Endura Flap® Pet Doors

  • The most insulated and wind-resistant pet door on the market
  • Engineered to be energy-efficient and easier for pets to use
  • Made in USA, 90-day returns & lifetime warranty

Patio Pacific was incorporated in 1976 specifically to market a new type of pet door--the 'panel' pet door for sliding glass door. This new door, the 'Instant' Pet Door, was the first of it's kind to offer an adjustable height capability which was desperately needed at the time.

Extreme weather dog door options were few and far between so the company in more recent years went all-in on designing the perfect hot and cold weather dog doors. Patio Pacific has developed the 'Endura Flap®' line of patented insulated dog doors that address the 12 important factors that define pet door excellence. With the Endura Flap®, these high-performance pet doors won the coveted Fancy Publications Editor's Choice Award in 2007 based upon their superior technology.

Now available in designs for sliding glass doors, sash windows, kennels, French doors, and sliding windows. And also in both single-flap and double-flap versions for doors and walls. The single Endura Flap® pet door rivals any double-flap competitor and the double Endura Flap® versions have proven themselves suitable for the very worst Michigan and Canadian winter weather. So if you're looking for the best-insulated dog door you've come to the right place!

Endura Flap® Pet Doors Let Your Pets in and Keep the Weather Out