard size pet doors, for all of the reasons mentioned above. They also carry an additional cost because they are customer-specified; this often requires checking and double-checking of measurements by customer service teams, meaning more hours are spent on a single order.

Most manufacturers and distributors — included — won’t grant refunds to returned custom dimension pet doors. This is because it is impossible to re-sell a custom-sized pet door. That dog door was made for one home, after all!

What Are My Custom Dog Door Options?

For a standard door, the Hale brand comes in with the gold standard for custom dimension pet doors. They have custom dimension dog doors for doors and custom dimension dog doors for french doors.

For walls, Hale comes in again with a custom dimension dog door for walls that doesn’t break the bank.

With sliding glass doors, you have many more options, each with their own strengths. The Custom Ideal Fast Fit is an economical option, while the Custom Enduraflap Thermo Panel 3e brings superior insulation and sturdy engineering. If you’re thinking of buying a custom sliding door pet door, read about the Thermo Panel 3e vs Fast Fit Patio Panel, and decide for yourself.

How to Order a Custom Pet Door from

Ordering a custom door can be confusing at best, and frustrating at worst. We want to give you the most streamlined custom ordering process possible. That means making your job easier while still giving you the best pet doors possible. 

To order a custom door, you simply need to find the pet door you like, order through our website,, then fill out the quick Google Form sent to you via the confirmation email. A simple two-step process to get a custom made pet door delivered right to your door.

Not that computer savvy? No problem. Our talented customer service team is here to help you with any installation or custom pet door questions you may have. Contact us today at or 1-800-826-2871. 

Want to see all our custom option pet doors? Simply select the “Custom Option” filter on the left-hand side of our collections pages!

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