A Month to be Thankful for Man’s Best Friend

Here are 7 reasons to be thankful for your dog this month!

1. They're always there to clean up your messes:

the all-dog office cleaners -- thank you dogs!

Whether you are cooking or just leaving things around the house, your dog is always there to be your vacuum. Drop some crumbs on the floor? Don’t worry, your best friend is right by your side to help clean up that mess. Thank you dogs for keeping our floors clean!

2. The best cuddle buddy:

Your puppy will always be ready to jump up and cuddle with you. Getting sick during the holidays is never fun, so having a furry friend to hang with during those down times is always helpful, especially since they can’t catch what you have! On those cold winter nights you even have them there to help keep you cozy and warm. Yes, even the current and past presidents can't resist their adorable canine friends!

3. They are non-judgmental:

When you have a bad day, you can always come home to a dog who is there just to make you smile and feel loved. You walk through the front door and they jump into your arms and give you their own form of "dog thank yous" (read: lots of slobbery but well-meaning kisses!).

a man cuddling with his dog!

4. Gets you out to exercise:

Everyone is tempted to be lazy at times, but having your dog around keeps you on your feet and active. Even if you are tired after a long day, don't neglect your dog's need to get out of the house for a walk! It's a great way to tell your dog thank you for everything they do and to keep them happy and healthy. Plus, this gives you a great reason to get your own workout in while bonding with your best friend.

5. Security:

You may ask yourself why does my dog sleep in front of the door? Turns out, your dog is your own personal security system! Your dog lives to keep their best friend safe and sound in their home. Every night as you sleep soundly in the comfort of your own room, your dog is on watch waiting to notify you of any sound they may hear. They are there to protect you and keep you safe from harm.

dog standing guard on the porch

6. Lessons of Loyalty:

The bond between a dog and his owner is inseparable. The relationship created is forever, and your dog will always be by your side through thick and thin. A dog can teach someone about what real loyalty is (really, we don't deserve dogs!). No matter the mistakes you make in life, they are there to love you and nothing can change that.

7. They Brighten each and every day!

Every morning when you wake up, your dog is there to greet you with kisses. Who would not want to start each day this way?! Your dog looks at every day as if it was the last day on earth, so why shouldn’t you do the same? It's our job to shower our furry companions with love and excellent care to say "thank you dog, I appreciate you!" in ways that they can understand.

For other ways to be thankful to your dog, read President's Day Dog Appreciation or Pursuit of Kindness for a look at people and animals going out of their way to help each other!
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