Pride Replacement Flaps (fits Johnson & Petsafe Ultimate)


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Price From: $24.99

Quick Overview

Pride Pet Door Replacement Flaps consist of two parts: A rectangular central flap and a 'U' shaped piece that overlaps the flap and the frame on one side. These will serve to replace Johnson pet door flaps as well as Petsafe Ultimate flaps.

Pride Pet Door Replacement Flap (frame not included)

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Flap Size Flap Dimension Rough Cut Out Outside Frame DimensionStock No
Small 4 3/4" w x 7" h 7 5/8" w x 9 5/8" h 9 1/8" w x 10 1/2" h 10ZS01
Medium 8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h 11 1/8" w x 14 7/8" h 12 5/8" w x 15 3/4" h 10ZS02
Large 11 1/2" w x 17" h 14" w x 18 7/8" h 15 1/2" w x 19 3/4" h 10ZS03
Extra Large 14 1/2" w x 19 1/2" h 17 1/4" w x 21 3/4" h 18 3/4" w x 22 3/4" h 10ZS04

Important "Flap Dimension" is measured Inside the U-Shaped Gasket Piece.
Do Not measure the full flap.

Purchase Multiple Units for Discount

Click here for information about using these flaps in your Petsafe Ultimate or Johnson Pet Door

Pride Pet Door Replacement Flap Identifying Information

Pride flaps consist of two parts: A rectangular central flap and a 'U' shaped piece that overlaps the flap and the frame on one side. When the pet pushes in one direction both parts swing away. In the other direction, only the central section swings. This design is the same as the Johnson Pet Door flap design and the two are interchangeable (see notes below).

Pride locking covers are fiberboard with one side painted bright white. This very visible color alerts the pet that the door is locked. It may be mounted on either side of the pet door.

Pride pet doors have these manufacturer numbers on a label on the frame: Small SD300, Medium MD400, Large LD500 and XLarge XLD600.

Flap dimensions shown are inside the 'U' shaped gasket.

We're measuring inside the 'U' shape. So long as the label matches the manufacturer part number, don't worry if your measurement is slightly different.

Since Johnson Pet Door and Petsafe Ultimate flaps have been discontinued by the manufacturer, many Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate owners have successfully substituted Pride Pet Products flaps. The Pride flaps do fit these pet doors and are the same two-part design. However, please note these important differences:

  • Pride flaps are black rubber rather than tinted vinyl. Because your pet cannot see through the Pride flap as he could with the Johnson flap it is vital that you not permit him to try to race through the Pride flap with the Johnson locking cover in place. He could be seriously injured!  Pride flaps are Not available in a clear version. 
  • Both Johnson pet doors and Pride pet doors rely on the center flap and U-shaped piece to fit flat against each other.  On the large size, the Johnson had a magnet placed half-way up both sides to help maintain this seal. The Pride flap does not have this magnet. However, the XLarge size Pride flap does have it.
  • WARNING ABOUT SMALL SIZE: We have had a large number of returns of the Small size which seems to indicate that the Small Pride Flap is not such a good fit as the other sizes. The Small has nubs at the top and slides into a channel which holds it in place rather than having to screw it in like the small Johnson/Ultimate flaps, so that size might not work without modification. Customers have been able to modify the small and use it in their doors, but it is not a simple substitute.
  • Read more about replacing your Johnson or Petsafe Ultimate flaps with Pride flaps here!

Note Sometimes only the magnet is missing. Unfortunately, those magnets are not available. The only solution is to replace the flap.

Great Replacement Door.
How do you rate this product?

This replacement door seems superior to original door.

How do you rate this product?

I have six dogs and often foster dogs. My doggy door sees a lot of action. I found myself replacing the flaps yearly. Because this one is heavier it closes completely....especially important after this cold Winter. Still hanging perfectly in place and closing fully in extremly cold weather Highly recommend !

How do you rate this product?

the dog door works great! I wish you sold the metal door cover too

pride pet door replacement flap
How do you rate this product?

fully satisfied with this product! Very good quality. So happy I found you on the web. It was easy to install too.
Will certainly be doing business again with you in the near future.

Worked perfectly! Very pleased!
How do you rate this product?

I bought a house 10 years ago that had a petsafe doggy door installed in the wall of the house. Over the years, the flap had deteriorated to the point that we had drafts

I was really worried when I discovered that this product was no longer being manufactured as again, the door was in the wall, which wasn't going to be easy to redo.

I was THRILLED to find this option and even more thrilled that it worked like a charm, in fact, fits and works better than the old flap! Any comments about it being dark and the dog being confused were no worries at all. Once you show the dog how it works, they figure it out ;)

Thank you for a great product!

Can't install
How do you rate this product?

Chip would like to try out his new door, but his owner can't install it "easily" as advertised because the screws in old door are stripped and impossible to get out. So for now he is stuck with old door that does not seal the opening. Good thing he lives in sunny California!

How do you rate this product?

Purchased the extra large size and it fits better than the Johnson Pet Door. Doesn't let in the cold air like the old one. The cat, who learned how to go out the dog door, doesn't have a problem getting back in the house. The flap isn't see through but fits so well who cares.

Excellent Product
How do you rate this product?

We had a very old doggy door that was becoming very drafty. My husband installed this one on the advice of an agent when we called in about our problem. It fits perfectly and has solved the problem. The dogs have had no issues using the new one, we would highly recommend it to others.

How do you rate this product?

they need more magnets on the xxxl doors so the wind does not blow them open and they need to attach them better after a while they will fall out

It fit!
How do you rate this product?

I was surprised to find a replacement that fit my old pet-safe brand dog door. It fits perfectly. A slight drawback to me is that it is opaque rather than see through. I think the animals prefer the transparent. Very happy with it.

Too Expensive for outcome of product
How do you rate this product?

The house we bought already had a dog door in it(PetSafe Ultimate which is discontinued)and the flap was getting wore out so we sought out to replace it. We have an 80lb Red Fox Labrador and a 10lb Chihuahua that use the pet door on a daily basis. After searching and noticing that the PetSafe Ultimate was discontinued we then sought to replace the entire dog door itself, however we were unable to find any other dogs doors with the same dimension as the PetSafe Ultimate or with dimensions which would work in our storm door. Therefore we decided to try the next best alternative and purchase this flap replacement in hopes that it would work. When installing the flap we first noticed that the securing points on the main flap were different than those originally on the PetSafe, however we made best due with the situation. Upon installation it was quite apparent that this replacement flap was much heavier than our original flap, therefore our Chihuahua could not open the flap. Next, the main flap started to fall out once our Lab went in/out of the door several times. Therefore we decided to remove the new main flap and put back in our old flap and just use the new “U”shaped flap on the outside. This works okay, but for the outcome we got the product was not worth the price. We will more than likely end up buying a new storm door and installing a different dog door completely.

Great Replacement Part
How do you rate this product?

Had super difficult time trying to find a replacement door for our old worn out one. Friend told me about this site and the door I ordered for perfectly and works like new!!

Pride replacement flap
How do you rate this product?

I do not like the black plastic and neither do my 2 dogs. Being that they cannot see through it there is some fear of what is on the other side. The other major problem is the flap catches on the U shape and will not lay flat so then the dogs will not use it.
Our solution was first to try silicone spray on the U and flap to no success so then my husband took out the U so now just the flap is there.
That works for the dogs however it now lets in Mosquitoes.
We prefer the Johnson style and clear plastic pet flap.
Please listen to your customer complaints and make the changes.

Excellent service and replacement door
How do you rate this product?

Bought this door to replace on older Johnson pet door size large. This two piece flap fits perfectly and the material is actually heavier than the original product. Highly recommend!

Change needed
How do you rate this product?

Product is very sturdy and easy to put up. I do not like the way the rubber around the door attaches. If I have it on correctly it just slips around a screw.

I don't recommend this replacement flap.
How do you rate this product?

This was a waste of almost $50. The flap does not have enough magnets on either piece. There are big gaps between the two pieces since they don't lay together tight therfore lots of cold air comes in and out. I purchased a much better designed door for only $15 more than this replacement flap cost.

How do you rate this product?

An easy reinstall with no trouble. I thought I would have to remove the whole thing and start over but not the case. Unscewed the top retainer bracket ant lined up the holes and everything fell in to place. Thanks.

Don"t buy this product!
How do you rate this product?

Door flap lasted about 2 weeks before tearing at the corner.

OK, but not perfect
How do you rate this product?

Did not fit as well as I had hoped.

Dog was pleased
How do you rate this product?

Worked well and fit great.

Poor sibstitute
How do you rate this product?

First it's black, not translucent like the original Johnson flap, and it makes my dog reluctant to go through it.
Second, the 2 side magnets on the Johnson door are not on this door, cost reduced out,I guess. This makes the door less likely to close tightly.

I bought this back in April,I think, but just installed it last weekend.

I have since uninstalled it and re-installed the repaired Johnson flap and side trim. I got most of the warp out of it by heating it in very hot water.
$49.95 down the rathole!

Great but...
How do you rate this product?

The door is a perfect fit and easy to install but the dogs were initially hesitant to use it because it's black and they can't see through it like their previous clear door. It's like they are entering a black hole. I hope eventually a clear version will be available.

Great Products
How do you rate this product?

This is much better than the original flap as it is heavier and thicker and my big boys, Great Dane and a Doberman have not torn it yet and I have had it for a year now. The originals one were done in in six months or less as they were thin clear plastic. Because it is heaver the window doesn't blow it open either. buyt it you will love it.

Great product---fit perfectly!
How do you rate this product?

Replacement flap was very easy to install and fit the frame from my original PetSafe door perfectly. Material is heavier than original flap and does a very nice job staying closed when there is wind. Would recommend this without hesitation.

Good Product
How do you rate this product?

The door flap was a perfect fit for the existing dog door. If this is for an outside wall dog door, I would recommend you have an extra set of hands to help line it up. Otherwise, it is very frustrating and tricky.
My dog had no problem adjusting to the black flap, as I read in some reviews.

worked great
How do you rate this product?

perfect replacement for the old broken one. I know people were put off by the black flap, and our dog was confused at first, but after a bit it totally worked out. I'm hoping the black flap might keep out unwanted guests like skunks or racoons.

price, delivery replacement flap door
How do you rate this product?

The personnel worked with me to get the correct size info. I needed . Shipped on time and fit original frame .Thanks

Dog door
How do you rate this product?

Very happy with the product and quick delivery but the delivery to Canada was more than the price of the replacement flap.

Outer flap is a little large
How do you rate this product?

Does not close much of the time. I still need to trim it.

How do you rate this product?

Looked everywhere for this. Easy to order, exactly what I needed, works wonderful!!

Pride Pet Door
How do you rate this product?

I feel it is constructed will and maybe for new pets will work fine.
I have an older dog who learned to enter and exit with clear flap.
My dog will not use the solid black flap door.

Why not the clear flap. I wasted my money.

replaces the Johnson door but doesn't seal as well
How do you rate this product?

The door is definitely heavy duty and fits well, but doesn't seal as well as the Johnson door. The Johnson door had magnets inserted on the sides as well as the bottom and had an almost perfect seal. I really miss my Johnson door.

Works we'll
How do you rate this product?

Door flap required a little trimming on bottom to fit door opening.
Otherwise works well and will last a year or two.
I like dragging blankets through it even though my owner says it damages the flap. Too bad I like my blankets.

Great product wish it was clear plastic.
How do you rate this product?

I purchased this replacement flap for our over 30 year old XL Johnson pet door. I had replaced it once before from Petsafe
who took over Johnson. Very easy too install- fit perfectly. It
was a little tough to get my dogs used to the black door and
My cat misses being able to look through it. I am glad Pride
stepped up to the plate to make this replacement. Also the
good folks at Petsafe were the ones who gave me the phone #
to so I could get it. Thanks too all involved!

5 stars
How do you rate this product?

Perfect replacement fit my opening. I was glad I did not have to replace the frame. I only needed to trim 3/8" gong bottom . I wish the door was transparent but black will suffice.

George from Arizona

Great Door
How do you rate this product?

I love the Door. Installed easy. I had to get new screws for it since it is a thicker and better quality door than the original one.

I like the black. Like I said it is heavy duty. Closes better. I will order one for a spare.

How do you rate this product?

They fit the opening but they are a bit longer than the originals so they tend to hang up and not close completely. They are black, which is not as good as the translucent originals. They only have the 3 magnets across the bottom, lacking the ones on the side that the originals had so they are more easily blown open by the wind and appear easier for insects to get past. On the plus side, they saved me from having to buy a whole new door.

How do you rate this product?

fit great on our old door ... so happy I found this company

Difficulty Replacing
How do you rate this product?

The instructions were not clear and after a great deal of frustration and time the panel was too long and had to be shaved off to fit. Also, the panel that I replaced was clear and I wish this one was also.

excellent produce
How do you rate this product?

The med. size replacement flap fit and worked perfectly. It was a replacement for one that gave us 8 years of service. Very heavily used.

Perfect replacement
How do you rate this product?

When the new dog chewed through our door flap, we were worried we would not be able to get a replacement. This worked perfect and my not so handy husband had no problem installing.

Very unhappy
How do you rate this product?

Did not fit my Petsafe door which I had originally purchased from you. I tried to make it fit so could not return it.

ed note - We hate to see messages like this one. Unfortunately, these reviews are anonymous so we have no way to follow up with the customer. First question would be "Which Petsafe pet door"? This flap will fit only the Petsafe Ultimate. Not the Petsafe Classic, the Petsafe Freedom, the Petsafe Deadbolt, the Petsafe Quickfit.... you get the point. There isn't just one "Petsafe" pet door and we don't know which his was. Next, size. If it was a Petsafe Ultimate and still didn't fit it may have been a small size. We've had some complaints about the fit of that size in particular. So should we sell the small size? Well, for most people it's a better option than the alternative. The rough cut-out dimensions of the Ultimate series are very difficult to match unless you get a custom dimension one built to the exact size for around $160. If in doubt, call customer service. We're glad to help and would very much like to avoid the problems this customer had.

Execellent product
How do you rate this product?

This flap was a perfect fit to replace Johnson XL flap. It took our dog a couple of days to get used to it but, that's probably because there was no flap in the door opening for about a year. I would highly recommend this product.

Awesome product
How do you rate this product?

Heavy duty. Much tougher than original and a perfect fit! Shipped on time and at a great price. Customer support was knowledgeable and accurate.

Great door
How do you rate this product?

This replacement door beats the original big time. The material is better quality. The door is virtually opaque so that keeps the sun's rays from harming the rug or furniture.

Not what I'd hoped for
How do you rate this product?

Though made of sturdy material, the flap doesn't quite fit correctly, and I'm going to have to trim some material off the bottom of the outside flap. It is installed snugly against the top, but still catches in a partly open position on the bottom frame. One dog is not afraid of the black, but the other dog won't even attempt to use it. I was disappointed in this rather expensive purchase. Since I didn't discover this problem until after I'd paid to have it installed, I couldn't very well return it.

The only way to keep your Johnson door
How do you rate this product?

I had a Johnson door, and after 10 years, so sad to see the flap finally go. The Pride flaps are a good replacement, if not the only replacement. My only issue with them, which I did not have with my Johnson door, the magnets will come out (although Pet Doors really helped me out by sending me replacement magnets) and the flaps will tear if the door gets a lot of traffic and use, and mine does with 3 active Labs. So I always buy two at a time, and it gets easier each time replacing the flap. Until I replace the entire door, because the Johnson opening will not fit any other door, the Pride flaps do the trick.

Medium Pride MD400
How do you rate this product?

Although this was a perfect match to my decades old door mounted in my patio French door panel, my 15 year old cocker hates it, but uses it begrudgingly when she must. It is So heavy it drops on her feet and must pull them through when exiting. Why isn't there a lighter weight 8 and a half by 12 and a half made by Pride. This is California, not Alaska. Also, FYI this dimension works OK for a visiting Aussie.

Old flap worn out, new flap needed
How do you rate this product?

The old, translucent flap of 15 years finally wore out and time for a new one. Easy to order from their website, arrived quickly, but they no longer carry the translucent flaps, only black. I guess it was mentioned the color change was for safety. Anyway, the color change didn't work so well with my pooch. He was used to seeing through the door, and a black door meant no use. We taught him, and he would use it only when we were encouraging him. It took months and a lot of 'accidents' in the house before he finally accepted his fate of a black door. Maybe we should have a choice on color. (He wouldn't use the door because he couldn't see through it!) Also, the new flap didn't have the exact same measurements as the old flap, off by about 1/4" at the bottom and wouldn't "flap", got stuck a lot. Had to cut it down.

need a semi transparent flap
How do you rate this product?

i replaced my old Johnson flap with the Pride flap, now my older Shihtzu does not feel comfortable going through it. Bottom line,the black flap is a problem for some dogs.

The Black Flap is not better than transparent
How do you rate this product?

I bought the replacement flap for my Johnson pet door, the quality is good but the color is not. The old pet flap was semi transparent which makes perfect sense, now my 15 year old Shihtzu wont go through the black flap.

Clear design is needed!
How do you rate this product?

I purchased this door because my see through Petsafe door wore out.. The Petsafe door had clear panels. This replacement door is solid black and the dogs will not go through the door as it appears solid to them. The product should be made with a clear panel.

exactly what I was looking for
How do you rate this product?

I like the black color as it keeps the sun out. The cats and dog were able to adapt to this new color immediately. The door is almost a snug fit with the exception of 1/8 of an inch shorter in width on one side. So far the flap as continued to remain closed and it offers the protection from heat and cold. When this one wears out I will definitely purchase another one of these.

Great product..Great Fit
How do you rate this product?

We purchased the replacement flap for our 30+ year old Johnson dog door.. I called PetSafe first and was given your info from one of their employees..All around everyone just wanted to help us get it right and all of you did..Thank You!!

Pride pet door flap
How do you rate this product?

I love this pet door, but it's not very durable. I have two energetic dogs that have broken two flaps in 8 months. This is becoming a very expensive way to let my dogs out in the backyard.

heavy duty
How do you rate this product?

A much more robust product than the original pet safe flaps.

Not an ideal replacement
How do you rate this product?

Unfortunately, Johnson pet door flaps are no longer available. This substitute does not have the same measurements, and is very difficult to install. We had to cut it down, and even then, it was a struggle to fasten in place.

Better than Pet Safe
How do you rate this product?

I needed to replace my x-large pet door from Pet Safe but could not because Pet Safe does not make the door flap that I needed. So during my research I found Pride flaps. They are better than Pet Safe doors. It only took a very short time for my dogs to get use to the flap being black. This flap holds up better, seals better just everything better. I will NEVER purchase a pet safe door or flap again. Highly recommend this product

How do you rate this product?

The door flap fit perfectly with the existing frame. It is pliable even in cold weather. The dogs got used to the color "black" with not trouble. I am very happy with this replacement flap.

How do you rate this product?

It fits, it works, I like it. I did have to make a few cuts to adjust the size of the door so it would fit and swing freely and the cat was puzzled by the black opaque nature of the door, but she got used to it. This one is stronger and heavier than the last and there's no problem of it's ability to close and seal off the cold air from outside. When the cat isn't acting lazy and asking us to open it for her, she'll bang right through it in a second to chase other cats away. Considerably improved over the last model. Thank you.

Fit the old frame
How do you rate this product?

We were glad to find replacement as we did not want to replace the door only I wish it was clear as the babies hesitated to us it. Now they are fine with the door Thanks for providing this service

Thank goodness for Pride
How do you rate this product?

My pet door is an original Johnson and if it wasn't for this Pride replacement flaps, I would've had to replace my back door. I did have to modify the flaps just a little, but no big deal. I would order these flaps again for sure

Pre made slits at top
How do you rate this product?

I am having lots of trouble keeping my door up with those slits coming undone ,with my black lab especially. I have hired someone 4 times to fix the door. Maybe got it this time. This has been very hard and costly all because the flap comes down where the open slits are. Not a good design at all. Sorry

ed note - The slits are for safety. Most dogs aren't affected. If your dog has had prior trouble with this 2-part flap design might be better to change to a one-part flap pet door rather than continue with this problem.

Dogs no like
How do you rate this product?

My big dog, 60 lbs hates this door, will go out but not in ...He liked the old, lighter(in weight) , clear Johnson door . The smaller dog 30 lbs will use this door but jumps thru it like it gives her a shock every time!!
I think the opaque black and heavier weight spooks them.
Not good

Wish it wasn't opaque
How do you rate this product?

This replacement flap fit perfectly for my 15 yo Johnson Ultimate Petdoor. I changed it with the help of my sister on the coldest day of the year as the original flap had grown rigid and torn. I'd have given this flap 5 stars if it had been just a little light transmitting. One of my dogs is a rescue who has always been timid when it comes to pushing on anything to move it out of the way. He continues to be leary of using the new flap on the dog door because of the opacity. Alternately my other rescue doesn't have this hang-up.

fairly favorable
How do you rate this product?

We used the Pet Door flaps for many years and through our set of 5 energetic Airedale Terriers. There has been a change in brand over the past few years, reflected by a new non-transparent, solid black flaps. This was somewhat confusing initially for our dogs, but adjust they did. However after just a month of use the flap the dogs use to exit the door (the U-shaped flap) tore at the corner. Luckily we were able to repair it using, of course, the ubiquitous duct tape! Certainly the ability to have our dogs come and go at their leisure is a wonderful addition to their lifestyle! Just wish we could get their opaque flaps back and increase sturdiness of the flap at the corners!

Didn't fit at all
How do you rate this product?

I told them what old door I had and they said this one would fit. It was way bigger and didn't come close. So then I had to pay to ship it back!

Excellent Replacement Doggie door flap
How do you rate this product?

This product was an excellent fit for my Pet Safe Ultimate door. I was able to install it in little time and it fit perfectly! It is a quality product that was not too expensive.

new door fits in old frame
How do you rate this product?

We got it on time, it fits the frame.

Did not fit
How do you rate this product?

This flap did not fit the holes for the Johnson door. We had it kind of on and the rubber frame kept falling out. Finally we left that off and the flap is on but we do not have a secure seal. I do not recommend this product.

It was a perfect fit, and it was easy to install.
How do you rate this product?

Our original Johnson pet door broke (cracked in half) in the middle of the worst (coldest) winter that I have ever experienced in northern Wisconsin. The pet door was used to separate our heated garage kennel from an outside kennel, so having a working pet door in place was absolutely necessary. I was able to quickly install the Pride Replacement Flap, as it fit perfectly into the original space. In my opinion, this replacement door is better constructed (heavier type of material) than the original one. The only apparent con to this door is that the original one had a couple extra magnetic seals (on the side of the flap), which this one does not have, but that has not seemed to negatively affect it's performance, and is closing tight and working great (so far)!

How do you rate this product?

This replacement flap is much better then the one I replaced. It does an excellent job of keeping out the weather.

Working Well....Very Pleased
How do you rate this product?

We experienced a few challenges installing the replacement flap because our dog door had been poorly designed and installed some 20+ years ago. After a few minor modifications, the door works very well. The black coloring did cause our dog some confusion at first. But after pushing her though the opening (each way) 9 or 10 times, she figured it out. Good product....very pleased.

pros and cons
How do you rate this product?

The pro is that it fits in the space where the original opening was. It works better than the original, but it does not close with no air space. It doesn't seal the way you think it should. So it lets in lots of cold air. Disappointing. It surely wouldn't work for you in a cold climate.

ed note - Overtightening the screws can cause the flap to warp causing leaks. This is the first thing to check.

Waste of money
How do you rate this product?

This was a complete waste of time and money as a replacement for the Johnson flap. It does not fit properly and now I have a wide open space where the flap should be. It has fallen out twice and never fit properly.

How do you rate this product?

this door does not close to keep air out, very disappointed.

ed note - Over-tightened screws can cause warping of the flap thus preventing center piece and u-shaped gasket from mating properly.

Right Size Wrong Material
How do you rate this product?

This replacement flap is a heavy black rubber -- so heavy and daunting in fact that our dog refused to use go through it. Our dog has been using a doggy door since he was a puppy and had worn out the flap. We had a difficult time finding a replacement of the right size as the manufacturer of our door had gone out of business. While we appreciate the help we received in finding the right size, the material is inappropriate and far too heavy gauge for the application. The purchase was a complete waste of money.

i am glad i found it!
How do you rate this product?

perfect replacement for the large Johnson that finally gave out.

this one is more stout.

the transition from a translucent flap set to opaque is a shock as it really darkens what used to be a bright entrance.

in the end i would be lost without it though.

How do you rate this product?

It was a breeze to order the replacement: very friendly folks indeed. It arrived in short time, was an exact fit, and easy to install. Wish it were clear plastic however.

Great product
How do you rate this product?

I just received this product last month and I am very pleased with this replacement flap. First off, I received the flap soon after I had place the order. As far as the product itself, it fits the existing frame perfectly. I had to purchase screws from Lowe's to screw in the end flaps. This is because the replacement flap is thicker than the original, so the original screws would not do the job. But, it was a trivial task. The replacement flap is much better than the original. It provides a great seal on the opening and as a result it really helps with climate control. Further, since the flap is heavier than the original and is not prone to warping, it does not swing when the breeze is blowing. I will probably buy another flap, so that I will have a backup, in case a need arises in the future.

A greyt fit
How do you rate this product?

we have greyhounds, lots of greyhounds. they need a big flap to get their tall skinny bodies through, usually at speed as they're trying to go after a squirrel. our flap takes a beating and this one fits the bill. It's been hard to find replacement flaps for the door but finally I found PetDoors offering a flap that fits perfectly. thank goodness.

Quite disappointed
How do you rate this product?

The replacement did not fit the original door, as advertised. Although there was not too much work to be done to make it fit, I still had to do some extra work. Also, the magnetic portion of the flap is useless. I guess this is another example that 'Truth in Advertising" is not always true.

perfect fit; higher quality that OEM; fast ship. *Thanks!*
How do you rate this product?

Fit like a glove, and is actually better than the flaps that were supplied with the original door. Directions complete and easy to follow. Only one suggestion - the securing hardware that came with the original door seem unique, and I'd like to replace them when the door flaps require replacement next. Can you offer those screws and backplates too?

Great value. *Thank you*

Love it!
How do you rate this product?

I am so happy with my replacement flap, and so happy that one is available for my Johnson pet door that is 34 years old!

It's a little heavier than the flap I replaced which works well for me because I live where it is very windy and sometimes the wind would blow the other one open.

It fit perfectly and the extra heaviness did not bother my cats, or dogs, in the least.

How do you rate this product?


Solid color black flap
How do you rate this product?

Being solid black the dogs don't want to use it. The old one was transparent,ran right through it.

Love the Flap
How do you rate this product?

My 2 Border Collies and I love the flap and the black color is not a problem. Once installed, I pushed the flap inside and out to show them and they were charging through it immediately. The PetSafe flap got so dirty you couldn't see through it anyway. Pride fit perfectly, has a much better seal, even without the side magnets, and doesn't warp from the sun like PetSafe did. We have an older pet door frame so installation was not as easy as instructions. We improvised and also used longer screws so we could assure a firm hold. We also bought the locking cover which can be placed inside or outside of our frame. The white color tells the dogs the door is closed and we've had no problem keeping them out when needed.

Good Fit
How do you rate this product?

only thing i found wrong. The flap needs Magnets up the side as well as at the bottom. Because of noe Magnets on the sids when the wind blows a little hard the door coms open and will stay open till sombody hits the flap then it closes again. Do you have something that would help with the cold air coming in???

Great find
How do you rate this product?

I have two dogs and two cats that use this door. I was so happy not to have to replace the entire door as it is in a wall not a door. It was fairly easy to do on my own (I am a woman) by carefully following the directions. Seems much more durable than the original. Great find and worth the $.

Replacement dog door flap
How do you rate this product?

It fit perfectly! Slightly different design, but no issues. Thank you!
Note, it is NOT a flimsy replacement. Good quality!

Works Just Fine
How do you rate this product?

After about 15 years and 3 generations of dogs walking thru it, the U shaped plastic thing on my pet door was shot, so that's why I ordered this flap. Because I prefer the original clear door flap to the black one, I only used the new U shaped plastic thing, and re-attached the old clear flap that was already in place. The black one is in reserve if I need it.

It's been in for about 3 months now, and still works fine, despite my 2 large and rowdy dogs passing thru it 100 times a day. So I'm satisfied.

I don't understand why they don't manufacture clear replacement flaps. Even implies that the clear ones are much safer.

ed. note - The Pride flaps have been made from recycled rubber (tires, we think) from their beginning in the 1950's. It's only recently that people have begun using them to replace their Johnson/Petsafe flaps because they fit.

Better than the original Johnson
How do you rate this product?

My husband had to drill 2 new holes. But this product is way heavier than the Johnson one, keeps shut with the winds we have here, and has so far withstood 2 60 pound dogs that run through at the same time. We had to replace the Johnson every 18 months with our previous 80 pound dog, we will see how long this one holds.

How do you rate this product?

The old doors were translucent.The black replacement doors I do not like as much as the translucent. The doors seem to be heavier than the old ones.

Fits very well
How do you rate this product?

As replacement for our very old dog door, it fit well,was easily installed and looks fine.
Our dog door is actually built into our wall so it was extremely important to be able to get replacement flap.

Pretty good
How do you rate this product?

We were looking for a replacement flap for an older Johnson door. This product was the right size and is heavy and well made. It took a little creativity to find a way to install it because the original frame was made very differently.

Good product
How do you rate this product?

Ez to install new flap. Woks as needed and expected, i.e. Very well

Best Available
How do you rate this product?

We have four Siberian Huskies who have a large fenced in dog yard with access to the basement through a customized metal Bilco bulkhead door with steps going down to the inner door in which is installed a Large Petsafe Ultimate dog door. The bulkhead is customized with a roof and front and side walls over one half, allowing the left side metal door to remain open all the time. The right side can still be opened and closed for access by a human. There is a dog sized opening in the left side front wall under an overhang that used to have a flap. That flap tore off a few years ago so it is now just open to the outside, since that flap also has been discontinued. I may install an actual dog door sometime, but I digress...

Regarding the replacement flap, the Pros:

1. The BEST NEWS is that indeed the Pride replacement Large size dog door works! The fastening holes match the Large PetSafe Ultimate, and the door did not require any trimming. It fits perfectly.

2. The rubber material does look to me to be more heavy duty and perhaps less prone to stiffening in cold weather--but time and dropping temps will tell on that.

The Cons:

1. The biggest disappointment is the lack of magnets half way up, making the seal far from perfect. Like another reviewer, MJB, we live in a cold climate (Vermont) and when it is 30 below, that air gap is going to let a lot of cold air into the basement which is heated to 60 degrees (Huskies like it cold.). Even though is clear in their description that the magnets are not there, reviewer Jimbo on 8/13/13 wrote:

"Pride has listened to the older criticisms. These flaps are a perfect fit for my PetSafe Ultimate; it was unnecessary to do any trimming. Magnets have been added to the sides. The outer upper corners have been modified to include a tear-away slit, in case one's pet gets stuck."

So I was hoping the PetDoors web site had not been updated and my door would come with magnets half way up! NOT SO! NO Magnets except at the bottom. (Perhaps Jimbo didn't buy the Large size, but he says the magnets were ADDED..) The PetSafe Ultimate has magnets to secure the U-Flap to the frame and the inner flap to the U-Flap half way up. On the other hand, my replacement flap DOES have the slit in the U-Flap to allow the flap to pull out of the frame if a dog gets stuck--which has certainly happened a few times with the original door. So it would seem that I don't have ancient stock. Is there another source of Pride doors that would sell the latest model with magnets?

2. As has also been noted, and was clearly described on the web site, the flap is black, not see through. We leave a light on in the basement, so the dogs could see through the original translucent Petsafe door and it provided enough light for them to see the steps too. Since I was prepared for the fact that the replacement flap would be impervious to light, I installed a new light fixture over the bulkhead steps which we will leave on all the time with a CFL bulb. This will let the dogs see the steps and the door. The new flap has only been installed for several hours, but before I left the basement the dogs were already going in and out, so the black rubber didn't phase them during the day.

3. Like MJB, my door has metal screw plates, but contrary to his experience, my #6 screws were NOT long enough to penetrate the thicker rubber into the threaded plate. And like Beagle Bob, I found that the threads were not standard 6-32. Unlike Beagle Bob I did not go to #8 and re-tap the metal plate. Instead, I bought 3/4" 6-32 flat head stainless screws, washers, and nuts. I then just drilled out the metal plate just a tad to allow the #6 stainless screws to fit all the way through. (I didn't have to drill out the frame though.) I found I didn't even need a wrench on the nut; just a finger was enough while I tightened it with a Philips screw driver.

Replacing the whole dog door would have meant replacing the entire door and cutting a new rough hole for whatever I got. Finding a flap that works, despite its inferior seal, was far preferable. If Pride really does add the magnets half way up, it would be worth it to me to buy it again to keep the basement warmer. I just hope Pride keeps making these for years to come!

Great product
How do you rate this product?

The door has worked out great. The only place I could find that carried the replacement door. It fit perfect and was easy to install. It's a quality product that will hold up better than my original door.

Great Replacement!
How do you rate this product?

This replacement flap is better than the original! I like that its not see thru, thereby hiding dirt smudges. It's thicker than the original, seems to be stronger and a little bit stiffer. The only minor issue was that because the replacement flap is thicker than the original, the attachment screws were barely long enough. Other than that, a great replacement flap.

Works, but you are settling for a product it would be trivial fro them to improve
How do you rate this product?

I purchased this as an interim replacement flap for a large PetSafe Ultimate door. We’ll replace the entire door next Spring (but not with anything from PetSafe), but we needed a replacement flap to get through the Winter as there is no exact door replacement that fits the same rough cutout as the PetSafe Ultimate doors. In my part of the country, it is below 32F at night from late October through mid-April, and pretty much doesn’t get above 32F during the day from sometime in December through March.

Anyway, this fit very well. My PetSafe door used metal screw plates, and the screws were long enough. I do have two issues with this flap, both of which baffle me as to why the manufacturer (Pride) does not fix them.

I am an engineer & my better half is an animal behaviorist. Here are two “Cons” of this product based on our professional experience. Both issues would be easy for Pride to fix, and both would be filed under "bad design":

1. Material: The flap is black rubber. Aside from it being ugly, most pet doors are transparent for a very good reason, namely that pets are more comfortable being able to see if something is on the other side before they poke their head through. I imagine Pride is using this cheap rubber because it’s cheap, whereas a transparent of this type would be made from vinyl, which is more expensive. But cost differential is pretty minimal.

2. Bad magnet design: This part is really inexcusable. There are not side magnets like the PetSafe flap has. If you live in a milder climate, this isn’t really an issue and you’d probably never notice the are leakage along the sides. But when it’s -5F outside, you really can tell this flap is vastly inferior in its sealing than the discontinued PetSafe Ultimate flap it is replacing. Again, the cost differential of Pride doing it right instead of doing it as cheap as they can is minimal.

Pride could address these issues and it would end of changing the retail price by probably less than 10%.

How do you rate this product?

I'll second Rusty's comment. It fits like a glove, replacing the OEM flaps on a product that is no longer serviced by the original manufacturer. Replacement of the whole unit would have been next to impossible, as the cutout size in the door is uncommon in the newer units. The only real alternative is a new door, and even bigger chore and cost. Really glad to have found the needed parts here; *Thank you*

Excellent Replacement Flaps
How do you rate this product?

It is rare when you can actually buy replacement parts for a product that truly fit. My compliments to the company and engineers for doing an outstanding job.

Damaged Already
How do you rate this product?

This tore in half less than a week after installation. Contacted and haven't received a response.

How do you rate this product?

This dog door is great. Much better than the replacement I purchased several years ago. Thicker and so easy to install. I have 2 pit bulls and they love running around and charging through the door.

Medium Replacement Flap
How do you rate this product?

I've had my PetSafe medium dog door for more than 10 years. I've replaced the flaps three or four times. The flaps always warped allowing bugs in during summer and cold wind during winter. Luckily for all of us, PetSafe stopped selling replacements. Based on the reviews I read at this site, I ordered and received a Pride replacement flap. I have to agree, it is better than the originals from PetSafe and fits (almost) like a glove. The installation did not go smoothly. First, the original PetSafe screws were too short to penetrate the new thicker Pride rubber flaps. I went to Ace to get some slightly longer screws. The expert at Ace said they didn't have anything that matched the thread pattern. The screws (from PetSafe) weren't standard or metric. Solution, buy one size larger, 8/32 by 5/8. and tap the holes in the two metal plates to 8/3/2. Luckily, I had a tap and dye set. I bought stainless steel screws as the old ones showed signs of rusting and I didn't want the new ones to rust. Next problem, the new larger screws wouldn't fit through the holes in the PetSafe metal frame. I drilled the holes out to 11/64 and they fit. Last problem, the Pride replacement flaps were about 1/8" too long to close and seal. I trimmed an 1/8" off the bottoms and they closed and sealed perfectly. My beagles adjusted to the new black color instantly and at the end of the day, I'm a happy customer.

Great Product
How do you rate this product?

They stopped making the brand we have bought for many years. We found this replacement flap and it fit perfect. I like it because it is heavier and not see through. It took a few times for our dogs and cat to get used to it, since they were used to clear ones, but now they run through it. I think it keeps a better seal when closed also. which is important here in Arizona so we don't let so much hot air in, in the summer. Fast delivery also.

25 Year Relationship with
How do you rate this product?

When we purchased our home 25 years ago, we needed a reliable access door in our pool screen. Once installed, our large standard poodle quickly learned to use it. Now 25 years later, we have still been able to maintain the door with our current standard poodle It is amazing that replacement parts have been consistently available, still easy to install and fit perfectly. Our pet door is as good today as it was the day we installed it 25 years ago.

better than Orig
How do you rate this product?

this door is much better than the original flap.

great product but one request
How do you rate this product?

This is a great dog door - very durable. My only request is that the plastic be made clear instead of black so that the dogs can see through it. Sometimes I close them off and if they are outside it is difficult for them to know the door is closed, unless I make sure they watch me close it.

Not pleased with U seal
How do you rate this product?

We have only had the new flap a couple of months, (XL). The price was 3 x the price of the Johnson flap, and already the U seal has fallen out twice. The last time the slit had a tear. We have already had to duct tape the top of one side of the U seal. I was expecting something more durable than that for the price.

How do you rate this product?

It works great for the Petsafe flap. Just wished it came in a "clear" instead of black. It's a little confusing to the dogs

Perfect Replacement for PetSafe Ultimate
How do you rate this product?

Pride has listened to the older criticisms. These flaps are a perfect fit for my PetSafe Ultimate; it was unnecessary to do any trimming. Magnets have been added to the sides. The outer upper corners have been modified to include a tear-away slit, in case one's pet gets stuck. Although the flaps are solid black and let no light through, my dog needed only a few seconds to figure out he could still go through. I am 100% satisfied. Indeed, these replacement flaps have a much sturdier feel to them.

I did make one slight modification, but not to the flaps. The thin metal strips through which three screws pass on each side at the top looked a little old and thin, so I added nylon lock nuts on each of the six screws. This was to bolster the original PetSafe design and was not required by any problem with the flaps. I had no problem with the flaps.

I also deviated from the installation instructions on the packaging. Rather than trying to hold the two pieces together as I hung them in the frame, I hung the two pieces in two steps, first the center flap, then the outer part. This way seemed easier with the PetSafe Ultimate frame.

Replaced Johnson Door
How do you rate this product?

My original Johnson door flap lasted over 10 years, but these Pride doors are the right (and only!!) replacement. I just had to replace the one I bought two years ago because the corner tore. My Labs have no problem with the color, and I'm just really glad that I can keep the existing door without having to replace it. I bought an extra one this time around so that I can replace again if I need younger dogs tend to go in and out more, and with much more 'gusto', but this flap holds up nicely!

Overall good product
How do you rate this product?

I'm happy, for the most part, with the replacement door flap but find the magnets fall out after about a month and I have to repeatedly glue them back in. I'd like to see either a change in design or some better type of adhesive used.

ed note - This is probably a warranty claim.

Excellent replacement for Johnson/Petsafe doors
How do you rate this product?

The quality of the rubber door is much better then the one that originally came with our old Johnson pet door. As many reviews pointed out there was some concern about the dog adjusting to the black color (initially it appeared as if the security door/cover was on stopping the pet from trying to exit) but after a few tries they were back to their normal running in an out.
Great quality, easy fit and the RIGHT fit. Would purchase again.

How do you rate this product?

We purchased replacements after 9 years. Happy with everything except the rubber trim gets slipping and falling out on one side. Would purchase again.

Excellent Product
How do you rate this product?

My last flap on my dog door lasted 12 years. I'm very happy with the product and am hoping the next flap last just as long. They are a little bit more money than other dog doors but in the long run are a much better value. AAA+++

How do you rate this product?

It fits. It seems to be sturdy. The seal seems better than on my original Johnson. Time will tell

X large pet door Replacement
How do you rate this product?

I was so glad that this replacement was available - it fits perfectly and saved the considerable cost of replacing the entire door - wish it were clear instead of black however the black rubber seems much stronger and that's the most important factor.

How do you rate this product?

Just what we ordered! It replaced the broken flap on our old dog perfectly!

Good Product
How do you rate this product?

At first I was concerned that the dark flap may be intimidating to my dog but she adjusted very quickly. Now she uses the flap on a regular basis and enjoys the freedom of being able to get in and out as she pleases. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that I can go somewhere and know that she is comfortable and happy.

Not as happy as I was...
How do you rate this product?

I purchased the XL door flap for my Johnson/PetSafe door. I was VERY happy to find a flap that fit PERFECTLY.

I purchased the flap in April of this year (2013). It is now early July 2013.

The U-flap has torn completely at the bottom corner. I knew this was a possibility since the U-flap does not have (and is stated as such in the product description) the cut-out where it mounts to the door to allow the flap to pull-out safely if a dog get tangled in the flap.

One of my dogs is getting pretty old and has trouble lifting his rear legs; I'm sure this is how the tear happened.

Anyhow, the flap is made of great material, fits PERFECTLY (at least the XL size), and has made us very happy until now.

I am hoping I can find a glue that will repair the tear, but am not overly optimistic. Maybe Gorilla Glue?

ed note - In a situation like this Patio Pacific recommends replacing the pet door in the interests of safety for the dog.

Sz Large - Good, but needs to be clear not black
How do you rate this product?

This large replacement flap fit our dog door perfectly and was very easy to install. Like other reviews say, it really needs to have an extra magnet to keep the flap sealed better. ALSO, since the flap is solid black and not clear/smoky like the original, our dog unfortunately cannot tell the difference of the door being open or shut and won't use it. If you think that your dog is like ours and won't be able to tell the difference, I do not recommend buying this product.

Purchased flap for existing door
How do you rate this product?

The door I purchased fit well and closes tightly. I am well satisfied.

it worked great
How do you rate this product?

the replacement was easy to install and worked great.

How do you rate this product?

I bought this to replace one that was discontinued....It was the perfect fit and very easy to install. It's a bit thicker/heavier than I would prefer. It is accurately advertised and a quality product for sure!! Thank you!!

How do you rate this product?

New dog, new door---It was that easy

Excellent product
How do you rate this product?

New replacement flap was easy to install and integrates great with older Pride pet door frame. Completely happy

solid door
How do you rate this product?

Had to alter but is even more solid than the original...

It worked
How do you rate this product?

Fit door well. Dogs did not like the black color, replaced a clear flap. Found same replacement for less after the purchase was made.

ed. note.'s low price guarantee extends for 30 days after the purchase.

excellent product, easy to install, works like a charm.
How do you rate this product?

Had doubts when I ordered it. Would it fit? Could I install it? It looks so dark and different than the original.
Well let me tell you...I was able to install it by myself in about 10-15 min. It fits perfectly. It is nice and thick and works great.
Thanks for a great product!

PERFECT fit for my Johnson/Petsafe Ultimate XL door
How do you rate this product?

Hallelujah! I have been looking for a proper replacement flap for my Johnson/Petsafe Ultimate XL dog door for several years. The last flap I got from Petsafe (while they were still making them) was a much poorer quality than the previous flaps. It was thinner rubber with poorly-attached magnets.

This Pride flap is perfect in every way; fantastic fit. The magnets have great alignment and make a very tight seal. The material is a little bit thicker than the Petsafe flap, so it falls into place better.

At first I was concerned that the screws that originally came with the door were going to be too short for the thicker Pride flap, but they worked fine.

I am very happy with this flap; I'm considering purchasing another to keep as the next replacement!

Great fit -worked perfect!
How do you rate this product?

We ordered this door to replace our Johnson door. After several dogs and puppies, our original Johnson door was chewed around the edges. We were concerned that the replacement wouldn't quite fit. But it did! The holes matched our original holes and it was easy to replace! The only thing different was the black color. It makes our inside dog kennel dark. But it hasn't bothered our dog. It works as good as our original. If you have really cold temperatures in the winter like we do, it will frost up and sometimes won't make a complete seal - but these situations are for below zero temperatures and aren't the normal.

It's okay
How do you rate this product?

I thought this would fit where the old one was because it was advertised that it would replace the one I had with no problems.Well that was not the case I had to have a handyman trim the flap so that it would swing like it is suppose too.Now that he made adjustments to it,it now works fine,but if you're buying a replacement door flap please be aware that it may not fit without some adjustment.I have no other complaints about this product,am sure it will last for sometime.

How do you rate this product?

This door would be great but it is just a little to big and does not fit tight. if it had magnets half way down it might close all the way I won't be able to use it when it gets really cold out side i will half to close it off. It fits width but is slightly to long.

This is a great product
How do you rate this product?

After much frustration trying to buy a quality door locally from the "name brand" pet stores I had a great experience dealing with the folks at Pride. The door I ordered from them is even better than the original one it replaced. The quality of the door is unsurpassed.

ed. note. purchase was made at which carries Pride pet doors and parts.

Very Pleased
How do you rate this product?

. . . that we could find a good replacement flap for our 34 year old hole in our kitchen door. The installation was quick and easy and the sturdy material should not warp like the previous vinyl replacements. The hounds don't mind the opaqueness. We highly recommend the Pride replacement flap.

pet door
How do you rate this product?

I really like the replacement flap. The screw for installation were inadequate from the previous door so we replaced them with much better screws that will extend the lifespan of the flap.

How do you rate this product?

Works great but would have better seal with magnets half way down the door. This would be great in Montana when temperature drops.

ed. note. The reference here is to the large size Johnson pet door which did have a magnet 1/2 way down the flap to improve the seal. Other size Johnson flaps did not have this magnet. None of the Pride replacement flap sizes have it either.

Replacement pet door
How do you rate this product?

The holes did not line up with the previous door and required some creative revisions. The flap falls out of the track often requiring ongoing fixes

Perfect replacement- I had almost given up finding one.
How do you rate this product?

I had been looking at Pet store, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. ww/o any luck. I have an adobe house and didn't want to recut and configure the dog door opening.

After looking online. It was the original manufacture who suggested I try this website. It took a bit to actually find it on this site but, luck me - I did find it.

The flap is almost a perfect replacement; requiring a modest adjustment of adding a bar with screws at each end to hold the top of the flap. My flaps seem to last 3-5 years and we always have a dog so I am about to order another spare. Who knows what will be available in 3-5 years. This was a great find and an excellent product! Actually a bit thicker that the original.

replacement Pet door flap
How do you rate this product?

I had another dog door brand that does not make that model any more and discovered that American Finest Pet Doors had one to fit it, which saved me money and cutting a bigger hole in the wall since the other company changed thier measurement on their doors. The only thing I wish this new flap had is magnet between the 2 flaps and on the side against the metal to close thighter.
I am trying to figure on how to put magnet in them areas.

So American Finest if you have idea and/or the items to solve this problem please contact me.

I would recommend this Door Flap.

How do you rate this product?

Item was shipped fairly quickly. Installation was easy and fit correctly into my existing door.

Glad to have a good working flap for my door this winter.

Saved me from a remodel job
How do you rate this product?

The replacement flap works perfect. Apparently the company that made this door discontinued it. I went on-line and searched everywhere for a replacement. My dog door is built-in to a wall in my home since a recent remodel so replacing with a different size would have been a costly option. Great service and great price. Will be ordering again if my dog eats this one too. ; - )

Adequate but not as good as original pet safe flap
How do you rate this product?

We were very frustrated with the difficulties in locating the proper replacement flap for our Pet Safe door. While the Pride replacement flap is heavier, our dog dislikes the black color which prevents her seeing through the door to feel confident that she can move through the door. She never had any problem with the original clear model from Pet Safe. In addition, the Pride replacement flap lacks the side magnets on the U strip that helped the Pet Safe flaps create a better seal against the metal door. Consequently we now have more air leakage. However, we were very glad to find a replacement flap that works. We just wish Pride would create a clear version with magnets on the sides of the U flaps.

ed. note. The magnet issue raised by this customer applies to the large size only.

very good door
How do you rate this product?

I wish I would have bought this earlier! It is heavier than the original petsafe flaps and has a much better seal. I HIGHLY recommend this. I have 2 sliding glass dog doors, large and medium and replaced both.

Great product!
How do you rate this product?

The door fits really well and was quite easy to install. It is much sturdier and weatherproof than my original pet door. The only thing don't like as much as my first door is that my first door was opaque and I could see the dogs outside the door. Just a convenience thing, though. I'm very pleased with the quality of this door. Would recommend it highly.

I wish I had found this sooner!
How do you rate this product?

I recently ordered a replacement flap for my extra-large Pet Safe door. After cutting a hole into the side of my house in 2006, I now find that the company no longer manufactures the door, replacement flaps or another door of the same dimensions. With four large Labs in and out at will, our door takes a beating and was held together with duct tape. I was thrilled to stumble across your site and the reviews convinced me to give it a shot. Your product is far superior to the original door flap. We had modified the frame with extra holes, nuts and bolts for strength and it was not a problem to modify the new flap too. We are having a cold snap right now and the flap fits tighter than the original.
I will say that my oldest girl is confused by the darkness of the flap and thinks that door is closed. Hopefully she will figure it out soon but the others caught on right away.
I can not say enough about this product!

Marginal Replacement

The Johnson Pet Door incorporated many safety aspects that are not part of the Pride Replacement. Please assure that you review the Disclaimer. Your pet is at risk using this product!!!!

ed note - There are two safety issues. The most important is that the Pride flap is black rubber and the pet cannot see if the locking cover is installed on the opposite side. The second has to do with 'break away' slits that were always included on the Johnson "U" shaped flap section and, until recently, were not included on the Pride flaps. However, I recently examined a new Pride flap that did incorporate those slits.

Good product
How do you rate this product?

I like the replacement door some. But I have a couple of issues with its fit. Number one is that the internal rectangular flap is a might too long, and it catches on the metal frame. I need to shave it a little and am wondering how best to cut it. I only need to remove a little of its length. Number two, it would be nice to show pictures and instructions on how best to install the replacement items. I had to reinstall it twice since there were no instructions showing how it should be fitted. Suggestions liek removal of the existing frame makes installation much easier. And it takes two people to fitr all of the pieces together. Also, new screws would be better. Since my older flap broke, I may have lost the original screws.
My dog likes it and uses it well.

U Piece Broke Soon after installing
How do you rate this product?

My previous problems with the original gasket piece was with the corner holes not holding. With this door the gasket piece broke at the bottom corner within a few months after installing. I ended up trying to repair and eventually it broke in th eother corner. I know have a petdoor flap held together with glued metal plate and duct tape but really need to replace. May have to buy another just to replace but will keep original documentation and warranty page close at hand with purchase date so I can get another free this time.

ed. note. In our experience most dogs do fine with the Johnson/Petsafe/Pride 2-part flap design but some do not. For those that do not, we do not recommend replacing the flap as the problem is most likely going to recur and there is always a possibility of injury to the dog. Better to replace the pet door with a single flap design even though that's a more difficult and expensive proposition.

How do you rate this product?

Was so happy that I found an replacement for a discontinued petsafe flap. Putting it on took me a little long than I would have thought......4 hands would have worked better than 2 hands. It's alot thicker than the original flap just wished they would have put magnets on the side of the flap main flap to U flap but otherwise It fits & works really nice.

Thanks Pride!!

How do you rate this product?

I could not find a replacement for my PetSafe dog door.
I found this one and it fits perfectly! Thank you!
Please keep making these!

good quality, timely delivery
How do you rate this product?

Real supprised with the quility of the flap, looks like it should last longer than the original. It is a great fit and was easy to install and seals up great. Hope it holds up like I think it will.

Wonderful Service
How do you rate this product?

Thanks you so much for your prompt and efficient service in delivering my Pride Replacement Flap. It is remarkable that the entire process from ordering to installation took only 5 days.

In addition, although there were numerous comments on line describing difficulty in installation, I had no trouble at all. Your instructions were so specific. I really feel the key is not to remove the old U flap until the center flap is installed.

Again, thank you for your excellent service and detailed instructions.

Better than the original
How do you rate this product?

I rec'd our Pride replacement flap (Petsafe Ultimate was discontinued by manufactor), installed it in minutes. The flap is better than the original. Stronger material, thicker, more durable, more weather resistant. Thank you very much. Money well spent.

Large Flap for the discontinued Pet Safe Ultimate Pet door flap
How do you rate this product?

Finally found a replacement flap for my Petsafe discontinued door. Thanks so much! It was a fairly easy installation and a perfect fit. I will be buying a few more and hoarding for the future fixes. My old flap was in pretty bad condition with 3 dogs large dogs constantly running in and out.

Very Satisfied
How do you rate this product?

I ordered a rubber replacement assembly for my pet door from your internet site a couple of days ago and received it today. Wow, what fast service. It took me only 15 minutes to replace the rubber flap and it was a perfect fit. I could not find a replacement anywhere else, the size was discontinued. Also the rubber you have made the flap from was a much better grade than what came with the original door. I am very satisfied with the service, and thank you very much!!!

Manufacturer Pride Pet Products
Manufacturers Pride Pet Products
Flap Colors Black

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