Endura Flap Patio Pet Door Height Extension

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  • Extension for Endura Flap brand Patio Panels and Sashes
  • Part of the anti-whoops feature included on all Endura Flap‚ Patio Panel Pet Doors
  • Gives you an extra 3/4" added to the panel or sash adjustment range
  • Three colors and four sizes to match your pet door

Endura Flap Patio Panel Height Extensions

These are a part of the exclusive anti-whoops feature included on all Endura Flap patio pet doors.

You mismeasured! Now you have to send the patio pet door back for the correct size. Not so fast! If you purchased a Patio Pacific patio pet door, you might be able to salvage the situation by using the "anti-whoops" feature:

  • To make your panel about 1" taller, you may purchase a height extension (or create your own using 1" piece of wood).
  • To make your panel slightly shorter, you may trim the flanges that accept the height extension with a metal hacksaw.

If you need a substantially higher panel that doesn't fall into the standard Patio Pacific height adjustment ranges, then you may purchase a custom height Endura Flap‚ Sliding Glass Pet Door.

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Stock Code
Small  6" w x 11" h 13PPC06
Medium  8" w x 15" h 13PPC08
Large  10" w x 19" h 13PPC10
Extra Large  12" w x 23" h 13PPC12

NOTE: The size of the height extension is about 3/4 inch. Choose your patio panel pet door size based on the chart above so we can send you the right width. If the height extension of 3/4" is not the correct size, you can also put a piece of lumber in your panel's track to extend the height.